The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 52 pt 2

It wasn't until villagers came to Zheng's house one after another to inquire that Zheng Lizheng recovered. He told his son Zheng Gaofeng to ring the gong and call on the whole village to speak.

Not long after, the gong with the big lid under the old locust tree in front of the Zheng family's ancestral hall was struck, so those who took a nap didn’t take a nap anymore, and those who worked at home stopped working. They all gathered in Zheng Lizheng’s large courtyard.

If there was not enough space to stand in the yard, they stood outside the yard. The trees and walls were full of people. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are three floors inside and three floors outside.

Some people were curious and asked what was going on. Some people told others what they had heard before, so even though Zheng Lizheng hadn't spoken yet, what he was about to say was already spread out.

In the hall of Zheng Lizheng's house, another group of people changed at this time. Several village elders from Yuqing Village were all there, and they all had a good reputation in the village.

According to the rules, Zheng Lizheng first told the village elders about the matter, and without waiting for them to discuss and make a decision, he pridefully went out to talk about this matter with the otthers.

Such a good thing is what he, Zheng Li, helped the villagers do. As for the question, why don’t you wait for the consent of the village elders? A shattered fire stick can sell for five hundred taels, not to mention that the small mountain is no better than a shattered fire stick in the hearts of the villagers!

Sure enough, Zheng Lizheng went out to talk, and the villagers had no objection except cheering.

There are more than two hundred households in Yuqing Village. After paying the county government, from the rest of the money, each household can get two liang of silver.

Two liang of silver! In places like the countryside, if you live frugally and eat your own food, you will spend two liang of silver a year, which is still nothing! As for clearing the thorns on the top of the mountain, there are so many people in the village, and one person will clean up a handful of them. That is not a problem at all!

So when Zhao'er came back from outside, she heard the Xue family happily talking about Ming'er going to clean the mountain with everyone.

The Dafang couple was especially happy. Xue Juncai had to spend money again in school, but the old couple had no money. The bride price offered by the Zhao family was ready-made money, but it was a pity that Xue Cui'e, the chicken thief, looked after her bride price seriously.

For this matter, there have been frictions between the DaFang and the main room these days.

After a quarrel, Xue Cui'e also put down her foot. If the old couple dared to give part of her betrothal gift to the DaFang, she will go outside to meet people and say that the sister-in-law's has eyes on the sister's betrothal gift money. Because of this threadt, the matter was eventually dropped.

When you think about silver, there is silver to be delivered to the door. No wonder the DaFang couple is so happy.

Third family’s Zhou shi's face was dark again, and Fourth family was okay, not getting involved. But this time, without waiting for Elder Xue to speak, Zhou shi expressed her attitude very clearly. Her own man was too tired to work in the mountains every day, and so they will not help out in cleaning the mountain.

The third family was not getting involved, and neither was the fourth family. Needless to say, the second bedroom was definitely not going to get involved either!

Father Xue was very pleased, and the Dafang couple were also happy. After being happy, they suddenly turned their heads and thought, third family and fourth family are not getting involved. Who will do the work then? There are regulations in the village that there must be at least two people working in a family.

Father Xue was also a little worried, but the general direction was still right, saying that whoever gets the money will do it. The Dafang couple promised, but they complained to each other when they got back, saying that they had revealed their intentions too early. They should have said things vaguely and had everyone work, and then talk about it when the money is divided.

Not to mention here, Yu Qing Village entered a rare lively scene the next day.

Every family, men, women, old and young went into battle, all carrying farm tools such as shovels up the mountain. Even those seven or eight-year-old little children, each with a small hoe for digging wild vegetables, followed their parents to help out.

The first day of cleaning the mountain was the most tiring. They had to chop off the thorny thorns. After chopping, each family divided some back and used it as firewood.

After another long time on the next day, this small hill was considered bald.

It’s not over yet. You have to dig out the roots in the soil. This is the hardest thing. You have to watch them carefully. If you leave a little bit, the wild thorns will grow all over the mountain.

Generally speaking, although the country folks are very cautious, they are honest in their work, and there are very few people who sneak away.

During the period, Zhao'er went up the mountain to look at the progress and was speechless.

After going down the mountain, she found Xue Qinghuai, Jiang Wu, and Gao Sheng. They discussed for a while before they dispersed.

The hillside was finally cleared, and fortunately it was during the farmers’ free time. Otherwise the cleaning would not be so fast.

After the front was cleaned up, there was a villager in the back to remind them of the silver. Zheng Lizheng said that if the nobleman came to see the top of the mountain in two days, he would pay the money so that the villagers would not worry.

However, after waiting for two days, and two more days, and still no nobles came, Zheng Lizheng panicked a little.

It was also that day that he was so shocked that he promised it all. He forgot to ask the other party for a deposit or something, and didn't even know where to find the other party.

However, Zheng Lizheng definitely couldn't say that. Some villagers asked, so he could only say that the nobles were busy as he panicked.

Just one day, two days, three or four days have passed, the nobleman still hasn't been seen, and the village is completely angry.

To say that it is not tiring is definitely a fake, even if the sweat of the farmers is worthless, it is not for nothing.

As the villagers were talking, there were more and more rumors in the village. Some say that Zheng Li deliberately asked everyone to clear the barren hills. Zheng Lizheng mentioned this before, saying that the land was too ugly, and that it should be used. Even if some trees are cleared, it can benefit the younger generation. But at that time, no villagers listened, and the work was not finished. There were so many people in the village. It was a matter of who went and who didn't go, so it was just left there.

There were also rumors that the nobleman has already given the money to Zheng Lizheng, and that he is greedy by himself and does not want to distribute the money to the villagers.

One after another, villagers approached the Zheng family to ask about this in person. This situation has never happened before. This means that Zheng Lizheng's majesty in the village has begun to waver.

Just when Zheng Lizheng was so anxious that there were several large warts forming on the corners of his mouth, Xue TingRang came back.

He first went to the home of Patriarch Xue, and then took Patriarch Xue to Zheng Lizheng's home in the morning.


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