The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 52 pt 1

Just after lunch, someone suddenly came to the village.

The spacious and majestic horse-drawn carriage came all the way from the head of the village. This picture did not match that of Yu Qing Village, and immediately attracted many villagers from their homes to take a long look.

They saw the carriage move for a while. The carriage, seeing someone passing by, stopped. A person got off the carriage. After asking about the way, it continued to move forward.

After the carriage passed by, a group of villagers surrounded the villager who was asked for directions and asked, "Hei Lao Ba, what does this man want?"

Hei Laoba was still a little dazed, and when asked again, he replied: "They were looking for Lizheng. I think they want to buy something in our village?"

"What thing?"

"How do I know! I listened to the people in the carriage talking about buying a stupid mountain and still having to come to a place where birds don't even shit."

"Buy a mountain? Heh, what's the big deal? Lets go and take a look."

In an instant, news spread throughout the village that there was a nobleman in Lizheng’s house.

Exactly how noble?

Anyway, judging from appearance, it is not a common noble.

And the nobleman seems to have come to buy the mountain.

In the main room of Zheng Lizheng's house, there were two people sitting on the main seat that ordinary people cannot sit on.

One is naturally Zheng Lizheng, and the other is a small fat man with a gray bottom and top embroidered with gold thread patterns. He didn’t look old, just about seventeen or eighteen, but his manner was not small.

Not only did he wear dazzling clothes, he also wore a few gemstone rings on his hands. The sun is fine today, and the sun was shining in from outside along the doorway, shining on the ring, making Zheng Lizheng dizzy.

At this time, the little fat man was staring at the tea bowl in front of him with a look of disgust, and it was the entourage next to him who gave him a look so he didn't say what was in his mouth.

Zheng Lizheng kept watching from the corner of his eye, knowing that this would definitely not be a good thing. But who told them to drink tea in this remote country. They all drink tea in coarse porcelain tea bowls, but they don't have the fine porcelain bowls.

"I don't know why this small Gongzi 1 came?" In order to show that he is also a decent person, Zheng Lizheng deliberately chewed his words.

Unexpectedly, this little fat Gongzi didn't take his style, and he waved his fat hand twice and said, "Wang, Liu..."

Next to him, his entourage quickly whispered to him, but he still couldn't understand and finally cursed in annoyance: "Just tell me what the hell is his name?" Wearing a pebble-sized gem ring, the fat hand pointed directly at Zheng Lizheng's old face.

The entourage was extremely embarrassed, and Zheng Lizheng's old face was also very stiff: "My surname is Zheng. It is okay for the young Gongzi to call me Zheng Lizheng."

"Oh, it's Zheng Lizheng!" The little fat Gongzi slapped his hand and said to his entourage: "Tell him, my surname is Mao."

If it weren't for seeing the other person dressed handsomely, Zheng Lizheng would like to throw this person out. He was sitting across from him, and he still had to let his followers talk to him. Is this the style of the noble?

This entourage was also obedient, and immediately said to Zheng Lizheng with a smile: "My young master's surname is Mao, and he is the young master of the Mao family business. The young master came out to do business for the first time by the master's order. If there is anything wrong, I hope Zheng Lizheng will be forgiving of him."

Look, this is what people should be like.

Immediately, Zheng Lizheng also smiled and talked to his entourage. After having a back and forth conversation, Zheng Lizheng also learned a little about the pretentious young master in front of him.

It is said that the Mao family's business is one of the largest businesses in Xia County, and it is also famous in Pingyang Mansion. The Mao family has a rule that children in the family must go out for travel when they are adults to show that they have the ability to take over the family business. This is the first time that Young Master Mao has come to Huyang Township, and he has taken a fancy to a hill behind Yu Qing Village.

As for why Young Master Mao would fancy such a small place where birds do not shit, the entourage just laughed but kept secret. However, according to Zheng Lizheng's guess, it must be the rich young master who suddenly wanted to have fun.

He doesn't need to know anything else, just needs to know that the other party wants to buy a mountain, and the price is not low.

Obviously, he is just a big fat sheep who hasn't seen the world. Yet he still pretends to be a wolf with a big tail here. This grandpa has eaten more salt than you can eat rice!

Zheng Lizheng thought in his heart, and smiled more kindly on his face: "Then I don't know how much money the young master is going to pay? You know, although the mountain belongs to our village, it is not something only I can decide. The money must be split between the villagers. If there is too little silver, there will be less than a few coins for everyone. I am afraid this—"Zheng Lizheng looks a bit awkward, but unfortunately, the awkwardness is a bit too fake, and it is obviously he was waiting for the price.

Young Master Mao looked so arrogant and defiant and looked down upon Zheng Lizheng’s expression with contempt: "You tell him, I this Young Master, have silver."

The entourage turned his head and said to Zheng Lizheng: "My young master said that he has silver."

"Then what price you can give, so to let this old man have a number in his heart. That way I can talk to the villagers below."

Young Master Mao said to his entourage: "You tell him that this Young Master will give you five hundred taels."

Five hundred taels?

Zheng Lizheng's pipe was immediately dropped from his fright. This is really a big fat sheep, willing to take out a lot of money.

The small hill that Young Master Mao liked was more or less fifty acres in size. The most important thing was that the hill was deserted. Because it is close to the village, the villagers used to cut wood there a few years ago. They just cut and did not care to plant. Now, besides the thorns that get in the way, there are some weeds and rotten roots on this mountain.

Zheng Lizheng originally estimated that even if he could make a hundred taels, it would be considered a lot. He didn't expect the other party to give such a high price.

Five hundred taels!

This land belongs to the village, and the village can make the decision to sell or not. The mountainous land is inferior to wasteland. Just put some money on the county office and get the land deed. While Young Master Mao said the price of five hundred taels, Zheng Lizheng was already calculating in his heart how much it would cost to go to the county government to apply for the deed, and how much would be distributed to the villagers, and how much he could receive.

"Why, don't you want to sell?"

"Sell, of course I must sell!"

"That's OK, just a little request. Your village is responsible for dealing with the thorns and rotten tree roots on the hillside."

Young Master Mao left soon, and Zheng Lizheng was still sitting in the room in a daze.

  1. young master of a noble family or family of wealth

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