The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 51 pt 2

Although Xue TingRang knew that this was equivalent to returning to the starting point, and Zhaoer still did not regard him as a man to rely on, it was still better than him forcing her.

After that dream, he didn't want to force her anymore, so he could only scheme slowly.

Of course, it is not without progress. At least Xue TingRang can now ask Zhao’er to sleep on the same bed. He doesn't need to make excuses like before. He just needs to say it, and when she looks at him, she will naturally agree to all his requirements.

If she has the slightest hesitation, he only has to ask if she doesn't want to be his wife, and she immediately submits.

Although shameless, Xue TingRang was not guilty at all, and even got a little addicted.

The addiction continued to the end of his break, and he did not want to return to the academy.

"Don't worry about that situation. It isn't a big deal if the land is bought by someone else,but if it is bought by someone with the surname Xue, I'm afraid Zheng Li is making trouble. But don't worry, I will start to ask someone to do it when I return to the school. Use the method I talked about to have it done by someone first, and the rest will be done by ear."

Zhao'er nodded, handed him the book bag, and went to get the baggage and small basket on the kang.

The bag contains the clothes Xue TingRang needs to change clothes these days when he goes to the school, and the basket contains two cans of pickles and spicy tofu made by Zhao'er herself. They are usually excellent for serving with rice and noodles.

Originally Zhaoer had the little man bring some, just to allow him to have more food options. However, it soon became very popular. Mao Badou hugged the can and didn't want to throw it away. In the end, it changed from one can in ten days to four cans in ten days, which still couldn’t satisfy them.

But there are not many left at home. These were all pickled by Zhaoer last fall, and there were not many of them to begin with. Zhao'er also knows that the little man has a few close classmates. Since they like to eat, it's okay to bring more. But Xue TingRang was stingy and reluctant to bring more. Four small pots was the limit.

Xue TingRang took the small basket from her. She didn't give it, but he still took it.

He took it but didn't want to leave, so he just stood there and looked at her.

Zhao'er looked at him with uncertainty: "What's wrong? Shengzi is still waiting outside."

"I don't want to go." This was the truth.

"Why don't you want to go? Don't you like learning the most?"

"I want to sleep with you. I can only sleep by myself when I go to the academy."

"Quiet!" Zhao'er hurriedly looked at the door and then glared at him: "Whatt did you promise me? You can't tell others about this."

He said innocently: "I just told you, and I didn't tell anyone else. Besides, you are my wife. It is natural for us to sleep in one bed."

"We haven't gotten married yet. Anyways, you can't say it! Hurry and go! It will be too late if you stay any longer. You promised well, you must study hard, and you are not allowed to think about nonsense."

This time Xue TingRang did not resist any more, but nodded honestly: "Zhao’er, you can rest assured, I will take the exam and become a xiucai and let you be a xiucai’s lady."

After a pause, he said again: "When I pass the exam, we will get married, okay?"

"Talk about it when you pass the exam."

"Then I will take it as you’ve promised."

Zhao'er finally breathed a sigh of relief after sending Xue TingRang away.

She felt that the little man was getting more and more difficult to coax now. He used to be withdrawn and sensitive. She always thought it would be great if he could change. Now he has changed, but it has become even more of a headache for her.

Sometimes steady, sometimes fragile and naive, thinking strangely.

Zhao'er thought about what happened in the last two days, and felt that she must have been possessed by ghosts, so she agreed to his various requests.

After thinking about it for a while, she couldn’t think it through, so she didn't want to think anymore. Anyway, the little man won’t be coming back until ten days later, so she had time to think slowly. Thinking of what he had said before, Zhao'er stored her thoughts in her heart, turned her head, locked the door, and then went out.

When she walked outside the gate, she suddenly changed her attention again and turned to go to the Fourth family’s home.

"Fourth Aunt, I have something to ask of you."

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