The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 51 pt 1

The lights were faint yellow and the room was very quiet.

But it seems that there was a flame hidden in the air, which seems to be able to ignite instantly and burn people away. The two faces were so close that they could feel each other's breathing.

Zhao Er knew this shouldn't be the case, but her face was flaming hot, as if she was dosed in chili water.

If she had known earlier, she shouldn't have put so many peppers in her dishes tonight. Look at how it’s affected her.

Her eyes flickered.She didn't want to look at him directly, and she stubbornly said, "You originally were the only man in the family."

She pushed him away, pretending to get her chopsticks and eat, but Xue TingRang grabbed her wrist.

"You haven't answered me yet."

"What answer?"

"You finally admit that I am your man?"

"Weren’t you originally the only man in the family." She hung her head, refusing to look at him.

"That's different. The man in the family is different from your man."

"Where is it different?" Zhao'er asked subconsciously. When the words came out of her mouth, she had the urge to hit her own mouth.

Sure enough, Xue TingRang smiled and looked at her and said: "The man in the family can be an elder or a brother. But being your man, we have to sleep on one bed. We do what Zhao Jinrui did to my little aunt."

Zhao'er suddenly exploded. She knelt up, waved her hand away, and stared at him tightly: "Gou’er, you’ve become bad. Tell your Jie honestly, who taught you this? Did you hear the bad things the guys in the village said, or was it a bad classmate in school who taught you to be bad?"

Her reaction was too unexpected, and Xue TingRang was a little stunned for a while.

Taking advantage of this, Zhao’er’s words came out like a gunfire: "You are still young, so don't think about those things. Your top priority is to study hard, to be worthy of your many years of studying. Things like getting married and having a wife can be discussed later in the future. You should not think about it now. Don’t forget your father’s last wish, and don’t forget that your mother was most worried about you before her death. The biggest wish of those two elders was that you can surpass Xue Juncai, pass the imperial exam, and become the best of the Xue family. Do not reverse the essential with the nonessential."

These remarks were extremely encouraging. If Xue TingRang hadn't had that dream, then he would have been fooled. He shouldn't think about these things now.

But he had that dream. From the dream, he knew that the woman in front of him was the most cunning and the one who liked to play stupid most. If she is not forced into a corner, she will not face him.

But he didn't want to force her.

Xue TingRang took a deep look at her, his expression suddenly aggrieved: "Zhao'er, you don’t want to be my wife?"

This change was so fast that Zhao’er couldn't react in time.

She stared at the little man in a daze, and saw that his eyes were staring straight at her. His eyes were full of helplessness and hurriedness with a faint glimpse of hope.

His white lips pressed stubbornly into a line, his cheeks bulged slightly, and his nose flared slightly, making him look aggrieved. Just like when he was a child, he obviously wanted her to take him out to play, but he was stubbornly reluctant to say it, forcing her to guess.

And when his parents died, he also looked at her like that. She still remembers that she was crying violently, but he didn't cry. He just pulled her and said straightforwardly: "Zhaoer, we are the only ones left."

She smiled forcefully.

It seems that no matter how difficult it was, she always smiled when facing him.

"How is that possible? Don't think too much."

"But I feel that you don't want to be my wife in your heart. Don't you want to be with me forever?" Xue TingRang suddenly leaned over, hugged Zhao'er's waist and buried his face in her shoulders, looking very fragile.

Zhao'er couldn’t see his face and could only hear that his voice was dull: "I know, I know that Jiang Wu likes you, and he wants to marry you, so I don't like him and even hate him. You will leave Xue family to become the wife of Jiang Wu Ge? Others say that only a wife can stay with a man forever, sleeping on one kang and lying under the same quilt. I don't want you to sleep on a bed with anyone other than me."

Zhao'er's head was muddy when she heard this, and it took a long time to grasp one important point: "You, how do you know so much? You know that Jiang Wu likes me? Did he come to you and talk about it?"

" Jiang Wu Ge said, you are not my wife, but you reluctantly agreed to satisfy my parents. He also said that if I love you, I should find you a man who knows to treat you well, saying that it is very exhausting for me to study... …"

Some place where she couldn’t see, Xue TingRang faintly smiled, but his voice was still aggrieved: "Zhaoer, I will love you wholeheartedly, so don't go."

Zhao'er pressed the corners of her mouth tightly, her chest undulating up and down. Her voice was very stiff: "Don't think too deeply into it. I won't go."

As she thought, how could the little man suddenly change dramatically. It turned out that something went wrong here. The little man has always been sensitive and introverted. Although he has grown up a lot now compared to before, in Zhao'er's heart, he is still only a big boy. No wonder he has said so many strange things to her recently.

"Then are you still my wife?"

"of course!"

"The two of us will always be together and never separate."


Although I used some tricks, Jiang Wu's words were real, and I did not fake it at all. Now that you agree, then never go back on your word again. 1

"I can rest assured then."

This was just an small episode, but because of this incident, Zhao'er no longer avoided Xue TingRang.

  1. this is TingRang's thoughts

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