The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 50 pt 1

A bit of smut. I would still categorize this as R15... I think.

What happened after that, Zhaoer couldn’t remember.

She only knew that her mind was blank. She said aloud: "I will pick vegetables from the vegetable field first, and then go to the wooden room to get some firewood." Then she hurried away.

There was a panic from the firewood room. It seemed that a man called out, but the voice was very strange and it seemed like he was in pain.

In this situation, Xue TingRang naturally didn’t want to stay anymore, so he turned and went to the front yard.

In the kitchen, Zhou Shi and Sun Shi were busy. He stood outside and said: "Third aunt and fourth aunt, Zhao’er went to the vegetable plot behind to help pick vegetables."

Zhou shi and Sun shi were very busy. Naturally, they didn't know what was going on. Sun shi said with a smile: "It's enough to have your third aunt with me, why would we need Zhao’er’s help?"

As they were talking, two people ran out one after the other from the back of the house. Because there was no one in the yard, no one paid attention to this, so only Xue TingRang knew that he saw a pair of wild mandarin ducks1.

After that, Xue TingRang went back to the house. Zhaoer felt oddly enthusiastic and helped make lunch.

Visitors at home can't be treated lightly. The dishes have to be on the table and they have to be generous with the food. Every time a visitor is at home, they must always make two meals. From the beginning to the end, Zhao'er didn't show up and stayed busy in the kitchen room. After the Zhao family had left and everything was cleaned up, Zhao'er came out of the kitchen.

She didn't rest, and began to busy herself with the task of giving Heizi a bath. Ever since she was young, she had given baths to Heizi. When it was cold, she washed him in the house, and when it was hot, she washed him in the river.

Zhao'er boiled a large bucket of hot water and took Heizi to the vegetable field behind. It took her more than half an hour to wash him before returning to the house.

At this time, she looked calm, as if nothing had happened, with a smile on her face, and she even gossiped with Xue TingRang.

Seeing such a Zhaoer, Xue TingRang felt very helpless.

At night, Xue TingRang found that Zhao'er's bedding was a little farther away from him. She never cared about these details before.

He didn't say anything, and the two of them got on the kang and laid down to sleep.


Zhao'er had a dream. The scene in the dream was very strange. She even dreamed of a little man.

The little man seemed to have grown up, becoming a gentle and elegant man. He was taller, his shoulders wider, and his ribs were no longer thin. He had become stronger and sturdier.

As to why she would know, it is because the little man is naked.

And she also seemed to be naked. She seemed to have become very weak, and she was hit by the little man against the kang without any chance of resisting. Just like the scene she saw before, her upper garment was half open, and her face pushed horizontally against the firewood. The other places are neat, but under the skirt, there are two thin white legs coming in and out of view, shaking in the air.

Zhao'er felt very stuffy, and his body was heavy, hot and heavy, but she couldn't push him away. In a daze, she dreamed that she seemed to have fallen into the water. A wave washed over her body one after another. She was thrown high in the sky along with the rising wave, and then fell to the bottom of the sea.

But she was actually not afraid. She just felt so sleepy...

It was dawn when she woke up. Zhao'er’s body felt very heavy.

It felt as if her body was filled with water, swollen, faintly painful, but she did not want to go to the bathroom. The place next to her was very quiet. Xue TingRang seemed to be still asleep. She turned over, but took a breath of cold air to ease the pain.

Under the blanket, Zhao'er reached out and touched her chest, which was swelling painfully.

It’s not that she had never encountered this kind of situation. In the past few years, the two pieces of flesh on her chest would hurt for some reason. When she walked, they hurt, and it hurt when she touched them. It only felt better after she bound them in cloth later.

Later, after a long time, it didn’t hurt anymore.

But every time it hurt, the two pieces of meat on her chest got bigger.

Is it because they were going to get bigger again?

Zhao'er plunged her head into the quilt, secretly lifted her dudou2 and took a look. Somehow she remembered the situation where Xue Cui'e’s breasts were eaten by Zhao Jinrui yesterday.

Before, she only knew that when a woman had a baby, the breast milk was for the baby, but she didn't expect men to eat it too, and to eat it with such pleasure.

A person's voice suddenly sounded in her ears--

"I'm not young anymore. We will get married next year, and then we can also do what Zhao Jinrui did to little aunt."

Does the little man want to eat her milk, so he said such a thing? She suddenly remembered the dream last night. In the dream, he was eating it deliciously and greedily, and they were so red and swollen from being sucked, or...

God, how did she start thinking of such a thing!

Zhao'er turned over again and tightly covered her face with a quilt until she was out of breath. Then she let her face peek out.

The chicken crowed outside again, and Zhaoer knew that it was time to wake up even without looking outside.

While she was thinking about this, there was a sudden movement next to her.

It was the quiet of the morning. Everything in the house was so peaceful and tranquil. Heizi crawled under the kang with his tail flapping.

"Ah, you are awake? It's time to get up, and you will have to go to the academy after eating."

There was a low reply, and no more words. Zhaoer wanted to call him again, but suddenly there was a movement.

"Zhao'er, get me a pair of pants." The kang cabinet is on the side of Zhao'er.

Zhao'er sat up: "What pants, outer pants?"


"Underpants? Didn’t you just change into a new one yesterday."

"If I tell you to get it, then just get it for me." The voice seemed a little unpleasant, so Zhaoer didn't ask too much. She pulled out a pair of underpants from the cabinet and threw it to him. Then, she put on her coat and got off the kang.

She put on her clothes quickly without looking at him: "Get up, I'll cook."

After two squeaks sounded, Xue TingRang was the only one left in the room, and he sat up from the kang.

Not long after he got off the kang, he had planned to tidy up the bedding, but for some reason he threw the things there again.

He pushed the door and walked out. At this moment, the sky was just lighting up in the east. The air was still a bit cool, and the farm courtyard was quiet and serene.

There was a faint movement in the stove room. He glanced over there, then turned around and took a toothbrush and basin to wash up.

Next, it seemed that the prelude was opened, and the Xue family members started to get up one after another. The yard suddenly became lively, and the sound of splashing water was endless.

  1. pair of mandarin ducks is a phrase for lovers
  2. a small camisole that is part of a woman's undergarments.
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