The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 49 pt 2

A bit of smut in this chapter. I would categorize it as R15.

These two people are really talking when they are standing under someone else's window. Are they not afraid of being heard? Zhao'er climbed on the window and looked out, just to see the two people pulling each other while leaving. She got off the kang alone and Xue TingRang was unable to stop her.

Xue Cuie took Zhao Jinrui to the vegetable field behind the house.

The vegetable field behind Xue family's house is very large. Pig pens, chicken coops, firewood houses are all here, and there are also two piles of wheat straw. The latrine is also there.

Xue Cui'e knew if people saw the two of them together, it would be bad, so she pulled Zhao Jinrui into the firewood house. Normally, very few people come to this room. The stove in the front is used to boil water and cook, and it is used once every several days.

Zhao Jinrui waved her hand away while dusting his own clothes: "What on earth do you want to tell me, dragging me to this place." He looked around in disgust.

This wooden house is an old abandoned house. The roof has long been broken, and it has been replaced with a thatched roof. But the doors are still doors and the windows are still windows, and the firewood inside is also organized.

Xue Cui'e said a little aggrieved: "Jin Rui Ge, it’s been so long since we’ve last met. Don't you miss me?"

Zhao Jinrui glanced at her without speaking. But in Xue Cui'e's eyes, the fact that he didn’t say anything meant that he missed her, and then she leaned over with a shy expression: "I missed you too."

Zhao'er couldn't help shivering and couldn't believe that Xue Cui'e would actually speak in this tone.

She was about to leave, but someone suddenly came up behind her.

She was so frightened that she turned around and realized that it was Xue TingRang. Because of her actions, a bamboo pole standing against the corner of the house fell down and made a crisp sound. Zhao Jinrui immediately looked over: "Who?"

Xue Cui'e listened attentively, and then said indifferently: "No one. It must be a wild cat. I haven't seen anyone come once in this wooden house for ten days or half a month."

Zhao Jinrui turned his face again and looked at Xue Cui'e and said, "What are you going to say? If you want to say something, say it quickly. If you don’t say anything, then I will leave."

As soon as he turned around, Xue Cui'e hugged him from behind his waist: "Jinrui Ge, why are you so merciless? We haven't seen each other for so long, do you not miss me and want to talk to me? You don't know. I think of you day and night, and I wanted to find you, but my mother wouldn’t let me go."

"Take a look, my mother said that a pregnant woman will not look pregnant until five months later. Brother Jin Rui, this girl1 is pregnant with your child."

Therefore, the frequency of a man's thoughts is never in line with a woman's. Zhao Jinrui was hugged and pulled by Xue Cui'e, who took his hand and moved it to her belly. He was in the age of young blood and high energy, so how could he control it. In particular, Xue Cui'e looked pretty. At first he was touching her belly, but then began moving upwards.

Zhao Jinrui pinched Xue Cui'e's swollen breasts: "You little bitch, you seduce me like this. You don’t miss me, you miss my..."

"Jin Rui Ge, what are you talking about?" Xue Cui'e shyly and coquettishly asked, a bit embarrassed as she lowered her reddish neck.

"Saying what? Whatever you think I’m saying is exactly what I’m saying."

As they said this, they hugged each other, kissing and touching.

Outside, Zhao'er's eyes were almost popping out of her eye sockets.

Tsk tsk, these two people really have no reservations. This is at home. But thinking about it, if they weren't so unscrupulous, how could they be unmarried yet have a big belly2.

She was watching with so much interest that she completely forgot there was a person standing beside her.

And it was a man.

But as she watched, Zhao’er felt there was something wrong. How come she is taking off her clothes? Zhaoer watched as Xue Cui'e's big white breasts became exposed while Zhao Jinrui was still sucking on them. Zhao’er immediately blushed deep red, but even as she blushed, she still wanted to watch.


Zhao'er didn't look back. She didn't react until Xue TingRang pulled her again.

"When did you come here?" she asked very quietly.

Xue TingRang squinted at her: "I've been here long ago. Have you forgotten?"

"Oh oh oh, let's go."

"You don’t want to watch it anymore?"

"What's there to watch? It’s not as entertaining as watching Heizi find other female dogs to mate." She said, pulling Xue TingRang and walking out on tiptoe.

She just said this casually, but didn’t know that Xue TingRang remembered it.

"You’ve seen Heizi go looking for a female dog?"

Zhao'er nodded subconsciously: "Haven’t you seen it before? Heizi is such a hooligan, and he won't get off the female dog of Xue Qiang's house."

It was not until seeing Xue TingRang standing in the same place that Zhao'er realized that she was a big girl, and it was not very good to say such things. However, this place in the countryside where no one cared for such things. There are many dogs in the countryside, and you often see two dogs mating on the road. They’ve all grown up seeing this.

Animals can be like this, but people certainly can't. However, the folk customs in the countryside are still rather open minded. Not to mention the unmarried girls, those married men and young daughters-in-law when they walk together in small groups often make unruly jokes.

Growing up in this environment, the village girls and boys in the countryside knew these things very early. However, it was the first time that Zhao'er associates such things with people.

Thinking of the scene just now, she blushed and her eyes flickered as she said: "You are still young, so why are you asking such things?"

After speaking, she felt that something was wrong because she had been disciplined by the little man just before. She was a little confused for a while, and just when she was about to say something, she heard Xue TingRang say: "I am not young anymore. We will get married next year, and then we can do what Zhao Jinrui did to my little aunt."

Looking at the serious expression on the little man’s face, Zhao'er's brain exploded.

  1. coquettish way of saying "I"

    (honestly, I get goosebumps whenever I hear it)

    chinese: 人家 (ren jia)

  2. big belly from pregnancy

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