The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 48 pt 2

What happened that day caused a lot of discussion among the students, and they all talked about everything, and the most talked about subject was how the people in the dorm had offended someone who caused the incident to happen.

Of course, some people refuted it, because Wang Qi was a student who was admitted to class A, and the student who was able to enter class A had his own unique side. Who could be so powerful that Wang Qi would come forward and frame him personally. Coupled with Wang Qi's decisive apology and self-examination in the name of oversight and negligence, many thought it was a coincidence.

In actuality, everyone only knows a small part of what happened and doesn't know the other side. Wang Qi was indeed instigated by someone, and this person was Yu Ziyou. Yu Ziyou chose him because of his detached, lonesome character in the academy, which does not easily attract suspicion.

As for why Yu Ziyou had to deal with Mao Badou and others, it was the disaster of the dining hall that day.

That He Ming was originally Yu Ziyou’s person, and he stuck to Ziyou on weekdays. Yu Ziyou was a narrow-minded person. He was so ridiculed by Xue TingRang that day. He was already full of hate and then was instigated by He Ming. Therefore, he couldn’t wait to get rid of them soon.

In fact, Mao Badou was nothing but a raft to deal with Xue TingRang. Yu Ziyou thought it was perfect, and it seemed that Zhou Li left the academy as the end of the matter. He never expected that the owner of the house would suddenly ask him such a question.

Is the owner saying that he has a small heart and has come close to being a villain, so he can only do things behind the backs of his classmates?

The more Yu Ziyou thought about it, the more shocked he became and his hand clenched the paper, utterly lost and unable to leave.

Until someone came around and called him: "Brother Yu, Brother Yu!"

Yu Ziyou looked at the incoming person, and immediately changed his complexion and said: "Why have you come find me? Don't be noticed."

Wang Qi smiled faintly: "I just want to remind Brother Yu, don't forget the remaining silver."

"It's just a small amount of silver, and you are afraid I won’t give it to you? After this break, I will go home to get it, and I will give it to you in time. If you are free, don't come to me behind my back. It will cause suspicion!"

After saying this, Yu Ziyou hurried away, while Wang Qi stood there and looked at his back for a while before turning his head and leaving.

Probably, what Xue TingRang said that day really worked, and Mao Badou seemed to be diligent in the following days.

Time was slowly passed by the few people working hard and studying. During this period, Xue TingRang went home several times and also mentioned teaching Zhao’er literacy. But Zhaoer has been too busy recently, and was rarely at home. After coming back, she was in a state of exhaustion. Xue TingRang couldn't bear it, so he could only keep silent.

During this period, Xue Cui'e became more and more anxious from the beginning until the Zhao family still did not ask for marriage. It wasn't only her. Zhao shi was also anxious. Fortunately, Elder Xue held it in and kept the two of them under control, otherwise they still don't know what would have happened.

At the same time, on the Zhao family’s side.

"It's not that I scold you, why bother fighting the truth. Besides, it's not all to blame E'er's indiscretion. If not for the fact that Jinrui couldn’t hold it, how could this happen! You are going to be a grandmother, isn't it? I don't know if this kind of thing doesn't’ come together, you don't want to hold your grandson?" Uncle Zhao complained.

Hong shi rolled her eyes at him angrily and turned back to the room.

Of course she not only disliked Xue Cui'e's indiscretion, but also had the heart to teach Zhao shi a lesson. Back then when she married Zhao Wang, Zhao shi, who was a sister-in-law, gave her a bad attitude and said she was a concubine behind her back.

Being a stepmother was difficult, and after all these years, Hong shi's life finally went smoothly. Then Zhao shi finally had something to beg of her, how could Hong shi easily let this opportunity go. She thought that the Xue family would honestly ask for the marriage, but who would have thought that the other party had been silent.

Counting the days, it is estimated that the girl's belly has been around three months, and if she continues to procrastinate, even if the marriage is really done, the things in her belly can't be covered.

"You just continue to do it, ruin Jinrui's reputation. Do you still expect him to become a xiucai and let you be a xuicai’s mother?!" Uncle Zhao cursed in the outhouse.

The more she listened the more annoying she became, and Hong shi came out stomping: "Since you have made a decision about this matter, why do you still ask me?"

Zhao Wang looked at the mother: "Was it not you who said that you won’t give the Xue family a betrothal gift. How can you not give a bride-gift when you marry a wife, especially when there is such a relationship. It will make outsiders laugh."

The Zhao family's family background is not bad. The family also has dozens of acres of land, and it is also one of the best in Zhaojiazhuang. Otherwise, Hong shi, who was a beautiful girl, would not marry Zhao Wang, a widower who was older than her by more than ten years. Zhao Wang can still afford the bride price for his son to marry a wife.

Hong shi came to the edge of the Kang. She sat: "Isn’t because I am angry? I have such a good son. I had wanted Jin Rui to marry the daughter of Liu Dizhu's house."

Hong shi's tone was a bit coquettish, and Zhao Wang just loved it. The old man loved his young wife. Zhao Wang is more than fifty this year, and Hong shi is less than forty. She was spoiled to the point where she has complete authority at home.

The second daughter-in-law of the Zhao family saw this at the door, and she gritted her teeth with anger, wishing to throw the old witch into the river, so as not to instigate the relationship between her man and the father-in-law at home every day.

Of course, this was just thinking only. She lowered her head and picked beans, but her ears stood up to listen to the movement in the main room.

"Then we will go there tomorrow?"

"Go early, and get things done early."

"Just follow the old rules and pay another ten liang of bride price. After all, it is Jin Rui's fault. Our family has dragged on for so long, so it's just to give some face to my sister."

Although Hong shi was unwilling, she still agreed.

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