The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 47 pt2

At this time, Mao Badou also concealed his face with his sleeves and said: "I had my heart turned to the bright moon, but the moon illuminates the ditch. It is said that those who do not follow the righteous way are extremely valuable after they change their evils and become righteous, but now it seems that it is all fake. I just did a wrong thing in my youth, but now it’s been marked on my name by someone. Even after changing and becoming good, I am still targeted for my past."

"Unexpectedly, the academy actually divides people into three, six, and nine classes based on academic performance. The three of us testified and you didn't believe it. Just because someone else entered Class A and we are in Class B, so one person’s words can equal the three of us."

One of these four people is justified, one is firm in language, and the remaining two are not mentioned. Although the reason is a little bit crooked, it is exactly the case. Because the student who entered Class A came forward to testify, it caused everyone to support his side.

The students in Class B had a sense of sadness. There is the saying that all other industries are inferior; only studying and becoming an official is the right path. Even if you can come to school, those with poor academics were still at the bottom of society.

At this time, Lin Miao suddenly said, "What is your opinion?"

This question was not asked to Xue TingRang and his roommates, nor to Meng Xiansheng, but to Zhou Li and others. Of course, that also included the student who got into class A, and a few students who just said that Xue TingRang and the others behaved strangely.

The several people were surprised, and for a while they couldn't figure out what the owner of the house meant.

"The words of the four of them are very clear. After doing this, whether it is or not, the four of them are all paying the price of leaving the school. In the same way, since you vowed to testify against those people, you should pay the equivalent price. "


Suddenly, the complexion of the few people changed drastically. They didn't expect things to develop this way.

The few students who accused Xue TingRang and others of the weird behavior immediately changed their word, saying that they were just skeptical and they were not sure, and then they sank into the crowd in a trance. Although it drew ridicule and contempt in the eyes of people around them, at least they could escape the possibility of withdrawing from school.

On the other hand, Zhao Mingquan, who testified for Zhou Li, also said that he only saw that there was something on Zhou Li's mind, but he didn't know what it was, so how could he use his withdrawal from school to testify for him.

With the absence of several people, Zhou Li and the student who entered Class A were put on the spot.

Zhou Li couldn't run away first, because he was the one who caused the trouble, and the attitude of the student who got into Grade A was the most important thing.

The student who entered Class A was named Wang Qi, and his appearance was ordinary. Even among the group of people who entered Class A, he was inconspicuous.

But as said before, this person did not hang out with any cliques and often comes and goes alone. Lin Miao has also heard about the small circles of friends and groups in the house, but this kind of thing was indispensable everywhere, so he never asked about this kind of thing.

He also knew that Xue TingRang and others had offended a group of students who entered class A. If it were someone else, he would definitely not have this attitude, but it was Wang Qi, a student he valued and placed importance on.

To put it bluntly, it was not that Lin Miao was indifferent to the matter of accepting disciples as Boss Chen said. Although he is also teaching Class A, teaching one person alone and teaching a group of people are two different things. This is equivalent to the fact that cooking a large pot of food makes it difficult to take everyone’s palate into consideration, but a small stove can focus on the taste of one person.

In fact, he had been observing for a long time, and Wang Qi was among his observations.

Wang Qi looked remorseful and clasped his fists in apology: "This student just heard what Mao Badou and others said, and felt I was too irrational. This name can be big or small, and this not something that can be accused of by just suspicion and speculation. That day, Mao Badou just knocked into me, and I cannot come up with conclusive evidence to prove that he was hiding a book. Here I would like to apologize to Mao Badou and the few classmates. Please do not blame me. It is all this student’s fault."

He finished his bow to Lin Miao, and then bowed to Mao Badou and others with a sincere attitude and candid speech. Compared to the few people who faltered before, he was much better.

Therefore, although it was obvious that he also went back on his words, no one made any accusations against him. Instead, they said that Brother Wang was magnanimous and worthy as a true gentleman.

Something flashed in Lin Miao's eyes and he looked at Zhou Li again.

Zhou Li's face was pale, but he knew that he couldn't escape. For the present, he had to bet on himself. As long as he could prove that Mao Badou had indeed hidden the book, he would be able to protect himself.

"I'm willing to pay the same price! If I am found to have deliberately framed them, I will leave the academy!" He said extraordinarily impassioned, with a brave appearance.

It's a pity that everyone had turned against him before, and his behavior was not appreciated. Instead they were just waiting to have a good laugh at him.

"Well, you guys—"

At this time, Xue TingRang spoke: "Badou, please open your cabinet and show it to Brother Zhou."

After Mao Badou recovered from his stunned expression, he hurriedly climbed up the bunk and opened his cabinet. Zhou Li impatiently followed, fearing that Mao Badou might try to play tricks. He pushed Badou away to check it himself.

As he went through the cabinet, some clothing such as socks and trousers mixed with the smell of feet and sweat rolled out of the cabinet. Mao Badou was very lazy and never did his own laundry. He always took it home when he had enough. And he never organized it, so his cabinet was the messiest in the whole dorm.

Zhou Li was unprepared and was smashed in the face by the smell. For a while, he only felt that he was in a pile of salted fish. It was hard to mention the smell. Especially afterwards, when he took away the things that fell on his head and face and saw clearly that it was trousers and socks that had turned gray and black, he retched immediately.

"I said I'll do it, yet you said you wanted to do it by yourself! Look at you, you messed up my things." Mao Badou grieved.

When the onlookers saw this, they couldn't help but laugh, and even a smile flashed in Lin Miao's eyes.

Zhou Li finally stopped retching, threw away Mao Badou's stinky clothes in a panic, and continued to rummage in the cabinet.

Nothing, there was still nothing. Although he had uncovered a few books, they were the Four Books and Five Classics1, and what he was looking for was not among them.

"How come it’s not there?"

"There was no such thing!"

Zhou Li was dumbfounded, suddenly moved, and rushed to Xue TingRang and others' cabinets.

"Open your cabinet!"

Xue TingRang sneered: "Classmate Zhou, you seem to be joking. You accuse Badou of hiding lewd books. It's a matter between the two of you. Why do you want to search our cabinet instead."

"But before you—"

"What did I say before? Before there were more of your people, so I didn't mind it. Now you bet on four of us at the price of only you leaving the school. Zhou Tongchuang, your family does business, right? How can you be so good at making beneficial transactions?"


"Of course, if you want to search our cabinets, it's not impossible. You can find three more people. As long as they are all willing to leave the academy, you can search our cabinets at will."

"You--" Zhou Li's face turned pale. He suddenly jumped up from the bunk and said to the familiar people in the crowd: "Brother Zhao Xian, you help me... Brother Chen, you..."

Wherever he faced, the crowd retreated one after another. No one dared to answer. All shook their heads.

"Okay, all of you leave. I don't know what to say!" Lin Miao scolded coldly and walked away.

Mao Badou jumped off of the bunk and smiled: "You should all leave now, leave now. Really, it makes people sleepless at night."

Meng Xiansheng said: "Zhou Li, you come with me."

"Xiansheng, they are deceiving. That lewd book must be hidden in one of their cabinets."

Mao Badou jumped three feet high and placed his hands on his fat waist and said, "Zhou Li, I will warn you again. Because we are students of the same school, I don't want to fight with you. If you slander me with another accusation about keeping lewd books, I won’t forgive you!"

"Okay, leave with me. Don't make unnecessary far-fetched convictions!" Meng Xiansheng said with a wooden expression.

At the same time the old school official also stepped forward. Zhou Li could only walk to Meng Xiansheng with his head down.

"You all should rest early."

"Yes, sir."

  1. these books were their class materials. kind of like the textbooks we use in school.

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