The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 47 pt1

This accusation made Mao Badou stunned for a moment, and then he cursed: "When did you come borrow a kettle and see me read an obscene book? Did you come here in a dream? Why didn't I know."

Li Datian spoke up next to him: "Usually the four of us go in and out at the same time. We are never alone in the dorm. Brother Zhou might be going crazy."

Chen Jian nodded. Xue TingRang also said: "that is true."

"I can prove that Brother Zhou did come here that day, and he looked absentminded when he returned. It seems that there was something on his mind." said a student named Zhao Mingquan. He lives in the same dorm as Zhou Li.

"Maybe it was your brother Zhou who had hysteria and saw some fairy, that's why he seemed absentminded. Do you think I look like a fairy like this?"

Mao Badou sneered for a while, which drew laughter from many students who heard the movement outside. The dormitory is so big, and there is so much movement here, and the students who have just laid down in their clothes came out to watch this scene.

Zhou Li was ridiculed so much that his face flushed red: "Mao Badou, don’t you ridicule me. You are a habitual offender. My suspicion towards you is justified."

"What kind of courtesy and evidence? You can use your words to frame others?" Xue TingRang said.

"Brother Zhao testified for me."

"Then I also can say that I saw you bring an obscene book into the academy, and I can also testify with someone from the same house." Mao Badou interrupted, and immediately angered Zhou Li.

At this moment, the students outside the door gave way to both sides. It was the curator Lin Miao and Meng Xiansheng who came.

The four people who were blocked on the bunk quickly got up and respectfully called the master, Meng Xiansheng. The other students did the same, and there were no more whispers around.

The court was very quiet. Mao Badou finally panicked and couldn't help but glance at Xue TingRang, who gave him a “calm down” look.

Lin Miao asked aloud, and the old school official told them one by one. From Zhou Li finding him and saying that Mao Badou was carrying an obscene book to everything that happened after he arrived at the dorm.

Lin Miao looked over, his eyes were devoid of emotions, but Zhou Li couldn't help but lower his head.

He thought about what the other party had said to him, and his panic lightened. Especially now that the arrow was on the string and he must send it out, he can only put his focus on the guilt of Mao Badou before he could escape completely. Then, he vowed using his own reputation and name that this Mao Badou had definitely brought an obscene book into the academy.

Seeing the changing expressions on everyone’s faces, Xue TingRang came up and saluted Lin Miao and Mr. Meng: “I also hope that Master and Xiansheng see clearly. Although Ba Dou had made mistakes in the past, he has now corrected his mistakes and studies hard. How could it be possible that he is doing such ridiculous things as before."

Lin Miao looked sideways, and Meng Xiansheng nodded. He really saw the recent changes in Mao Badou.

"Furthermore, classmate Zhou used 'suspect' as an excuse to plant this charge on Badou, which was a bit too biased."

"I have witnesses."

Xue TingRang didn't rush: "Your so-called witnesses can only prove that you have something on your mind. Listening and believing is the habit of ordinary people and should not be taken as the truth."

At this moment, a student with an unfamiliar face suddenly came out from the crowd and said: "I saw Mao Badou returning from an outing a few days ago. He walked in a hurry and knocked into me. He is usually very fat but he seemed to be even more bloated at the time. There was something hidden. At the time, I was still wondering why it hurt so much when he knocked into me. At this time, I think he probably had a book hidden on him."

This student was from Class A. Xue TingRang and others were not familiar with him, but Lin Miao and Meng Xiansheng knew. Moreover, this person is usually silent and does not communicate much with others. If it is a testimony, his testimony will be much more trustworthy.

At the same time, a few students stood up and said that the people in this dorm were walking strangely. The four usually walked by themselves, and when others occasionally passed by the door, they could always see the four holding books and reading while laughing.

Zhou Li also said at this time: "The owner of the house can search this dorm. If he came in with a book, he will definitely hide it in this dorm."

When things got to this point, Xue TingRang and others knew that this was deliberately directed at Mao Badou and the rest of them.

Mao Badou is in trouble, and it is natural that everyone will try to help. The previous testimony can be regarded as collaborating. Once someone has found an obscene book, the whole dorm will not be able to escape.

Even the people who designed this scene must have been observing them for a long time, waiting for the right moment to frame them. For a time, the eyes of the four roommates flickered, especially Mao Badou, who was about to stand up and take care of everything, but was pulled by Xue TingRang from behind.

Lin Miao pulled his beard for a while, and said, "There are no waves without wind. There must be a reason for things. Since so many people have testified against you, whether they have the books or not, they should prove their innocence."

He ordered people to search the dorm, and immediately some students volunteered, and the old school official also stepped forward and began to search around. The bunk under the table had been searched, and there was nothing suspicious. Now there were only the roommates’ cabinets left.

Meng Xiansheng sighed and said, "You four should open the cabinet. Those who are innocent will be proven innocent, and those who are not will be shown to be correctly accused."

Mao Badou became even more anxious. Except for the book he had hidden on his body, everything else was in Xue TingRang's cabinet. If it is found out, everything will be over.

Xue TingRang pursed his lips, and stepped forward, saying: "This student still insists on what I’ve said before. If there is nothing, then there is nothing. But since you want to search, naturally I must say some things openly. This accusation is unfounded and based only on these people's one-sided words, and yet it can be used to frame us for having a private collection of banned books. To say such irresponsible words and slander others! For people existing in this world, nothing can defy reason and logic. This truth does not only apply to a few people, but to everyone.

"If nothing can be found in my cabinet today, how about Brother Zhou, this classmate who testified, and those who said we behave strangely? Will they behave like this again in the future? Anyone who is not pleasing to the eye can be framed, and they can forge facts to wrong an innocent person. Just find two people to come out with irresponsible accusations to frame someone. No matter whether it is successful or not, there is no loss anyway. Will there be chaos in this school in the future and no justice at all? In other words, who should pay for the humiliation I have suffered?"

These words made everyone think deeply, and the onlookers whispered: "Yes, who dares to say that no one has offended a few people? After doing this, who dares to speak in public."

"A gentleman should be open minded and tolerant while a villain is narrow minded and uncompromising. I am afraid that it will be the other way around in the future."

"This cabinet seems ordinary, but in this case, being searched in public is almost equivalent to the treatment of a thief. If the owner of the house cannot give a reason, dropping out of school is no big deal, but my cabinet cannot be searched." Xue TingRang said.

This remark almost puts himself in a state of confrontation with the master of the house. Who dares to reason with the master of the house? This has never happened before in the academy.

The students on the sidelines were surprised by Xue TingRang's boldness, but they were also shocked by his attitude. From looking at this appearance, it seemed he really might not have done it before but was just framed.

"Brother Xue and I are the same, and we were humiliated for no reason. It’s fine if we drop out of this academy." Chen Jian said stepping forward.

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