The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 46 pt2

It was also because the incident was too memorable so he couldn't change his way of calling her so quickly.

"I have something to ask you. What's wrong with you?"

Zhao'er glanced at the yard. Gao Sheng's eldest sister-in-law was saying something angrily, and Gao Sheng's mother’s expression was not very good. She was wiping tears as she spoke.

Gao Sheng lowered his head and pursed his lips: "Don't mention it."

Upon hearing this, Zhao'er pretty much understood what was going on.

Gao Sheng's father died early. Gao Sheng is the youngest, and there is quite an age gap between him and his two older brothers. The Gao family is not considered rich in the village. It can only be said that it is a family that never starved to death. The family has only a few acres of land, so there is no separation of the family. Aunt Gao took her youngest son and lived with her older two sons. .

The early years were okay. As Gao Sheng's two older brothers married and both had children, Gao Sheng became an eyesore to the sister-in-laws. No matter how hard Gao Sheng usually worked in the field, there was always something to be nitpicked at, but the family still has to live even through the rough relationships.

As for the quarrel between Gao Sheng's sister-in-law and Aunt Gao, it was because Aunt Gao found a good girl for Gao Sheng, but when it was mentioned that the family should pay for the marriage, Gao Sheng's two sister-in-laws just kept crying that they were poor.

And Gao Sheng's two older brothers didn't speak. Aunt Gao was so anxious that she finally mentioned something, but she was blocked by Gao Sheng's sister-in-law. Aunt Gao burst into tears with anger. Gao Sheng couldn't hold back anymore and slammed the door and left.

"I will go to the county to find a job tomorrow."

Zhao'er sighed. She knew that Gao Sheng had this idea a long time ago, but Aunt Gao didn't agree. She felt that it was unsafe for the youngest son to go about alone, so she kept him from going out.

"I'm looking for you because of this. Now I have a business with Jiang Wu and my fourth uncle. Right now we are lacking a worker. If you think it is feasible, I will share 5% of my profits with you. Work hard and maybe you can even marry a wife by the end of the year. It also won’t be difficult to take Aunt Gao and live outside.”

Zhao'er thought about it. Not to mention Jiang Wu, Fourth uncle also has field work to do on weekdays, and now they desperately need workers who can do things independently.

The reason why she likes Gaosheng is not only because of their friendship, but also because Gaosheng is a cheerful and broad-minded person, and has a small group of friends who have a good relationship with him. After that, it's because he has an excellent character, his brain is active, and he is willing to endure hardship. Every aspect of a helper must be considered when looking for the right manpower. The first person Zhaoer thought of was Gaosheng.

"Okay, since Zhao'er Jie said this, I'll do it. If I don't do a good job, don’t pay me."

"Aren’t you going to ask me what I’m bringing you out to do?" Zhao'er teased.

Gao Sheng scratched his head slightly embarrassed: "Well, its not like you can sell me."

Now that things have been set, Zhao’er set out with Gaosheng the next day.

After a few days, Gao Sheng could clearly understand the basics of this business. He was surprised that Zhaoer could come up with this way of doing business, but did not thing it was unexpected. The village had been circulating about Zhaoer Jie doing business, but the words were vague. He did not expect that she did not show any signs yet was able to make her business run like this.

Gao Sheng is not stupid. Naturally, he realized that there is a lot of business to do, so he worked harder and even offered a lot of useful opinions.

Later, Zhaoer divided his due dividends as promised. Gao Sheng did not expect that he would be able to get so much. He felt ashamed and uneasy but refusing was useless. He then asked two young people to help him from the people he knew. All of the wages are from him.

With the increase in manpower, the scope of the business gradually expanded. In the past, it was only limited to a few large restaurants and several wealthy mansions in the south of the town. Now Zhao’er throws out the people in her hands, taking over the business of delivering food to many small wine shops, restaurants, and snack shops in the town.

Because they deliver the vegetables in time, and the vegetables are fresh and varied, and compare with market prices are cheaper, others have no reason to refuse. Someone will take the initiative to deliver it to the door if they need it, so why not do it.

Zhao'er was even inspired, and added a small amount of pork as one of the varieties, and robbed some business from butchers and meat stalls. I won't go into details here.

Zhao'er's business was booming here, but on the other end, Xue TingRang’s side was calm.

Every day was the lecture hall, the dining hall, and the dorm, repeating back and forth. Life was boring and tasteless.

Because of the supervision of Chen Jian and Xue TingRang, Mao Badou and Li Datian were now more diligent than before. The only thing is that the four of them were now being isolated by other students in the academy, but none of them cared too much about other people's perspectives, and they enjoyed themselves.

But on this day, something happened.

When it came to the twilight again, after eating out of the dining hall, the four of them each washed and read on the bunk.

One person, each with a desk and a lamp, sitting side by side.

Xue TingRang still copied books as usual. Chen Jian was the same as him, but Mao Badou, while memorizing the book, would from time to time provoke Xue TingRang or Li Datian who was next to him. He mostly provoked Li Datian. Who told Xue TingRang to have a pen in his hand, and ink was accidentally thrown all over him. Mao Badou had learned his lesson.

Soon it was time to turn off the lights, there was a bell sound outside. The three of them blew out the oil lamps and laid down.

At this time, he couldn't sleep, so Mao Badou asked Xue TingRang for a script and told him he wanted tp read it for a while. Xue TingRang couldn't stand his torment and could only follow his will.

Mao Badou satisfactorily accepted the script that Xue TingRang handed over and put the oil lamp into the quilt. Just as he flipped through the script, there was a sudden sound of footsteps.

He blew out the lamp immediately and stuffed the notebook into his crotch. At the same time, the door of the room was pushed open, and a few people walked in.

The leader was an elderly school official. In fact this person was quite scary to the students. Because the old school official is in charge of night patrols all the year round, and he still manages the house.

All the trivial things in the house are under his care. During the day, he is not seen, and he comes out at night. Usually people would be frightened whenever he appears. This was Mao Badou's description.

The old school official was also followed by a few students, who looked like students who roomed next door. The leading one had a surname Zhou and was called Zhou Li.

Seeing this person, Mao Badou's pupils contracted subconsciously, and he had a bad feeling.

"Liu Lao, that's him. That day, when I came to this house to borrow a kettle, I saw this Mao Badou holding a book and was looking at it. He was the only one in the room, and he was sneaky and when he saw me pushing in, he hurriedly hid the book. Reading seriously would not be like that. I remember a person who was punished to copying books when he was found to possess an obscene book last year, so I very much suspect that the same situation has occurred again."

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