The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 45

Zhao'er remained stiff until she finally softened from the warmth in the bed.

She relaxed, and could feel that the little man behind her was not asleep either, blowing on her head like a butterfly, gently and evenly.

She seemed to feel better and finally had the heart to think about something else.

"What did you say about little aunt?" In fact, she was even more curious when the little man came back and why didn't he say anything.

Xue TingRang briefly said the matter, and Zhaoer said after hearing it: "If this is the case, then the Zhao family must yield first but will have a grudge in their heart. The little aunt will suffer a lot after entering their family."

"Don't worry about this. She will take responsibility for what she did."

Zhao'er didn't speak, and after a while she said: "Gou’er, I found you have changed a lot these days."

Xue TingRang couldn't help but freeze and asked, "Where do you think I have changed?"

Uh, Zhao'er thought for a while, and then said: "Become talkative. Before, I could barely get a word out of you. You have become more open-minded. You used to have unrealistic thoughts. Now you know how to deal with the group of people in the main house. You’ve always been sullen and silent before or just getting angry at yourself, but now you’ve become more resourceful."

It turns out he was like that before.

"Then do you think such a change is good or bad?"

"It must be good."

"Since it's good, it's fine. I will always have to grow up. I can't be the same forever." Xue TingRang said meaningfully.

Zhao'er sighed, the little man had indeed grown up.

She leaned back, feeling uncomfortable from being pressed, and moved forward a little further, saying: "It's good to grow up, but you are too thin. Look at this rib, it digs into people."

He is being disliked.

"I will become fat soon. I am much fatter now than before."

Zhao'er did not really believe him and was about to say something when a pain in her abdomen hit her, causing her to curl up immediately.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Zhao'er held her breath and waited for a while. Xue TingRang turned her over, trying to see where she was hurting.

"Don't move me, it will be fine in a while."

"Have you never been to the doctor?"

"Why should I go see a doctor? Every girl goes through it like this."

"It's better to see the doctor. I'll accompany you when you're done." Xue TingRang said, reaching out to touch her lower abdomen: "I will rub it for you, so it won't hurt."

"Rub? Uh, I don't need it anymore." Zhao'er pushed him uncomfortably, but it was a pity that she didn’t have the strength to push him away.

"When I was a child and felt ill, didn't you also rub it like that for me." As he said this, Xue TingRang reached out and rubbed it gently.

Zhao'er was rubbed a few times, and it didn't feel too uncomfortable, so she let him be.

She just thought that it was weird that the little man today was particularly considerate?

It should be considered considerate, I think.

She felt her stomach swelling, and it seemed that it would break as soon as she touched it. It was still a bit uncomfortable, but it felt warm. The belly was warm, and the rest of the body was also warm.

Zhao'er was a little dizzy and narrowed her eyes unconsciously.

"Gou’er, how do you know that it won't hurt after rubbing?"

Xue TingRang's hand stopped for a moment, and then moved again: "I guessed."

In fact, in that dream, Zhao’er also had the problem of menstrual pain, and saw the doctor. The doctor said that she suffered a lot when she was a child, so her body was a little bit cold. Only by drinking medicine will she recover slowly. If the pain is really unbearable, only a hot compress or light rubbing can relieve the pain.

Sometimes the longer the time passed, the more intrigued Xue TingRang felt. Was that dream really his dream? Why did he feel as if he had experienced that life.

Before she knew it, Zhao'er fell asleep, and her breathing became stable.

Xue TingRang rubbed her for a while, and then fell asleep.

He slept until dawn, and when Zhao'er woke up, she found that the sun was high in the sky.

She sat up abruptly, thinking about why she had slept for so long and what to do about the vegetable business today.

She got up from the kang in a hurry and got dressed, and found that she was relaxed and her stomach no longer hurt. She used to be very uncomfortable for the first two days of her menstrual period and couldn't go anywhere, but she didn't expect it to only hurt a night.

Does the rubbing really work?

Her thoughts in a mess, she opened the door and went out. Sun shi happened to be washing clothes in the yard.

"You’re up? Don't worry, Gou’er went out with your uncle to let you sleep in the house for a while longer."

"Why did he go? He has to go to the academy today."

Sun shi took a glance at the main room and said, "Gou’er said he told the academy he would not go back today. If he doesn’t go today, he will be able to stay at home for two more days. You should lie on the kang if you are feeling uncomfortable. I saved the meal for you in the pot. Go back to the house and Fourth aunt will bring it to you."

"Auntie, no, I'll do it myself."

Sun shi wiped her hands and pushed her into the house: "Okay, don't try to be brave. Gou’er specifically instructed before leaving. Fourth aunt is also a woman and knows how terribly painful it was when I was young. Before I had Maodan, I also experienced painful periods, and I went to see the doctor. Apart from prescribing medicine for you to drink, nothing worked. Later, the doctor said that when the baby is born, the pain would be resolved. You only need to bear with it for another year and a half. When you get married with Gou’er, it won’t hurt anymore."

It was the first time Zhao'er heard this kind of talk. Especially when she mentioned that she and Gou'er would have a baby, she felt particularly uncomfortable. When she recovered, she had already been pushed into the house, and then she went to the kang and sat down.

After a while, Sun shi came in with a bowl of porridge, two steamed buns, and some pickles.

"After eating, throw the bowl on the table, and Fourth aunt will collect it later. Gou’er said he wants you to lie down for a while, so you can lie down for a while. I really didn't see it. Gou’er also knows to care for people. "Sun shi's eyebrows and eyes were quite meaningful. Seeing Zhao'er's embarrassed expression, she smiled and said: "You eat slowly, I will continue to wash the clothes."

Until she went out, Zhao’er was still a little embarrassed and felt weird.

Gou’er also knows to care for people now.

Then she thought it was true. He brought her sugar water and rubbed her belly yesterday. She didn’t know how long he rubbed for. Anyway, she fell asleep, and then he went to collect vegetables and sell vegetables on her behalf early this morning.

Isn't this caring for people?

But Zhao’er always feels weird to use the word ‘care’.

The ‘care’ should be the older one to the younger one. It’s obvious that she cares for the little man, so how come now it is the little man caring for her?

After thinking about it for a while, she couldn’t understand it, so she stopped thinking about it.

After she finished eating, she continued to lie down. In fact, every time her menstruation comes, she doesn't want to run around, always finds it very inconvenient.

Seeing that it was all right, Zhao'er went to take out her small account book and money box, and began to calculate how much money she had received and how much money she had made these days.

When Xue Qinghuai and Xue TingRang came back, Zhao’er had not yet completed her calculations.

She had tried to use the stacking method, that is, a pile of one hundred wen, but it was still wrong later. The more she counted, the more painful her head. The account book seemed quite clear and easy to read, but it became a big problem when correctly calculating the money.

When Xue TingRang walked in from the outside, he saw copper coins piled up on the table. Zhao'er looked at the money helplessly, a little unable to figure out what to do.

When she saw him, her eyes lit up.

"Come on, help me count."

So Xue TingRang helped her count the money before he could clean up the dust on his body.

He counts and she weaves them with twine.

A string of one thousand wen, which is commonly known as a penny, is also a conversion of one or two silver.

After a while, the chaos became well-organized. Zhao’er praised: "You are so smart, Gou’er. I counted for a long time yet did not get it clear."

Xue TingRang glanced at her: "If you can't count clearly, tell me to help you count. When you become literate, you can count it by yourself. By the way, didn't I tell you to lie down. How did you start calculating the bill?"

Zhao'er was a little embarrassed and said, "This business has been in business for almost ten days, and the money is in my place. I haven't cleared the account before. I wanted to settle the accounts, so I can divide the money. Can’t work every day without paying money. Then who would still have the energy to work?"

Hearing that, Xue TingRangwent down to the kang and got pen, ink, paper and inkstone.

"What do you do with these?"

"I'll keep the accounts for you. After all, it's a partnership business. If you don't keep the accounts, it's easy to create rifts later."

As he spoke, he picked up Zhao'er's small ledger and looked at it, and while reading it, he copied it onto a piece of paper. After he finished the copying, he calculated it again, and looked at the number to make sure it matched the current amount of money, and then started copying the booklet.

"I will check all the accounts for you every ten days, and you will only split the money afterwards. Remember to sign and deposit if you divide the money. Next time I come back for a break, I will start teaching you to recognize characters, starting with the Three Character Classic."

Xue TingRang, who looked down and wrote with his pen, looked particularly majestic from the perspective of Zhao’er. It seemed that the little man became bigger all of a sudden, giving her the feeling of facing the Xiansheng in the academy.

Sure enough, scholars are different.

At this time, Zhao’er could do nothing but nod and say yes.

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