The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 43 pt 2

"Of course!" Xue Qingshan said, clutching his stomach.

Yang shi, who had been standing next to him, had a thumping heartbeat and couldn't help but glance over.

Sure enough, what she was afraid of had finally come. She heard Sun shi say: "That's right, Cui'e, don't think too much, I have no other meaning. Just like Zhao'er said, no matter what, you still have three brothers. How can Eldest brother see his own sister suffering?"

The phrase "three brothers and sisters-in-law" made Sun shi deliberately accentuate the tone. Zhao shi and Xue Cui'e, who were touching their tears, couldn't help but froze, naturally, Xue Qingshan's stagnant smile was indispensable.

Seeing this, there was nothing else that they didn't understand, but no one pierced it. Sun shi and Zhou shi deliberately went to get water for the mother and daughter to wash their faces.

After all, let's get to the point.

Without waiting for her own man to speak, Sun shi took the lead and said: "Father, what do you think? Don't worry, our family will pay as much as Eldest brother's family."

Although Zhou shi did not like to talk or show up, she was indispensable at this time.

"Although our family is poorer, as long as the elder brother can take it out, our family will also take it out."

Elder Xue did not speak, rubbing the cigarette pot in his hand. Xue Qingshan's face was completely dark, let alone Zhao and Xue Cui'e.

In fact, to put it plainly, the group of people discussed together before calling the third and fourth family over.

It's not really a discussion. Father Xue knows that the eldest son has no money, but the younger daughter’s matter cannot be neglected either. Naturally, Xue Qingshan has no money to pay, but the fourth family has money, and Zhao’er has money. If they had money to buy a mule cart, will they have no money to give a dowry for Xue Cui'?. So the two were dispatched separately, one acting in front of Elder Xue, and the other in charge of talking to Zhao shi, creating today’s acting scene.

Originally, third family and fourth family had agreed to the situation, but no one ever thought that Zhao'er would change the situation into this present circumstance.

Everyone in the room didn't speak, Zhao shi looked at the old man and the eldest son before focusing on Zhao'er.

"Zhao'er, you are doing such a big business, and you have bought a mule cart. That day, you said so loudly in front of your grandparents. Now that your little aunt is going to get married, don’t you have to pay some money on behalf of the second family?"

Zhao'er was so irritated by Zhao shi that she laughed. She hadn't heard of a situation where the younger generation pays for the older generation’s dowry.

Xue Qinghuai said: "Mother, what are you talking about? Zhao’er is a junior."

"What's wrong with a junior? Being a junior means she can suppress your elder brother? You know that your elder brother has no money because of Juncai’s tuition, but she deliberately makes things difficult for him. Isn't it just to see your elder brother make a fool of himself and show that you are rich? If you are rich, then you just give some money too."

Seeing this,Zhao Shi wanted to protect Xue Cui'e and Xue Qingshan as well, so she used her own knife to suppress others.

But she was not surprised. She had known that this discussion would come to her sooner or later. It's just that before she breaks through, these people can still put on false benevolence, and they can also make a face. The fake was pierced through by her, and now they didn't even care about their own appearances.

Zhao'er's mouth couldn't hide a smile, she nodded in no uncertain terms: "Grandma, I am rich, but if I am rich, I can't just take it out with just a word, right? You must give me a reason! No, let's go to the village and ask someone at random now. If a little aunt gets married, should the younger generation pay for the dowry. As long as someone in our village says I should pay the money, I will take out some silver."


"Eldest uncle has no money from sending Juncai to school. Yet, Gou’er and I who are only teenagers would have money? Do you think that other people’s money comes from the river and is very easy? Grandma, it stands to reason that I shouldn't have said this. When you said this, you didn't consider the feelings of the third uncle and the third aunt, the fourth uncle and the fourth aunt? My fourth uncle and I go out before dawn, and it isn’t like you don't know.

"Ama, have you walked in the night? You can't see anything, and there is only a shadow in everything you see, and you have to drive in the middle of the night not knowing when the car will be overturned. Don't say that I, as a junior, am vicious. Some people have money and others are poor, why? Damn! He should be poor for a lifetime! Who told him to put all his thoughts on digging other people's money. If he is not poor then who would be poor!" 1

"This silver even if you don’t want to take out, you will have to take out!" Zhao Shi shivered with anger.

"Anyway, this silver I will not pay. Whoever wants to give silver can give the silver!"

"I won't speak to you anymore. I'll tell Gou’er when he comes back!"

"Then tell your grandson! Why are you speaking to me!"

After saying this, Zhao'er turned her head and left.

  1. just my own thoughts: Zhao'er is so badass. I bet even today not many would be able to say that in front of their in-laws.

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