The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 43 pt 1

When they saw Zhao shi like this, what else did they not understand.

Sun shi said, "Mother, even if the Zhao family is relatives with us, there is no way to marry a wife and not give a dowry gift. Even those who are too poor to buy a wife will have to spend money. Who has heard of a family that doesn’t want to pay a penny of a bride price, yet wants the girl and requires the dowry to be paid by the bride’s family."

These words didn't ignite Zhao Shi, but they ignited Xue Cui'e.

She stood up and said: "Sister-in-law, do you know how to speak? What do you mean by wanting the girl and the silver?"

Sun shi faked a smile and said, "Isn't that the reason? Cui'e is not that sister-in-law wants to scold you, but no family has done such a unreasonable thing."

"What do you mean? I'm willing, ok? The two families are so close, so who cares about this." Xue Cui'e said very indignantly.

"Since no one cares, why do we need a dowry? They don't give the dowry, and we don't give the dowry. Isn’t it fine?" Sun shi muttered.

Xue Cui'e couldn't believe that Sun Shi even said that. She cried out loud.

"Fourth brother, look at Sister-in-law! Look at her!"

Without waiting for Xue Qinghuai to speak, Sun shi said, "What do you want your fourth brother to see? Isn't it this reason?! Who doesn’t pay a dowry yet requires that we have to pay a dowry. You go anywhere and ask if there is any reason!"

Xue Cui'e was howling and crying, and Elder Xue's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot: "Crying! You still have the face to cry. If not for you doing such a shameful thing, would things become like this!"

"Old man..." Zhao shi was so distressed that she couldn't help but say something.

Father Xue slammed the smoke pot on the kang table with a bang: "You shut up, if you hadn't taught such a shameless thing, would the family be like this?! I let you take care of her, and this happens. How do you say it, after you shit, wipe your own butt. I don't care anymore!"

After a suffocating silence, Zhao shi cried, and the mother and daughter cried together as if they had been abused by someone.

All the people below were shocked, because the meaning of Father Xue's words was really surprising.

What he meant was that Xue Cui'e had done something shameful and was found out by others, so the Zhao family was reluctant to offer the betrothal gift, and instead, the Xue family had to pay more dowry.

If this is the case, Xue Cui'e and Zhao Jinrui can only have done something very shameful.

Zhao shi cried uncontrollably, and said as she cried: "Okay, don't care. What are you crying about. Shut up! go, get up!" She dragged Xue Cui'e up, struggling to get off the kang.

"Mother, what are you doing?" Xue Qingbai stepped forward and stopped her.

"What am I doing? I don't do anything! Your mother has lived all her life, so that even men, sons and daughters-in-law will dislike me as superfluous. Now I will drown myself in the river, so that you guys won’t see me anymore!"


In this case, if no one stepped forward to stop her and an outsider saw this, then what would happen. Zhou Shi, Xue Qinghuai, and Sun Shi all stepped forward to stop and persuade her.

"Mother, why don't we dislike you too much, don't think too much."

"It's not that you don't think I'm superfluous. You don't even want to give some dowry for your sister?! You are all blackhearted, you only have one sister." Zhao shi was still struggling to get off the kang.

"Do it, why not do it! Third, fourth brother, you say something. Mother said it like this,vyet you can still bear it!" Xue Qingshan roared.

"Do, mother, we will do it. We didn't say not to do it, don't think too much."

Zhao Shi turned to see Xue Qinghuai again.

Xue Qinghuai also nodded and said, "How can we say we won’t provide a dowry for our sister when we are brothers."

Only then did Zhao shi stop crying, tugging at the corners of her clothes to wipe his tears, and then said to Xue Cui'e: "Cui'e, thank your fourth brother, third brother, and two sister-in-laws. Will you have a face when you marry will all depend on them."

Xue Cui'e also wiped her tears, and choked up, "Thank you, third brother and sister-in-law, fourth brother and sister-in-law."

Zhao'er had been watching from the side, and when she saw this, she couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. But at the same time, there was a very weird feeling, an indescribable weird feeling, and it always felt like everything was an act.

Especially in the end, Zhao shi asked Xue Cui'e to thank the two brothers and sisters-in-laws. Does Xue Cui'e only have two brothers and sisters-in-law? And the phrase ‘thank you fourth brother’. There is also the Yang Shi in the big room. Yang shi has never been a person who likes to be silent, but she is so quiet today.

She pursed the corners of her lips, and stepped forward and said, "Little aunt, don't cry. You are someone who will be a newlywed. It is not good to cry like this. The third and fourth uncles didn't say anything, even if there were not third and fourth uncle, isn’t there still eldest uncle who is in charge? Eldest uncle, don’t you think so?"

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