The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 41

After that, shopkeeper Yao picked up and ordered some of the vegetables he needed.

It is said that there are some, but in fact it is quite a lot. In addition, he also selected a lot of mountain products that Zhao’er brought, such as the fungus and fungus, the pheasants and hares that Jiang family had hunted yesterday, and the 2 baskets of eggs that Zhao’er bought in exchange for selling clothes a while ago.

Before, Xue Qinghuai was still worrying about what to do with these eggs. It was only after he joined the business that he realized that he had sold clothes for so many eggs. There are thousands of them. Unexpectedly, it was just one trip and they already sold a hundred.

"You are a young empress who knows how to do business. You come at this time again tomorrow."

The deep meaning in Shopkeeper Yao's words, probably only Zhao’er herself knows. She smiled and said: "Okay, don't worry, I will definitely come back tomorrow."

She took the money, said goodbye to shopkeeper Yao, and got in the mule cart and left.

Xue Qinghuai drove forward with his head down, and Zhao’er didn't say a word. Until the Xiankelai was far away, the two couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

"Fourth uncle, hurry, let's go to stay in Xianju."


The two talked while rushing.

Xue Qinghuai sighed: "You said that selling vegetables can make a profit. Uncle thought we would only make a small amount of money. The vegetables grown in the countryside were ones we did not want, so we brought them out to sell. How did we sell them for the price of a catty of meat?"

Zhao'er laughed and said, "Fourth Uncle, let me tell you that we have an advantage since we are now taking the lead in this business. After a while, when there are more and more vegetables, the vegetables will be worthless."

No wonder Xue Qinghuai sighed that the vegetables were sold to the shopkeeper Yao just now. Zhao'er didn't offer a price, and let him decide. In this case, the shopkeeper Yao couldn't do anything deliberately cheating, and since they were selling at his door, they naturally knew the price, so they followed the price they bought at the market yesterday, and added one wen.

Zhao'er brought a dozen kinds of vegetables, and with this alone, she received more than 800 wen. Not to mention the eggs and mountain products, except for the pheasant and hare sold for Jiang's family, almost all contributed a bit to the profit.

But you have to know that they collected these vegetables at extremely low prices. They received these for two wen and sold them at eight wen, so it could be considered a huge profit.

"By the way Zhao’er, the shopkeeper Yao really told you that? I remember you haven't sold vegetables for a long time?"

Zhao'er smiled: "Fourth Uncle, isn't it always like this. Think about it, we are not familiar with the people inside, how can we talk and sell vegetables? So I went to talk to the worker first. From him, we got to know the name of shopkeeper Yao, so then we can get close to him. As for other things, you can go to the market for two more days to find out."

Xue Qinghuai sighed and praised: " Uncle has been doing business for a longer period than you, yet you are more skilled than me."

"You have to know that I have been selling vegetables at the market for almost a year. I observed it when I came to town last spring."

On the way while speaking, they had reached the back door of Liuxianju. As before, Zhao'er sold another batch of vegetables with little effort. And the shopkeeper kept saying, let her send more tomorrow, and Zhao’er promised very willingly.

Then they went to Zuixianlou. The same is true.

Xue Qinghuai was surprised, and asked: "How come you always have the right timing? Are you not afraid that workers will have already bought from the market?"

Zhao'er laughed unpredictably. Xue Qinghuai asked again, and she said: "When I used to squat in the market, I often paid attention to the activities of these restaurants. They went to the market early or late, but they usually had a fixed schedule. Besides, Fourth Uncle, even if they go to the market, they probably won’t be able to buy any fresh food today."

Xue Qinghuai was taken aback: "Why?"

Zhao'er glanced back at the vegetable basket in the carriage, and Xue Qinghuai immediately felt like he had been drinking a glass of cold water in the winter. A sense of enlightenment overcame him.

He said in a very soft voice: "I remember we went to collect vegetables before. Those people hardly asked you to wait. Everything was prepared in advance, and you didn't give them money."

Zhao'er nodded, and was a little surprised by Xue Qinghuai's keen observation: "I made an agreement with them in winter last year. They will give me all the vegetables after the beginning of the spring this year, and the profit they get will never put them on the short end. I will greet them when I go to sell clothes. They know we will go this morning. As for the vegetable money, we will give it to them when we go to collect the vegetables tomorrow."

Xue Qinghuai's eyes were filled with horror.

He didn't expect Zhao'er to think so far. She had anticipated this year's situation as early as last year, so she ordered many people's vegetables in advance.

The dealers can't think of so much, and they all want money. You can exchange money for some vegetables. Naturally, they won't eat it, but save it for money. And because the number of vegetables by one family is too small, you can't sell the vegetables for a lot of money in one trip to the town, and it takes a lot of effort. But it's different if someone comes to collect it, with you just sitting at home waiting to collect the money.

Therefore, even if there are vegetables in the town, there will not be too many. They are all waiting to exchange their vegetables for copper at home. Who will still want to go to town?

In fact if Zhao’er didn't get him to partner, she would still be doing this business now. Zhao'er told him before that he was brought into the partnership because he was familiar with all the towns in the neighborhood, but in fact it was just to divide the money she got with him.

Xue Qinghuai spoke out his thoughts. Zhao'er smiled and said: "Fourth Uncle, why would you say that? I just have an idea, but Jiang Wu and I did not have enough staff. If this kind of business wants to expand in the long run, we need someone to run it. You probably can’t see the specifics right now, but you will know later on.

"This time the two restaurants have given such a high price. Is it because there are too few vegetables in the town?"

Zhao'er didn't lie to him either, and nodded: "At this time last year, the vegetables were about five cents per catty, and it has indeed risen a bit this year."

The color of surprise in Xue Qinghuai's eyes became stronger.

Zhao'er smiled a little embarrassedly and said: "It's just a few days of pressure. This constant pressure will become old after a long time. I didn't expect it, but I planned to take advantage of this strategy to create a long-term relationship with a few restaurants. Who knew my business cooperation could actually increase the price of vegetables a lot."

Xue Qinghuai let out a long breath and sighed: "It seems that Uncle will have to learn from you in the future."

Zhao'er laughed and said, "These skills are nothing. It was just speculation anyways."

"Then where shall we go after we go to Zuixianlou?"

" Jiang Wu Ge went to the houses of those wealthy families in Zhennan to try making a business deal. I made an appointment with him to meet at the Qingyuan Academy later."

Xue Qinghuai was taken aback: "Why did you think of meeting at the Gou'er Academy?"

"I have something to ask Gou’er to help me with. I plan to let him write some contracts for me. We are illiterate, so naturally it is better to find a scholar."


Zhao'er nodded: "If I hadn’t gone through the incident yesterday, I would have always felt that our country folks are honest and straightforward. As long as we say it verbally, it's okay. But after yesterday, I don’t think so. It’s better to sign the contract. We collect vegetables regularly, and they can’t sell their vegetables to others at will.”

As a result, the vegetables in the nearby villages were almost completely taken up by them. Because of this, is it possible to sell the vegetables at any price in the future? Because of this, Xue Qinghuai couldn't care to feel sad about what happened at home yesterday.

Seemingly seeing his thoughts, Zhao’er said: "Fourth Uncle, don't think too much. We have limited manpower, and there are always places that we can't take care of. And you forgot that the county is not far from here. If the price of vegetables exceeds a certain price, it is very likely that someone will go to other towns to buy vegetables instead of buying from us."

The reason why there are two dealers, such as goods dealers, rice dealers, and cloth dealers, are all because they are relatively profitable, and those selling vegetables are simply not appreciated by others. It's also because the vegetables are different from the others and cannot withstand the long journey. If it is left for too long, it will not be fresh.

"But you are thinking in the right direction. When this stall is finished, it will go smoothly. With more manpower in our hands, we will take a trip to the few villages we haven't visited. It's best to go to Anyang Township next door. If possible, we may be able to cover the entire Xia County area, and maybe your idea will become true."

what idea? Naturally, the dream of selling vegetables at any price.

But this is just to think about. It is really difficult to achieve this step, and Zhao’er knows it.

"Others will be cloth dealers, tea dealers, rice dealers, so let's be vegetable dealers in the future."

The trip to Zuixianlou was also very successful.

After leaving Zuixianlou, the two drove to the Qingyuan Academy in their mule cart.

In the lovely spring, the sun was shining warmly on people, and when they walked into this long street full of plane trees, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

Zhao’er jumped out of the cart and knocked on the door.

Not long after, an elderly school official came out from inside and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Greetings Mister, my younger brother is studying in the academy, and there is something urgent at home that needs his attention. Can you help me call him out?"

This school official was a little familiar with Zhao'er because Zhao'er has sent things several times before. Hearing this, he saw that the other party indeed had an anxious expression on her face, so he did not refuse, and after asking for the brother’s name, he went inside.

After a while, Xue TingRang walked out of the building.

He frowned slightly, and walked over in several strides as soon as he saw Zhao’er.

"what happened?"

Zhao'er pulled him aside and said: "It's okay, don't worry, I have something to find you for, so I had to find an excuse to call you out."

Xue TingRang couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, and glanced at her twice: "You miss me?"

Uh, Zhao’er was taken aback. Without thinking too much about it, she said, "I want you to write some words for me, because I am in a hurry, I came to find you."

Xue TingRang went silent in his heart. Zhao'er was really unable to understand affection. Seeing that she was indeed anxious, he asked: "What do you want me to write? You say it, and I will write for you."

By this time, Zhao'er was rather embarrassed. Because there is too much to write, but there is only the little man who is a scholar by her side. She doesn't know who to find, so she can only find him.

She talked about the ins and outs of the matter, and naturally talked about the turmoil at home yesterday. Hearing that Dafang took the opportunity to make trouble, Xue TingRang's eyebrows creased unconsciously. He also heard that Zhao’er solved the matter perfectly. In the end, Dafang stole the chicken and failed to eat the rice, so his creased ink-stained long eyebrows loosened.

"So I want you to write some contracts for me, and I will go and find those people to sign them, so that nothing wrong may occur in the future."

"This idea of ​​yours is right, and it is good for your business, so that if someone is jealous and wants to grab business, they will pay a high price to suppress you." Xue TingRang said.

Zhao'er was a little surprised: "Ting'er, how do you understand this?"

Xue TingRang cleared his throat, and said solemnly: "Reading can help make sense of the world. When clear headed, everything can be understand more naturally."

"Reading is good, our Ting’er is getting more and more promising." Zhaoer sighed.

Every time Zhao’er sighed like this, Xue TingRang could hear the meaning of “my family's child has grown up”. He particularly hates that feeling, so he likes to put on a cold face, but not anymore.

He interrupted: "Then what do you plan to write? Nevermind, let me help you draft it. How much do you want to write? But I may not have enough paper."

Zhao'er suddenly smiled, "I passed by Uncle Chen just now, and I bought you a stack of paper and ink."

She went to get paper and ink in the car, and Xue TingRang also followed and greeted Xue Qinghuai.

"Is hundred sheets enough? Maybe you should write more."

Zhao'er didn't expect that he would write so much for her. When she thought about it, there weren't many sheets, so she was a little embarrassed: "How can you write so many by yourself. How about write a few sheets and then rest? I'm not in a hurry."

"It's okay. If you have something to do, you can go first and come back at noon. I will bring the things to you."

The two said a few more words, and then Xue TingRang went in while Zhao'er and Xue Qinghuai continued to stay here and wait for Jiang Wu.

It was almost half an hour before Jiang Wu drove the cart and sold out all the vegetables. It was because the wealthy family had many rules, so some time was wasted. However, it was a good start to say that it will be delivered tomorrow.

At the same time, classes in the academy have just finished.

Xue TingRang went out before, and Mao Badou was wondering if something happened in his family, and they waited until the class was off before taking the time to ask. However, before the words could be spoken, Xue TingRang grabbed the young man.

"Don't talk and do me a favor. Help me copy the things on this paper a few times."


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