The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 46 pt1

It was almost a blink of an eye and Xue TingRang's break was over.

In the past two days, Zhaoer stayed on the kang obediently. Xue TingRang didn't let her do anything. He and Xue Qinghuai were the ones who collected vegetables and sold them.

Protesting was useless. Zhao’er for the first time discovered that little man could be so domineering.

When Xue TingRang returned to the town school, Zhaoer finally got off the kang, and she felt particularly relieved.

After eating at noon, Xue Qinghuai went to call Jiang Wu over.

Zhao'er put all the organized money on the table, as well as two ledgers. One is her account book, which looks like a ghost script, and the other is the account Xue TingRang helped her to copy and organize.

"Before I asked Ting'er to do the calculations for us. In the past ten days, we have made a total of 64,220 wen."

As soon as she heard that there were more than sixty-two liang, Sun shi, who just followed up, pinched Xue Qinghuai from behind to stabilize her excitement.

"Among them are Xiankelai and other several restaurants, and there is also a place in Zhennan where Jiang Wu is in charge. Because of the wealthy families in Zhennan, the housekeepers of those rich men are rich and don’t care about these small things. Occasionally they will give some rewards if they are satisfied. These rewards are all handed in by Brother Jiang Wu, which accumulated to around two liang.

"Don't look at how we can get so much money this time. As I said before, right now is a good time to do this. I'm afraid it won't be so easy going forward because there will be more and more vegetables on the market. So they will not be as valuable as before, so you have to be psychologically prepared."

Xue Qinghuai scratched his head and smiled: "This time, I have been able to make enough for more than half a year. Even if there isn't any profit later, it's nothing. Besides, there is no way to make a steady profit without losing money in trading. Uncle understands what you are talking about."

Zhao'er nodded: "This is only gross profit. After deducting all the expenses, there is fifty-two liang and forty-three wen. Fourth uncle is 20%, which is ten liang and sixty-eight wen. Jiang Wu gets fifteen liang and fifty-two wen. Here is the money. Fourth uncle, this is yours, and Jiang Wu, this is yours."

Xue Qinghuai and Jiang Wu went forward to take the money separately, and because they both knew that Zhao’er made more, they did not stand on ceremony.

The three continued to speak.

"Actually, I don't know how to calculate these things. Ting'er did the calculations. After he had done the calculations, he checked the accounts with me before writing down the accounts. Ting'er said that after all, we are a partnership business, so we have to settle the accounts. This way everything will be clear and understandable, so that we won’t have any suspicions because of the money..."

She roughly repeated what Xue TingRang had said, and then asked Jiang Wu and Xue Qinghuai to sign on the ledger. Because they couldn't write, they pressed their fingerprints on the account book.

After all this, she said again: "From now on, this account will be settled every ten days. In the next ten days, what we have to do is to maintain the previous business, and then run to the few villages that we have not visited. Let's make a contract with those farmers. In addition, I think we still lack manpower. Fourth Uncle and Jiang Wu should both be careful. They must be extremely reliable and have good character."

When it comes to serious matters, Zhao'er has a particularly powerful presence, and no one dares to take her lightly.

Xue Qinghuai and Jiang Wu listened and gave advice from time to time. The three of them discussed for more than half an hour before separating.

Zhao'er also went out, she planned to go to the Gao family.

When talking about finding staff earlier, Zhao'er mentioned Gao family's youngest son Gao Sheng. Xue Qinghuai and Jiang Wu both knew Gao Sheng. They knew that although this kid was a little mischievous when he was young, he was able to endure hardship, so they agreed.

Of course, it's useless for the three of them to agree. Gao Sheng has to agree with them as well. Zhao’er said she was familiar with Gao Sheng, so she went to find him in person.

Gao family is located at the end of Yuqing Village. Generally, people with mixed surnames live at the end of the village. Over time, it has become a place for mixed surnames. Apart from the inconvenience of getting in and out of the village, it's actually quite good, with the mountains as its back and the fragrance of birds and flowers.

When Zhao’er got to the Gao family, the family seemed to be a little restless. At a far away distance, she heard someone arguing in the yard. A person hurriedly walked out of the gate and almost knocked into her.

It was Gao Sheng.

Gao Sheng is seventeen this year, one year older than Zhao'er, and is born tall. The men in this place are generally tall and not many are not short. Gao Sheng's skin is dark, and he was wearing a short brown suit. His expression looked a bit angry but also showed that he felt wronged.

"what happened?"

Gao Sheng stopped: "Zhao’er Jie, why are you here? You need something?"

This “Zhao’er Jie” must be explained to you readers.

Gao Sheng was also very mischievous when he was a child and followed a bunch of kids in the village to climb up trees and dig out the bird's nest, to take a bath in the river and to fish for fish. There was nothing he was afraid to do. They considered themselves a nation of their own, with their own thought processes. They were bold and naive.

They changed attitudes faster than flipping through a book. One moment they are good brothers, and the next moment they could end up fighting. Xue TingRang didn't play with these hairy boys when he was young because he was weak and the shortest, so he was always bullied.

Not long after Zhao'er came to the Xue family. Xue's second family had adopted a girl and the only son of the Xue family's second family was weak and ill. It was inevitable that some people began to say that the second family couple found a child bride for their son.

The adults whispered secretly, and they were heard by their children, but the children did not know anything, so they just repeated the gossip. Every time Zhao’er went to ask her parents to come back for dinner, the children clapped their hands and said that she was Xue Gouzi's wife.

At first, Zhao’er had to bear it. One day the young Gou’er went out to take a fresh breath of air. Zhaoer accompanied him and was surrounded by a group of little children.

This group of little children clapped like before and sang: "The Xue family's Gou’er is thin and small, and he found a wife called Zhao’er. The wife and the little man, if the wife doesn’t obey her husband, the mother-in-law cries, the mother-in-law cries!

Little Gou’er was so angry that he cried on the spot and Zhao’er told them to go away. They didn't go and continued to sing. Zhao'er couldn't take it anymore, so she grabbed one of the children and beat him up. The one who was beaten was Gao Sheng.

Ever since, whoever said this kind of thing will be beaten up by Zhao’er.

When children fight, adults cannot easily interrupt. They are all conscious that children fighting is normal, but it is not a trivial matter if adults get into the fight. So even knowing that their child was beaten by Zhao’er, no parent said anything. At most, when they saw their child was beaten a little bit hard, they said a few sour words in front of the second family’s couple.

Although Xue Qingsong is an honest and good tempered man, he tends to protect the weak. He listens when someone says something, and ignores it after listening. When he goes back home, he still rewarded Zhao'er with delicious food. Besides, their own families were not in the right. If we1 follow this case to the end, we will get to the point of how the little children know the term child-bride, so it is all their own fault.

Therefore, in the group of children about the age of Zhao'er, or even the age of Xue TingRang, mainly boys, only a few of them have not been beaten by Zhao'er.

After being beaten, they still have to call her Jie. Even Gao Sheng who is obviously bigger than Zhao'er, still calls her Jie out of habit.

  1. "we" is referring to the second family

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