The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 35 pt2

"Look at your nose. You look like Da Hei1."

On Xue TingRang's white face, the tip of his nose was black. At this time, a warm object squeezed over, stretched out his dog head, and looked left and right, as if he was curious about why he was mentioned. The dog's eyes were wet, and the tip of his nose was a little black. This made Zhao’er laugh even louder.

Xue TingRang subconsciously stretched out his hand to touch, but was caught by Zhao'er.

"Don't touch. I will wipe it for you. Otherwise, if you touch your face, you will really become a puppy."

Her hands were soft and warm, and her eyes were curved in a smile. In the small moment in which he was in a daze, her hand stretched out and then retracted, and he subconsciously touched his nose again.

"Is it wiped clean?"

Zhao'er nodded: "It's clean. I really should let you look in the mirror, hahaha."

Xue TingRang was a little embarrassed and whispered, "What's so funny."

"ok, ok, I won't laugh anymore."

During this time, the water in the pot became hot.

Xue TingRang took the initiative to fetch the foot basin, and Zhao'er scooped water into it. At this time, Zhou Shi came in with her things and asked, "You are resting this early?"

"Been busy all day, so resting early."

During Zhao'er and Zhou Shi's conversation, Xue TingRang left with the foot basin filled with water.

Zhou Shi smiled and said: "Gou’er is more and more decent now, and he knows to help you work."

Zhaoer laughed and said, "He has to grow up. By the way, we don’t need the remaining water in the pot. Third Aunt, please use it."


Xue TingRang returned the basin to the room.

Although the distance was short, the basin was big and sturdy, and it was really heavy.

He touched his aching arm and planned to put physical exercise on the agenda from tomorrow on. It is no wonder that Zhao'er always treats him as a younger brother. He really is useless.

While thinking this, Zhao'er followed him in.

"You must be tired; this basin is heavy."

He stood up hurriedly, pretending to be okay: "It's okay, it was not too heavy."

"Hurry up and wash. Don't let the water get cold."

Xue TingRang sat on the kang, took off his shoes and socks, and put his feet in the basin.

The water temperature was just right. Although it was slightly hot, it was comfortable.

At this moment, there was suddenly another person in front of him. Zhao'er moved a small stool to sit across him, took off her shoes and socks, and soaked her feet in the basin.

In order to not waste time and effort, the two of them have always washed their feet in one basin, the only exception being when they take a bath.

Zhao'er's feet were the same as her hands, marked with thin calluses and tough skin. Compared to Xue TingRang, her hands were by far less soft and smooth.

His feet were below and her feet were above.

"I’ll rub your feet for you."

She said with a smile, and then rubbed her feet on his feet. After rubbing them twice, it didn’t feel right, so she bent down to scrub her feet with her hands. First she washed her own, and then she washed his.

Xue TingRang curled up as if he was scalded: "Stop rubbing. It's already clean."

"It’s clean?"

He hurriedly nodded, took the towel next to him, wiped his feet, and then put his feet on the kang.

Zhao'er thought he was a little weird. She did not know when it started, but the little man no longer let her wash his feet. Obviously, she washed his feet ever since he was young.

After Xue TingRang finished wiping, Zhao’er wiped her feet.

Then, Zhao'er put on her shoes and went to pour out the water in the basin. When she came back, she saw that there was still water in Da Hei’s water bowl, so she bolted the door, blew out the lamp, and crawled onto the kang.

It was a bit dark in the room, and there was no moon today.

Xue TingRang was already lying down, being very quiet.

In the dark, Zhao'er took off her clothes, opened the quilt and went under the covers, but then accidentally hit a person.

It turns out that she got the wrong bed.

She immediately went to find the other bed but was pulled by someone.

In the darkness, Xue TingRang's throat tightened: "It's cold under these covers. Help me warm up."

This was something that Zhao’er used to do frequently. Xue TingRang had a weak body constitution when he was a child, and he couldn't get warm when sleeping alone. Ever since Zhao’er came to the Second family2, he has slept with Zhao'er. Later, when they were a little older, the two separated their quilts. When it was a little cold but there was no need to burn the stove under the kang, Zhao’er warmed the quilts for him before letting him sleep.

"You are already so old, but you still want your sister3 to warm your covers."

He didn't speak, but the hand that grasped hers let go.

Xue TingRang was also embarrassed that he said such a thing. Just when he was feeling annoyed, suddenly a pair of hands stretched into his covers and rubbed his hands and legs: "I will have to take you to a doctor. At your age, you should have a hot body constitution. How come you always have cold hands and feet."

As she said this, she moved closer to his blanket.

The two were very close to each other, but were separated by two quilts. Her hands were still in his quilt, rubbing his hands a few times, and she held them in her arms.

Not only that, her legs also moved to his covers.

Under the blanket , she touched his foot with her foot, shivering from the icy touch. However, she did not retreat, rubbing his feet twice, and then covering his feet with hers to warm them.

She covered his feet for a while, but the feet did not become warm. She used her feet to pull his feet up, sandwiching his feet between her calves.

"Zhao'er, let's wait until the two of us get married to get your ears pierced and wear those earrings, okay?" Xue TingRang said suddenly in the silence.

But no voice answered him, only her slight snoring.

He smiled a little, dug his feet between her legs again, and fell asleep.

  1. Da Hei: name of their family dog (his name literally means Big Black)
  2. second family: this just means Xue TingRang’s family. Since his father was the second eldest in his generation of siblings, their family is named Second Family.
  3. your sister: here Zhao’er is referring to herself. She doesn’t see herself as Gou’er’s child bride but rather sees herself as an older sister/ half-parent. But that isn’t what Gou’er thinks of her as...

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