You're the Third Heroine to Say She Came From The Future to Save Me

Volume 1, Chapter 0 ー Prologue

TN: The author gets right into it. The MC’s name is Tomoe Shirasugi. There are three girls, named Sasashino, Jindou, and Misora.


If we were to be given the chance, all of us would want to change the past. But I would refuse.

A beautiful girl, Tomoe’s neighbour in class, turns toward him.

“I’m going to pair up with Shirasugi for the tennis tournament. We’ll be partners, so to speak. You’ll get to be close to such a cute girl, right?”

One of the other girls sitting with Tomoe, Jindou, wasn’t happy to hear that.

“You’ve been in my class since middle school, but Sasashino-senpai, who only met you in sophomore year of high school, is making her move on you! That’s not fair!”

On one hand, hearing this isn’t all that bad, right?

Misora instead saw opportunity in Sasashino’s actions.

“Haa… Stop with that… If she can do it, then so can I…” (Misora)

Jindou, my childhood friend, brought the other girls’ attention onto herself. Why she would do that is beyond me.

“In that sense, Jindou Haru is different. From the very first day we met, she’s been working hard to get along with Shirasugi, her senpai at her part-time job.” (Misora)

“Isn’t Jindou-san the one who said that falling in love at first sight is ridiculous?!” (Sasashino)

“Well, one thing is for sure. I’m the best partner for Tomoe, because we’ve been through thick and thin together.” (Misora)

Despite getting carried away by the mood, Misora put up a good fight.

The three girls glared at each other.

Misora breaks the silence.

“Anyway, Tomoe will never be happy if things stay as they are now.”

“I agree, though what you think Shirasugi wants is probably a bit different than what I do.”

“That’s the only thing I agree with you on. In order for Shirasugi to be happy…”

The three girls begin to speak in unison:

“The Tomoe I love-”

“The senpai I like-”

“My Shirasugi-”

“-I came from the future to save you, so don’t tell me that I did!”

Unfazed, Shirasugi clapped his hands twice to get the girls’ attention.

“Be kind to each other.”

I wonder why I'm stuck in this turbulent romcom.

While looking up at the sky, I think back to what happened on the first day of school a few days ago.


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