The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams

The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams - Chapter 18 END

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Translated by Momo. Unedited.

"Cleatt, you haven't held your wedding ceremony yet, right?"


When the Queen called for him, Cleatt nodded obediently, wondering what were her intentions. The royal palace of the kingdom of Lucott was a busy workplace, but His Royal Majesty and the Queen were very laid-back people. He smirked bitterly, wondering from whom could Henry have gotten his hustling personality.

There was a meeting to explain the current national policies to the King and Queen, the Prime Minister and other officials were also present. The presenter was Cleatt. Once work was finished, the Queen summoned Cleatt for a talk.

"I'm sorry. You were so busy that you didn't have time to prepare for a wedding ceremony. I've also heard that there are many others who couldn't do it, not just you."


Since that was a fact, when Cleatt admitted it, the Queen sighed. At the side, the King had a worried face.

"I'm sorry. I guess Henry has piled up the workload lately. I have the feeling that we are giving him a little too much freedom."

"That's right. But since he's our dear child who was born after a long wait, we can't help but spoil him..."

Cleatt smiled wryly at the King's resignation that was more as a father than a monarch. Indeed, Henry was the long-awaited heir to the throne, anticipated by the whole country and they tended to spoil him from a young age. Despite his persuasive way of management and excessive demands when it came to working, Cleatt was quite impressed that Henry grew up fairly well in spite of being spoiled in this manner.

It would have been the perfect environment to create a completely spoiled rotten Crown Prince. Actually, In terms of ability, he was much more talented than the current King, and Cleatt had no doubt about Henry successfully succeeding the throne. However, things would probably get busier after that, but that wouldn't turn into a big problem now that Priscilla was by his side.

Despite pointing that the royal palace was so busy because of his own son, in reality, there were various issues that were the responsibility of the King, and Henry often would figure it out for him. Cleatt actually though His Majesty didn't need to say anything. After all, Cleatt was a part of Henry's faction.

"I'm really worried that youngsters can't hold their important wedding celebrations because of their work."

"Thank you for your consideration, Your Majesty."

Speaking of it, Cleatt was reminded that he had postponed his wedding ceremony arrangements and while he pondered about it, the Queen looked at him and smiled.

"So, I consulted His Majesty, and thought why don't we invite all the people who haven't had their ceremony yet and have a joint wedding celebration?"

"What does Your Majesty mean...?"

"Everyone is working really hard. Of course, we will provide all the expenses. I think it would be a wonderful idea because we've been lacking joyous occasions lately. I also hope Cleatt can celebrate together there too."

The Queen’s eyes were shining brightly. She was about the same age as Feim but compared to his mother, she was more playful and somehow childish. She seemed extremely excited about her own suggestion. Cleatt was a little confused about how to answer. But he was sure it wasn't a bad idea. Cleatt himself wasn't a sentimental person who would mind about a wedding ceremony, but when he thought of his subordinates and Priscilla, he couldn't be dismissive and just honestly say "I don't care about this stuff".

However, he had a bad feeling about it.

"Cleatt, I dare to ask but I wonder if you could be the one in charge of the whole event."

"Aaah! I knew it!" Cleatt exclaimed inside his own mind and exhaled a deep sigh. While putting up a front of worrying about the workload of their subjects, she simply pushed this important role and burden on him. As expected of Henry's mother. The King next to her looked apologetic, but he was weak against his wife.

The Prime Minister and secretaries in the scene pretended to not hear a thing. That was also expected. No one would volunteer to do such a troublesome job.

For a while, he stared at the void and thought about it, but in a few seconds, he came to a decision.

"I understand, Your Majesty. I'll take responsibility for this task."

"Thank you, Cleatt! I thought you would say that. I'm really looking forward to it!"

"Sorry, Brody. We'll be counting on you."

"Certainly, Your Majesty."

At the behest of the King and Queen, Cleatt bowed his head.

It was indeed troublesome. It was ridiculously troublesome, but for someone as rational as Cleatt, he impartially calculated that if he had to prepare for his own wedding ceremony anyway, it would save time for the whole royal palace to just gather everyone together in one big celebration.

And certainly, he was worried about his subordinates. He thought it would be okay as long as all those concerns were cleared up.

Above all, if it was a joint wedding ceremony, Feim would not be able to interfere too strongly. It wasn't bad when he thought he could decide everything at his own discretion.

The only thing he worried about was what would Priscilla think of this arrangement.


"That's a wonderful idea."

At night, Priscilla smiled as she heard the story while in bed. If the kingdom took the initiative in organizing it and let him manage it, it looked like a good deal. It was certain that a fair number of couples would like to have a wedding ceremony. Moreover, she also felt like a burden has been lightened if they could participate just as another couple since she didn't want a grand and luxurious wedding. It would be nice to blend in with everyone and to have the opportunity to celebrate her wedding together with other former co-workers from the royal palace would be a happy occasion.

“Hmm, some of my subordinates also seem interested in it. I thought it might be difficult to prepare it, but it was a good opportunity. It would be more efficient to do it altogether since we also have to prepare for our ceremony.''

Cleatt looked at Priscilla and smiled wryly.

"I'm sorry. I've been treating this whole thing as a burden. Usually, women consider it very important... I'm often told that I have no tact in these situations."

"Don't worry, I actually thought holding a ceremony just for ourselves would be too taxing... so I prefer it his way."

"Is that so?"

Cleatt, who looked a little worried if he would upset her with the news, seemed relieved to hear her words. He was far from being a henpecked husband, on the contrary, he actually considered himself to be quite selfish. In any case, he would be utterly devastated if his wife came to hate him for any reason.

"There's still a lot that needs to be done, it might take around a year."

"Don't forget to look after yourself."

"I have you here with me, so there's nothing to worry about."

He pressed his cheek against her chest and kissed her soft skin through her nightgown. Priscilla embraced her husband's head and it seemed like they were about to start their usual heated and passionated nightly activities. But Cleatt's movements stopped suddenly.


While she wondered what was going on, Cleatt lifted his upper body, raised his eyebrows, and looked at her.

"When did you have your last period?"


Looking back blankly at Cleatt, Priscilla, after thinking a little about her husband's question, blinked her eyes. In fact, more than a month had passed since the last time. When she first started working at the royal palace, her period was a bit irregular due to the busy workload and changes in the environment. Because she didn't put a lot of thought on it at that time, she ended up completely forgetting about it.

However, when she thought how her excellent husband was so quick-witted that he could even calculate that cycle so readily on his mind, Priscilla felt ashamed. How could she have left her husband point it out first?

"Let's have the doctor come in tomorrow."

"But...but this kind of delay should still be fine..."

"But it seems you're not in excellent shape lately."

"...Now that you mentioned..."

While Priscilla was mumbling about, Cleatt decided to take a break tonight, put his loose robe back on and hugged her.

"But you know, it might not necessarily be that."

"It's important to take care of your body in any case."

"Yes...hmm, but, if by any chance I'm with a child...Are you okay with that, Cleatt?"

Priscilla's expression had a tinge of worry. Cleatt had a wry smile. There must be a reason why Priscilla thought Cleatt didn't want children. It was probably his fault that she felt that way.

“To be honest, I didn't really feel like it would be a good thing. What I was most worried about was whether my parents' expectations would be too burdensome for you. In that sense, having a child might make them appreciate you even more. But--”

Cleatt gently touched Priscilla's stomach. Maybe it was already alive there, his own seedling.

“While I was holding you, I always thought about wanting you to have my child. Of course, even if it's not meant to be right now, it doesn't matter. The only thing I would regret is that the time you will have left to spoil me is going to reduce."

When Cleatt laughed, Priscilla lowered her eyebrows a little and smiled a bit worried. Then she whispered, "Okay." and leaned her body on him.


Cleatt, who was worried about Priscilla during work, finished his job earlier than usual. He would probably have to work around it tomorrow, but he preferred that than doing it when he couldn't focus, so he decided to let everything for the next day and went home.

Then, just by looking at Hans's face as he was welcomed at the entrance of the mansion, Cleatt already knew the doctor's diagnosis.

It was a big smile.

"Where is Priscilla?"

"Milady is in the master bedroom."

"What about father and mother?"

"They promptly went shopping for their grandchildren."

Cleatt headed to their bedroom, thinking it was too early for his parents to go out and about. He had thought he was calmer than expected but immediately upon seeing Priscilla sitting on the bed, he felt a strange enthusiasm strike his heart.

"Cleatt, welcome home."

"I'm back."

Priscilla was looking up at Cleatt with a strange expression that mixed her worry with a smile. Cleatt heaved a deep sigh once, bent over and hugged her as gentle as he could.

"What did the doctor say?"

"I'm in the second month. It seems I'm very stable and healthy."

"Is that so..."

Cleatt squinted and looked at her. He gently kissed her, and Priscilla closed her eyes.

"Somehow it feels a little more real."

"I still can't believe it..."

Despite saying that, Priscilla touched her stomach with a gentle face. Cleatt hoped that her healing hands would reach their child in her stomach even if it didn't work for her own body. He wished they could be born well. And that Priscilla would be safe. That was the best he could hope for.

"I think Duran would be glad if it's a boy."

"We'll see, even though he can be really noisy about that, he showered my sisters with a lot more affection than he ever showed towards me. If he was honest about it, probably a girl would make him rejoice more."

Sitting next to Priscilla, Cleatt laughed.

"Anyway, it really doesn't matter which gender. Just be sure to take care of your body."


"If we're now in the second month, the wedding ceremony will be after it's born. Let's just wait until things are settled and everything has calmed down."

"But… to have such an important day for the kingdom at my own convenience..."

"Ain't I the one making the preparations for that? This little bit of privilege is appropriate."

When Cleatt cut in and replied like that, Priscilla laughed, "I'm looking forward to it." While he kissed her hair and temple, she called out his name "Cleatt."

He turned towards her face and she smiled but proceeded to stare at him and declared with a firm voice.

"Even if I have a child, my number one person will always be you. It's my greatest happiness that you can sleep gently in my hands. I belong to Cleatt. Please never forget these words."

Those brown eyes with a golden glint, stared at Cleatt. Her soft hair fell down on her chest. Cleatt briefly looked back at his adorable wife, closed his eyes, and kissed her.


Cleatt's hands wrapped around her cheeks.

"I understand. Thank you."

Cleatt thought deeply.

In the end, the best thing in his life was to be able to meet her. Without a doubt. It was something to thank the gods for. No, actually, he should be thanking the one right there in front of him.

"Thank you, Priscilla."

Cleatt narrowed his eyes as he slowly embraced her again. He held his most precious blessing in his arms.


Then, the seasons changed, and Priscilla safely gave birth to a healthy child. It was a boy The whole Brody family and relatives were overjoyed. Cleatt felt annoyed while thinking that his father's military training ramblings would start again, but it was so nice seeing Priscilla with a happy smile that he decided not to pay any heed to it. After all, the child would decide his own path.

Would he turn into a military officer and uphold their household name, or turn out to admire the civil officer career while observing his own father who would probably be the Prime Minister by the time he had grown up, or even take a completely different path?

If possible, Cleatt wished his son would inherit Priscilla's character more than his and become a gentle child. He thought about that and laughed while holding his baby that felt so fragile and light as a feather in his arms.

A few months later, the royal joint wedding ceremony sponsored by the kingdom was held. Cleatt, as one of the participants, became deeply moved by it, but that's another story.

Priscilla eventually gave birth to four children. The second one was a boy, and the Brody family was joyous again. When the third came and it was also a boy, Cleatt did not overlook Duran's eyebrows, that even though looked happy, dropped down just for a second.

Then, when the fourth one was born, it was a girl. Duran, who said "Huh, a girl?", was the same person that wouldn't hand over the baby to Priscilla and Cleatt.

"See that? I told you. Dad really loves his little girl."

When Cleatt whispered quietly to Priscilla's ears, Priscilla looked down and hid her smile. Curiously observing the first girl to be born in their family, the three brothers showed an expression filled with happiness.

Watching the happy scene, Priscilla touched Cleatt's head, who was sitting next to her. She felt a little numbness. Cleatt, who had become the Prime Minister, was extremely busy. He couldn't afford to spend time with his own family. Even so, if just for a short while, even if it was just one hour,  he would return to Priscilla at night.

Priscilla's hands were always there for Cleatt. She loved her children dearly but she had decided that her number one would be Cleatt from the day they married.

Perhaps noticing her gentle gaze, Cleatt looked back at her and smiled.

The eldest son and the second son, who had grown up quite a bit, looked at each other after witnessing their parents usual lovey-dovey atmosphere and shrug their shoulders.

From an early age, they understood how much she pampered their father. When their father came home, no matter how much they pleaded, she always went to his side. They thought it was something it was meant to be, but as they grew up, they realized their parents had a special relationship.

Honestly, they were a little dissatisfied with their father who hardly cared for them and wouldn't leave work because he was too busy. But the boys would always lose while arguing with him, the current Prime Minister of the Kingdom. And so, the oldest and the second son gave up. However, the third son, who was still young, showed signs that he inherited their father's brilliance, he had a sharp mind that wasn't ordinary. His older brothers had high expectations that the third son would be the one to beat their father.

For the time being, they felt that there would be tough days ahead as everyone, including their grandfather and grandmother, would compete to welcome their youngest sister to their family for the first time, and in that peaceful atmosphere, they were already trying to restrain a few people with their stares and protect her.

Not knowing that such a silly and cute battle had just begun, Cleatt and Priscilla laughed peacefully.

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