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Translated by Momo. Unedited.

NSFW! Mature content!

Cleatt's lips, that were still kissing her, slowly slipped away. When Priscilla exhaled heavily as her mouth was released, and his lips went down over her moving throat so he could lick her neck.

"Ah no..."

At the same time his lips went down from her neck to her clavicle, she felt something crawling around her chest area and Priscilla suddenly uttered a moan. His fingers pinched the tip of her breast and start to knead it softly. A thrill like an electric shock ran from her chest to her back. That place had already become so responsive due to Cleatt's actions that only a light touch already made her tremble.

"Hmm, ungh."

When she thought how that outstanding hand that held important documents and a fountain pen at work was messing and teasing her body lewdly, Priscilla felt ashamed but also excited. Priscilla felt even shyer as she thought how embarrassing it was.

Cleatt's skillful fingers gently but relentlessly pinched her breasts, And when she felt that familiar heat overflowing deep within her body, she joined her hips together as if trying to close the gap between her legs. She felt exasperated by the fact her body seemed to move and react against her will. But the overflowing viscosity at that place revealed to him how she really felt.

Perhaps realizing the meaning behind her sudden move, Cleatt let out a peal of small laughter. Then, he pushed his body to barge in between her legs and rubbed that place with his thigh.


She leaped up when stimulated by the friction with his hot body. Trying to stop him from moving, she clasped his leg between hers. But he let his hands off her chest and slid them down along her body, grabbing her ankles and spreading her legs apart again.

"N-no, s-stop...!"

Ignoring her lascivious pleading moan, that sounded like she knew something else was coming after that, Cleatt moved his face towards her lower body that he had just spread out.


Priscilla curled her back. Cleatt's lips pressed against the mound on her lower half, her weakest point, and he started to ravish it with his hot tongue almost like he was about to devour it. Priscilla's body shuddered from that direct stimulus that was from a completely different level than the pleasure she felt from her chest.

"N-no, not there."

She could feel the embarrassing liquid overflowing from the deepest part of her body all at once. Even if she asked him to stop, it wasn't like she really wanted him to cease it. Or rather, Priscilla was a little concerned about saying "no" all the time. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy it. However, she was so overtly embarrassed that she didn't know what to do and she couldn't possibly think about saying anything else. She felt a bit self-conscious while wondering what Cleatt thought about a wife that only asked him to "stop" all the time.

His hot tongue exposed her flower bud merciless. The love juices seeping out of her body mixed with his saliva and made naughty splashing sounds echo into the room and when she heard them, Priscilla wriggled her body around the sheets. Since Cleatt was firmly holding to her lower half, only the upper part of her torso was twitching over.


While listening to the panting voice that she couldn't keep down, Cleatt moved his tongue. It was so enjoyable making his own wife feel this kind of pleasure that he just couldn't help himself. He savoured her without worrying about his face and mouth becoming all viscous and sticky. Even though he had slept with other women before, it was the first time he did that kind of thing. The usually calm and rational Cleatt didn't reveal much of his desires even while doing it with others, but he was willing to do his best to service Priscilla. One could say that this was a side of him that only Priscilla knew.

If Cleatt didn't enlighten her about this sort of pleasure, Priscilla would probably never know about it. Cleatt had no intention of letting go of her. He would keep her in his arms for the rest of his life. And considering her personality, Priscilla likely wouldn't marry and entrust her body to any other man.

That way, Cleatt felt like he must show Priscilla all the kinds of s*xual pleasure she could experience. It was one of his duties as her husband. Although he could call it a duty, in the end, he was also enjoying it very much.

"Ah! Aaah!"

Cleatt continued to lick it, and her body tensed. Seeing her legs lift awkwardly and sensing she was about to climax, he withdrew his mouth from that place. When he did that, Priscilla, who suddenly lost that intense stimulus, stared at him with moistened eyes. Cleatt smirked when he saw her eyes carried a bit of resentfulness, probably because he had stopped so suddenly.

Wiping his wet mouth smudged with dubious liquids with his arm, Cleatt stretched out his body and leaned over Priscilla again. He actually didn't mind making her org*sm with his mouth, but nowadays Priscilla had finally accustomed to feeling it from her insides. So this time he wanted to make her come with his own thing.

He grabbed her waist again and pressed himself into the wet secret place. The tip explored the entrance and when he thrust his hips in, her back arched.


After being pounced by Cleatt over and over again, that place wasn't as narrow as the first time and smoothly accepted his manh*od. But Priscilla's expression was still a bit painful. Even so, once it got inside, the feeling changed from aching to pleasure.


Perhaps realizing that he had gone all in, Priscilla relaxed in relief and her body quivered. Every time Cleatt saw that soft smile, he felt a heat spread around his chest. His mind and body were completely filled with happiness when Priscilla fully accepted him.

At first, he had no feeling of love for her. It was pretty much a marriage of convenience. But, of course, he also didn't harbour any ill feelings. Now she was the most important and dear person to him. When she stood up for him in front of Feim, he thought how lucky and happy he really was to be loved and cared for by her like that.

Cleatt calmly thought that he probably wouldn't be able to live without Priscilla anymore. It wasn't only the power in her hands, but if Priscilla herself was gone, he had no confidence he could live properly.

In a sense, it could be said that he had become weaker, but Cleatt didn't think of that as a bad thing.

When he slowly pulled it out from being buried deep inside of her, Priscilla frowned. She looked a bit distressed, but Cleatt knew it was her expression for intense pleasure. It seems like her weak spot was on that shallower part.

Cleatt, who was set to indulge his wife tonight,  decided to move around the part she was most sensitive.

Priscilla shouted sweetly as he pulled back his shaft and started teasing that shallow place with his thick gl*ns, pistoning it back and forth.

"Nooo, aaaah, please stop it!"

Her flirtatious voice always sounded childish and cute to him. Cleatt moved his hips vigorously aiming that spot, piercing it into the deepest point several times, then pulled out his waist again, and rubbed her pleasure spot over and over.

Priscilla, who had been teased mercilessly just before climaxing, couldn't endure the intense pleasure he was giving her, and absent-minded just wriggled on top of the bedsheets.


Priscilla spasmed and bounced, her whole body propped up. At that moment, Cleatt thrust his hot stiff stick all the way in. He wanted to taste her reaching her climax together with his sh*ft.

While she org*smed, her insides contracted and tightened around Cleatt many times. He let out a deep breath from that pleasurably feeling. Her insides were swelling hot and didn't let go of his rod.

Cleatt's desire soared high due to Priscilla's debauchery and the satisfactory feeling of having pleased his wife, so he shook his hips a few more times to give it the last boost. While she moaned sweetly, Cleatt also sighed while he gave in to the pleasant feeling of release.

He sprayed his lust profusely inside her. While intoxicated with that satisfying pleasure, he poured up to the last drop and shook his hips instinctively in a movement that stirred it inside as if he could send it even deeper into her.

Ever since he started to have s*x with Priscilla, Cleatt became more driven by his instincts and desires. He had never felt that way towards women before this.

It wasn't like he wanted to have a child.

However, as he came to embrace Priscilla, each time he plunged into her body, a strong desire to impregnate her surged in his mind. He wondered if that was his biological instinct.

His overflowing desire should bear fruit in Priscilla. Then, she would completely become his. It was that sort of feeling.

Unconsciously stroking Priscilla's smooth underbelly, Cleatt laughed a little at this yearning he had never felt before. He thought how foolish it was to have everything controlled by his desires. But it didn't feel bad at all.

Cleatt reluctantly and slowly pulled himself out of Priscilla. Immediately after climaxing, Priscilla was very sensitive and as he moved through her vag*na, she moaned making him break into a smile again.

After gently wiping the messy lower half of her body with a cloth, Cleatt hugged her. He wanted to spoil her tonight, so he stroked her hair and gently dropped kisses on the top of her head. Priscilla's whole body reddened and she pressed her forehead against Cleatt's chest while holding her breath.

"Are you okay?"

When he asked that, Priscilla nodded immediately. He smiled at that girlish gesture, leaning his chin on top of her head, and exhaled with satisfaction.



Cleatt gently listened to Priscilla's tiny voice coming from her face buried in his chest.

"Do you hate it?"


Playing with her soft hair strands with his fingers, Cleatt enjoyed the feeling.

"...I always...I just say things that make it sound like I dislike it..."


"That...I'm not really against it, it's just comes out like that..."

Not sure what Priscilla wanted to say, Cleatt racked his brains as he played with her hair. Unlike during his work, his thoughts were much slower than usual. Especially when he and Priscilla were together, he fell completely into leisure mode.

"I don't dislike anything that Cleatt has done to me..."


While seeing her ears reddening, Cleatt finally realized what was going on and ended up laughing aloud. He seriously wondered how adorable his wife could be.

"I was wondering what you were apologizing for. Were you worried about that?"

While still laughing, he hugged her again.

"I actually rather like it. When you say things like that, it makes me want to do even more stuff."

Teasing her a bit with that line, Cleatt felt Priscilla silently press her forehead against his chest harder. Realizing that she was embarrassed, his expression softened.

"Even like that, I'm always trying to ascertain whether you're enjoying it or not. Was my judgement wrong?"

When Cleatt asked, Priscilla shook her head, wiggling, without showing her face.

"If that's the case, you don't have to worry about it. Of course, you can always plead for more anytime you wish."

As he said that, Priscilla lifted her red face and lifted her body while hugging him and bringing his body towards her chest, inverting their positions.

"Let's sleep already. You have to work tomorrow."

It looked like she decided to forcibly end the topic. She embraced his head with her supple arms. His cheek landed on her soft chest. When her gentle hands patted his head, the light tiredness he felt disappeared instantly and he narrowed his eyes. Being in her arms was really like heaven for him.

"Your hands are really amazing."

Cleatt murmured completely entranced. He was the luckiest person in the world for having her hands to himself like this.

"I think your hands are amazing."

Priscilla mumbled over his head. Because he didn't understand what she meant, he shook his head and murmured a "Huh?", so Priscilla continued in a low voice.

"I become really weird just by being touched by them. Your hands are the ones who seem to have some kind of magic."

Hearing her words, Cleatt went silent for a moment. He understood that those words just now had re-energized a certain place in his lower body.



Cleatt used a sweet tone. They were still naked after all that.

"Can we do it one more time?"

When Cleatt looked up with pleading eyes, Priscilla was a little surprised, and her eyes widened. Perhaps because of the late time and in consideration to Priscilla's body, it was unusual for Cleatt to ask for a second round. At the request of her husband, the corner of her eyes was dyed red.


Even so, Priscilla nodded and Cleatt laughed. Priscilla has never refused any of his requests.

"In the end, I'm the one being pampered all the time."

Cleatt lifted up happily while saying so. Priscilla liked that joyful appearance. She knew he only showed that expression in front of her.

The place that had already accepted him once and had been filled with his desires, has become completely soft. Even though his thing had just been reawakened and it still lacked in hardness, Cleatt used his hand to prop it up and softly inserted it in her body one more time.


"...Aaah, it feels really good inside you."

His hot rod increased in hardness as it slipped through inside. It felt like it was going to melt when it went all in, wrapped in a warm soft wall from the tip to the base. Perhaps instinctively trying to please him more her body squeezed around it.

He squinted while feeling that grasp and decided to start moving. Previously, he aimed at that shallow place to tease her weak spot, but now he wanted to thoroughly taste everything.

When Cleatt started to thrust in deep and big movements, Priscilla, who had climaxed before, immediately felt her whole body change into an erogenous zone.

"Hmmm. Ungh. Aaah, nooo..."

Priscilla squirmed as Cleatt plunged his hot, thick pile repeatedly. Her body had already been transformed by Cleatt to be able to feel it deep inside.

Still, as Cleatt grabbed her breasts and stimulated her nipples, her wails became louder.


Priscilla's arms stretched and held her husband's head. Cleatt was moving his hips and shaking ceaseless, but her arms tightly hugged Cleatt and her hands were placed around his head and neck. Even at times like this, Priscilla seemed to try to heal him unconsciously. In the midst of this messy movements, he felt his chest warm up.


He couldn't declare that he loved her aloud because of his personality. Moreover, it was a line that he had never said before. But he knew that she would be the only one in his whole life that would hear it from him.


A sweet and soft voice that made him laugh at himself whispered his beloved wife's name. That same mouth covered the warm lips that overflowed with her cute cheerful voice.


In the morning, Cleatt woke up feeling refreshed. Priscilla was still asleep. After staring at her sleeping face for a short time, he carefully left the bed. While he changed clothes in his own room, Nella appeared and in a low voice, he told her, "Let Priscilla rest for a little longer."

Nella nodded with a gentle expression.

Preparing to head to the royal palace, Cleatt went to the dining room before leaving the mansion. Duran and Feim, who were seated, looked at their son who just appeared.

"Will you be having breakfast, milord?"

"No, I'm okay. I'm heading straight to work."

When he answered the butler who was coming into his direction, Hans nodded and quickly left, saying "Please wait a moment." They would probably prepare a light snack that he can carry around. Before Priscilla came to this house, even if he would come back home sometimes, Cleatt still didn't have the habit of having meals together with his parents.


Feim, who kept silent as if to ignore the existence of her son, suddenly called out. When Cleatt turned his eyes to check if it was going to be a continuation of last night's talk, Feim used a quiet voice, but still said something about it.

"You can be such a troublesome child."

"I apologize."

"It has always been that way. Even if we worry about you, you have always solved your own problems and the outcome is always better than if we had interfered in any way."

Feim said in a tired tone. Duran was silently gazing at Cleatt.

"As the eldest son of the Brody household, I was really struggling to find you a partner because you had to get married. I was trying to find a person who suited you as best as I could. After all, you almost never came back home because of work, and even if you had one or two children only as the duty of a legitimate heir, the woman who married you would surely be disappointed and would turn her eyes to other men. And if someone eventually did end up seducing her, it would have become a sham marriage, and this mansion would be turned into a joyless place.''

Cleatt recalled that someone had said exactly the same thing, and thought about something that His Highness mentioned before. Even His Highness and his own mother could imagine him in such an awful marriage, he laughed bitterly at what kind of image he had in their minds. But indeed, that was one of his possible futures.

"While we were so worried about it, you found a marriage partner in such a calculating manner. And it was even a wonderful person like Priscilla--"

Feim sighed.

"Priscilla is a really good girl."

"A nice girl."

Duran, who was silent until then, agreed.

"I'm really angry, Cleatt. To take such a gentle girl for yourself and in that questionable manner-- Priscilla is just too good for you."

"Yes, I think so too."

When Cleatt nodded obediently, Feim hit the table with her fan.

"I'll only tell you this. If something goes wrong between the two of you, the one who will be chased out from the Brody family is going to be you, Cleatt. It doesn't matter to me if you're the heir. I'll be on Priscilla's side no matter what. Please keep that in mind.”

As soon as Feim finished, Hans brought in a cloth-wrapped meal. Receiving it, Cleatt turned to his parents and smiled.

"Father, mother. I don't remember a single time that you have praised me."

Hearing those words, Duran and Feim seemed a little embarrassed.

“But I don't care about that anymore. I discovered that being praised by Priscilla was more joyful than any other compliments I ever received. So don't worry about it, it doesn't matter what happens, I will never let her go-- well, excuse me now, it's time to work."

When Cleatt turned his back, Feim's usual grumbling followed, "He can be so annoying!".

Cleatt met his eyes with Hans, who was sending him off, and both of them stifled laughed at it.

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