The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams

The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams - Chapter 16 part 2

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Translated by Momo. Unedited.

In the end, Cleatt only came back at night after dinnertime. It was certainly faster than usual, but it didn’t mean it was early, considering the fact that Hans delivered Feim's message directly to the castle.

In the reception room, Priscilla continued to place her hand on Duran's shoulder, who was sitting on the sofa. Feim was sitting in another chair, striking the armrest at a constant speed with her fan.

"I'm home."

Cleatt, who entered the reception room, looked over the current situation. He saw Duran and Priscilla, moved his eyes at the place her hand was placed and raised his eyebrows. At that time, he probably understood that her power was revealed to his parents. When Priscilla regretfully lowered her gaze, Cleatt loosened his lips into a slight smile. He didn't appear to be angry that Priscilla arbitrarily said something about her hands, so she felt relieved for the time being. It would be unbearable for her if Cleatt ended up angry or hated her for it.

A little reassured, Priscilla became worried about his tiredness. He looked more tired than usual tonight. That was when she remembered that he was only back at dawn yesterday. He took a short nap embraced in her arms, but he must be feeling exhausted. And today, Feim suddenly called him back. He probably did all his work in a hurry to return quickly.

She didn't know what was going to happen now, but the thing she was most concerned about was finding a way to let him rest as soon as possible.

"Cleatt, you're late."

"I'm sorry. There was work that I had to finish today, no matter what. Then, what is this about?"

When Cleatt replied, Feim sighed deeply and stood up.

"You already know, right. it's about Priscilla's hands."

"I'm sorry I didn't say anything."

When Cleatt answered with a relaxed expression, Feim's beautiful face scowled.

"Mother, the one who told Priscilla to keep it a secret was me. She didn't do anything wrong, so could you please not be upset with her?"

"--But if course I am not mad at Priscilla!!!"

At that moment, Feim's voice struck the room like a clap of thunder. Priscilla's body instantly flinched

"The only one I'm mad at is you, Cleatt!"

"Well, I also think it was wrong for me not to say anything but--"

"You're smart enough so you must be aware I am not angry about that! You, you only decided to get married after you discovered Priscilla's power… Am I wrong?"

After Feim's sharp reprimand, Cleatt dropped his shoulders, made a thoughtful face, and nodded.

"Well, I won't deny it."

"I thought it was somewhat weird! You were totally uninterested in marriage, but suddenly you brought Priscilla over and declared you would get married! And as if it wasn't odd enough, you even brought her to live at home as soon as possible."

"I really wanted to marry her right away."

"The reason why you wanted to marry Priscilla was the power of her hands! Are you trying to make a fool out of a woman's feelings?"

"I didn't mean to do that."

"As expected, you have been in a good mood since you married Priscilla!! I thought it was because you were able to marry a woman you loved, but it was all thanks to Priscilla's hands that you got rid of your accumulated tiredness. After all, your appearance before that was all frazzled and fatigued!"

"As expected from his mother", Priscilla thought while impressed by Feim's perceptive remarks.

"--Well, yes, but mother..."

"I don't want to hear any excuses! Haven't you thought how rude you have been acting towards Priscilla! You're always on the job! It's like you only married her because of your work!"

While Feim's words continued to rain down on him, wrinkles formed between Cleatt's eyebrows. He felt like arguing back, but his mother's statements were on par with his original intentions, so he was having a hard time figuring out how to fight back.

“I didn't want to say this, but I also heard about your marital affairs! But I still kept myself from intruding on anything. Even if you wished for the healing power of her hands… Cleatt, you should have taken the proper steps before you got married! I feel heartbroken for Priscilla!"

It seems Feim knew the lack of intimate relations between the two before, and it made Priscilla felt like dying of shame at the moment. Nella probably told her. Priscilla's eyes started to dart all over the place, but Feim's anger didn't show any signs of subsiding.

"Because Priscilla is so kind, you overindulged! Every. Single. Night. You have been returning home late! And it's probably only because your intention was to make use of her hands! Is this what you think a wife is for?!"

“Mother, you're right. At first, I did get married to her because of that reason. I admit it. But now, it's different. Even without her power, I would still come back for Priscilla every day."

When Cleatt said everything clearly in a matter-of-fact tone, Feim scowled again.

Priscilla lowered her gaze. She wondered what she could say. Cleatt's words have made her very happy. And she was also guilty. She had accepted to marry him while fully aware of his circumstances.

And above anything else.

She really wanted to finish this early and let him have a proper rest.

"Excuse me!"

Priscilla stood up with determination and interrupted the discussion between them. They both immediately turned towards her. Feim's infuriated eyes and Cleatt's calm gaze both pierced Priscilla just like that, and for a moment she seemed to stumble, but she recovered herself right away.

Priscilla was already a member of the Brody family. As Cleatt's wife and Feim's daughter-in-law, she had every right to interrupt this conversation.

"Mother, if you're angry on my behalf, I would like to ask you to stop. I knew of Cleatt's feelings before we got married and I had fully accepted them. I have absolutely no complaints in regards to Cleatt's behaviour."


“I was really glad to be useful to him. I was happy even if he needed my hands alone. And he's so kind to me. I was extremely fortunate and happy for marrying into this household, and I even thought it was unworthy of me to be here. Mother, father and everyone else in the mansion treated me so well."

Priscilla lowered her line of sight to the floor and then, lifted her face to match her eyes with Feim.

"I really love Cleatt. So could we possibly finish this now? I want to let him rest as soon as possible. That's my only wish."

Priscilla approached Cleatt and put her arm around his, then looked at Feim once more. Still clearly irritated, Feim exhaled a big sigh. Then she held up her fan pressing her forehead. And sighed again.

"I understand. It's certainly very late already. Let's talk about this when we have more time. Cleatt, Priscilla, good night."

"Thank you very much. Father, I'm sorry about your shoulder. Please let me use my hands again tomorrow."

When Priscilla bowed towards Duran, he laughed lightly and said, "Good night."

"Father, mother, please excuse us."

Cleatt said that and urged Priscilla by softly placing a hand on her back, so she decided to return to their room with Cleatt right away.

As they walked down the hallway, Priscilla apologized to Cleatt.

"...I'm sorry...I decided to just reveal it on my own."

"No, I knew I should have said something earlier. Instead, I've made you worry about it and it ended up badly. I knew my mother was going to get angry over it, so I kept procrastinating."

Cleatt dropped his shoulders and had a distressed smile. She felt relieved that Cleatt wasn't angry.

"I'm really sorry and also--hmm I'm sorry I made you stand between me and my mother."

When Priscilla murmured, "Hmm?" Cleatt tilted his head and then laughed.

"Well, you really saved me there. If you didn't interrupt it, my mother would still be lashing out at me. When she gets in that stage, she doesn't hear anything I say at all. She only stopped because of you."

"...If it's like that, then I'm glad I helped."

Somehow Priscilla felt embarrassed. At that time, she just desperately tried to finish it off as fast as she could, but she ended up saying some rather embarrassing stuff. But because everything was true, it was all right.

“For now, let's retire to bed, Cleatt. It was very late when you came back yesterday too and I'm sure you must be really tired.”

When they entered the bedroom, Cleatt squinted while looking at her and murmured, "Thank you," and patted he head.

They changed into their pyjamas and climbed the bed.

"It's just like mom said, I'm really being pampered by you. Even though I'm older..."

Cleatt had a troubled smile while they hugged each other softly on top of the bed as usual. Of course, Priscilla also thought sometimes about how much she was spoiling him. But she felt it was great. She was sure there was nobody else in the world who could take care of him like her. With that in mind, being the only choice was her utmost privilege. "What's wrong with a wife spoiling her husband? Isn't it good to at least have one person to pamper him while he does such important and strenuous work that wears him down every day?" Those were her sincere thoughts.

Even though he was tired, Cleatt didn't want to sleep yet and spoke to Priscilla in a more relaxed tone than usual.

"Don't you also have something you want from me? Anything is okay. Is there something you fancy? I have enough money... you can ask for clothes or maybe jewelry..."

Cleatt, who went out of his way trying to propose a fair trade-off, looked at his wife and laughed at her oblivious expression.

"You don't seem to be interested in that at all."

"It's not that I don't wish for anything, but I'm already so blessed with many things, so anything more than that is--"

The Brody family prepared various things for the "ordinary" Priscilla. And since she was now the wife of a famous aristocrat, she also believed it would be better to be dressed accordingly to her new status, so she always wore everything that was handed to her obediently. She wasn't particular about it either.

Still, among the upper nobility, the Brody household was one of the most outstanding families. But the family lineage originated from military officers, so there was an impression that they were an austere household that didn’t overtly pay attention to appearances as it looked frivolous. That was great for Priscilla. She could relax a bit without caring so much for her external countenance.

"Your family, the Land household, is also very stable."

"Yes, no help is necessary."

The Land family is a noble household that has thrived steadily from the past while still being deemed as a lower aristocratic family that could collapse at any time. Priscilla thought that this tendency would probably continue if one analyzed Peter's personality, her younger brother who was supposed to succeed in the title. Actually, their parents seemed to like several aspects of this low-key life so they would surely refuse any help offered.

"I wish I could spoil you too."

Cleatt scooped a strand of Priscilla's hair with his hands and kissed it in a flirty way. Priscilla felt spoiled enough. She felt ticklish and her shoulders trembled. Although Cleatt sometimes looked emotionless and lacking a romantic streak, for her he was an ideal husband. Above all, he was very kind towards her. Feim might have gotten angry, but Priscilla was never upset by Cleatt's actions.

"Can I fully indulge you today?"

Priscilla widened her eyes at his sudden change of mood and sweet voice. His eyes have a man's lust mixed in their glint. Priscilla smiled as she anticipated the atmosphere of the couple's activities onset.

"Aren't you tired?"

"Pampering you is a higher priority for me at the moment than feeling tired.''

Cleatt turned to look at her, fully accepting that smile. When Priscilla closed her eyes, she felt a soft touch on her lips. His kiss was always gentle. It kindly and slowly melted her, gradually becoming deeper. It was a kiss that took care of her every step of the way and it always filled her heart with warmth.

Cleatt also gently covered her lips tonight. His hand ran through her hair and slipped along her cheeks, and he pampered her just as he promised before. He caressed her earlobes and rubbed and tickled her chin as if playing with a kitten. Meanwhile, he continued to kiss her. Priscilla entrusted her body to his soft caress.

After being embraced many times by her husband, Priscilla's body had completely adjusted to accept the pleasure given by him. She had never been afraid to do it, as her husband always held her very gently. However, the pleasure only increased with each repetition, and there were times when she worried that she would be too passionately involved in it and showed an unsightly face. At those times, an amused Cleatt  just liked to watch her.

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