The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams

The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams - Chapter 13

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Translated by Momo. Unedited.

WARNING: Mature content. NSFW!

Around half a month after they got married, Priscilla asked Cleatt to retire together to the bedroom as usual but when he lied in the bed, he realized he wasn't really sleepy.

After all this time sleeping together with Priscilla, he had not only completely regained his physical condition, but he was actually impressed at how he had gotten into better shape than ever before. Working full of energy, he could feel his level of tiredness decreasing daily. Thanks to that, he was able to improve his efficiency and finished work faster.

It didn't matter how busy it was or even if a headache-inducing project suddenly appeared. The mere thought of how he could sleep by Priscilla's side again after returning home made him forget all about the tiredness and instead, it made him feel very relaxed.

Perhaps his troubled mind was causing him more fatigue than physical strain. He was very lucky to have married Priscilla. Cleatt never imagined there would be a day in which he would be so happy just to get back home.

Thinking about lying in bed while sleeping peacefully in Priscilla's arms for just an hour was enough for him to have nothing to fear. Ever since he got married, Henry said Cleatt has always been in a good mood. He always went back home with a spring on his step, excitedly anticipating the soothing peace of mind that made his mouth loosen up into a smile.

It almost felt like he went back to being a kid. But, for Cleatt, who was brought up with a strict education, there was never a time during his childhood when he went back home floating as he was now.

That blissful feeling had continued for half a month, and it would likely go on like this from thereafter. Reassured by the feelings of his mind and body, Cleatt was completely at ease.

Since he wasn't tired today, he wouldn't just hug Priscilla and go to sleep without even saying anything as he got home as usual. Tonight he was thinking about having a nice and slow conversation while enjoying some drinks. After all, they were officially a couple.

However, when Priscilla called him to go to bed, he simply and obediently followed along. Sleeping by Priscilla's side was the most joyful moment he had, and he couldn't refuse when invited. If he didn't fall asleep immediately, they could talk while lying in the bed. Thinking like that, he climbed up the bed. Priscilla thought her husband would go to sleep as usual and embraced Cleatt's head. Her hand gently patted his scalp and she muttered in a comforting tone.

"Recently, it looks like you're less tired."

"Yeah, it's all thanks to you."

Priscilla's hands were able to detect anomalies, so just by that touch, she could tell how tired he was. His voice sounded happy. As Cleatt spoke while leaning on her chest, she felt a little tickled, and her body trembled a bit.

While surrounded by that fluffy environment, Cleatt let out a satisfied whisper. He held her warm body in his arms, while his face leaned comfortably on her soft chest. When Priscilla worked at the royal palace, she had her hair tied up carefully, but she would let it down to sleep. Priscilla with her hair properly tied up looked more mature and reserved than young women around her age.  But once she let her hair down, she looked tender like a young girl. Cleatt preferred the latter.

Her hair was longer than Cleatt thought it would be, reaching her chest area and sometimes it would touch his face. The light brown hair was soft and it had a nice scent, it was probably the fragrance bath that the Brody household was used to. It looked like Priscilla thought Cleatt could fall asleep solely because of the mysterious power of her hands, yet from his point of view, he felt like it wasn't just her hands but her soft embrace and lovely scent also healed him. It was enough to make that pragmatic man believe that this was exactly what heaven must look like.

Priscilla's gentle hands continued to stroke Cleatt's head. The tiredness disappeared in a moment when she touched it.

Cleatt enjoyed this wonderful environment, but he didn't fell asleep. Part of him wanted to continue enjoying it until he became sleepy, but the soft sensation on his face made him more aware of himself and started to provoke his inner desire.

Cleatt was genuinely surprised at that. Not by the fact that he desired Priscilla. But because he realized that he hadn't felt that way before.

Embraced gently and softly every night for half a month-- constantly lying in bed with a young woman who was pretty fond of him, and he had never awakened any other intentions until now. He realized that it was a very abnormal situation for any person, especially a man. He was pushing himself so hard before that even his sexual desire had completely disappeared.

Cleatt suddenly understood at that moment, while holding Priscilla and clearly feeling turned on. But he also felt aghast. If he remained in his previous state, he would probably have had a nervous and physical breakdown soon.

Cleatt was happy from the bottom of his heart that he was able to meet Priscilla and get married. It was the one thing he felt he was the most thankful for in his entire lifetime.

While thinking about those things, Cleatt was still appreciating the softness of Priscilla's body, and he felt his lower body start to heat up. It had been a while since he held a woman. Moreover, it was his own wife that he was hugging at the moment. Honestly, there was absolutely no issue if he wanted to hold her. But only if this was an ordinary marriage.

In their country, it was common for a couple to have intercourse before marriage, so they were actually a bit out of the norm. Cleatt didn't care much about it as he had proposed this convenience marriage himself, but he wondered what Priscilla thought of it. From what he had observed until now, it didn't look like she had any experience with other men.

Cleatt's hands began to move restlessly. The hand that was loosely holding Priscilla's waist begun to stroke the area around her waist and buttocks and the other hand moved up from her hips and wrapped around her chest where Cleatt had buried his face. Her breasts weren't big, but there were also not too small, and they felt tender and elastic. When he actually thought about it, his favourite type was the normal body shape of Priscilla, which was neither too thin nor too sensual.

While slowly kneading her breast, which fit perfectly into his palm, Priscilla's body became stiff and she let out a flustered voice, "Ah, that...". Cleatt, who was enjoying her softness by pressing his face against her other breast, looked up.

Priscilla, who had turned bright red, was staring at him. Cleatt stopped and reflected a little. She had married him, but what exactly did she think about this kind of situation? Just like Cleatt chose her thinking about his future well-being, Priscilla must have understood her role and accepted his proposal accordingly.

The main reason behind their marriage was to take advantage of the power in her hands. Although they got married, it could be that she felt like it was more like an extension of her job rather than actually being his wife. She treated him very devotedly, but it could be because he was her respected superior. She might not harbour any affection towards him as a man.

Considering that possibility, Cleatt found himself surprisingly depressed. He knew they suddenly got married because he said some preposterous stuff. He wouldn't force it if Priscilla disliked it, but it felt a bit disheartening that he couldn't touch his own wife like that. Of course, given the wonderful rest that she provided him, he preferred to be patient with his libido rather than risk being hated by Priscilla.

"...Do you dislike being held like this? If so, I'll stop. But since we're married, it would be a little problematic if we don't do it at all, considering the future."

If they didn't do it, they obviously wouldn't have an heir. The Brody family longed desperately for the next generation, but Cleatt didn't think much of it. He would be happy to raise his own child, but thinking about how crazy and ecstatically his parents would become was annoying.

He wondered again what Priscilla thought about it. As expected, she couldn't have lived in this country and not know how children were made.

While Cleatt was looking at Priscilla, her eyes darted around agitatedly.

"No, that's not it...of course, since we got married, I also knew and expected that… And as nobility, I think it's important to have a child..."

Cleatt was satisfied with Priscilla's answer. She was a wise woman with common sense. That is also the main reason why Cleatt had a very good impression of her as a person.

"...I was just surprised since there weren't any signs of this kind of thing happening so far... I also wondered if Cleatt didn't like it...I don't think I'm attractive enough as a woman..."

Priscilla murmured in a small voice. Cleatt smiled bitterly.

"I was simply too tired to think of anything other than sleeping. It's my fault. And I definitely don't think you're unattractive."

As Cleatt rubbed her breast putting more strength in his hands, Priscilla's body trembled in his arms.

"Well, if there's no problem, is it okay like this?"

Cleatt smirked at himself as he surprisingly let out a sweet voice. But his excellent brain switched the mood instantly. He immediately traced his hands over Priscilla's sleepwear and removed it. Because they were newly married, the nightgown that the Brody household decided to prepare for her was the kind that would be revealing and easily undressed. It was the first time that the ulterior motives behind the thoughtful actions of his family had been meaningful to him.

Cleatt squinted while observing the fine pale skin that was revealed in front of him. She had a supple skin, and it warmly reminded him that Priscilla was much younger than himself. Usually, she was so calm and mature that she didn't have the atmosphere of a young lady. However, in regards to the current situation, she was naive and inexperienced. Normally, he was the one being spoiled and cared for all the time, so he thought about how he should retribute her kindness. Cleatt kissed all over her skin but at that moment...

"Ah, I actually..."

Her hand landed on Cleatt's shoulder and hesitantly pushed trying to stop his momentum. He was certain that she was about to tell that she didn't want to do it after all, and thought that he shouldn't be displeased by that, but when Cleatt lifted his face, Priscilla had slightly moistened eyes and an embarrassed look.

"What's wrong?"

When Cleatt looked up, it seemed she wanted to say something. And once he stared at her again, Priscilla turned her reddening face down.

"…Actually I..."



"You can say anything you want."

Cleatt gently listened to Priscilla, who hesitated and had difficulty expressing her feelings. As for how his lower half behaved, he really wanted to immediately devour the meal in front of him. But he also wanted to show he was mature enough to wait and encouraged himself inside his head that he should respond gently and reassure his virgin wife.

"...I know, it's a very childish request but..."


"...That...maybe… you could start with a kiss..."

Priscilla was still facing down while saying it with a pleading tone, that made Cleatt's usually excellent and fast reasoning completely stop for a second. After that, a big sigh was about to come out, but he held it in right on time. If he let out a sigh now, Priscilla could think that he was looking down on her. That would be completely wrong. Cleatt wanted to sigh because of his own disappointing behaviour.

That's right. They haven't even shared a kiss yet. He was amazed by his own negligence.

He got married and didn't even kiss his wife. It can't be helped if Priscilla thought she was unattractive. The only thing they did after they got married was to hug each other lightly while they slept. Although he was cared for by Priscilla as he went to sleep and woke up, he had never shown any romantic behaviour away from the bed.

"……I'm sorry."

Without understanding what else he could say other than a simple apology, Cleatt just spoke that and then faced Priscilla again. She had closed her eyes and her face was bright red. Their lips touched slowly. He didn't want to frighten her with a hurried kiss, so he gave a very gentle first kiss. Their lips touched each other lightly, then slowly again, and after that, they delicately paused over each other. Priscilla's whole body was tense and stiff, but when Cleatt gently patted her head and continued to kiss her calmly, her body gradually loosened and her hands grabbed the pyjamas around Cleatt's waist.

Cleatt laughed a little and pecked her lips. When he licked her lips with his tongue, her grasp around him tightened.

Priscilla's lips were soft and sweet. Cleatt, who was kind and composed at first, was gradually absorbed in savouring her lips.

"...Now, I'm going a little deeper."

After whispering, Cleatt took over Priscilla's lips one more time. Exactly as he announced, this time, he did it a bit more fiercely. He teased her lips, licking them repeatedly between breaths. As she got used to them from that first smooth kiss, Priscilla accepted it meekly.

He sucked her upper lip and bit the lower lip sweetly. Then he slipped his tongue into her slightly open mouth. As expected, her body stiffened up for a second, but Cleatt carefully and slowly moved his tongue inside. He explored her mouth gently. He traced her teeth and licked around the inside of her mouth as far as his tongue could reach, making her body quiver embraced by his arms again and again. At that point, he began to tease her tongue.


As expected, a sweet moan leaked out from her throat. Provoked by that sound, Cleatt slowly moved his tongue further. He poked her tongue with his own to entice her and when they entwined together, Priscilla also reciprocated timidly.

It all went really well, and Cleatt was very pleased. Of course, he didn't intend to end it with only kissing. With all those lengthy kisses, he was already stifling his desires and Priscilla didn't seem to refuse it, so it was probably okay to continue until the end. Cleatt was usually busy all the time, and if he didn't finish something when he had the chance to, it might take a long time for the next opportunity to appear. He was the type of person who once he decided to do something, it was necessary to be perfectly accomplished within the day for him to feel satisfied.

Cleatt looked at Priscilla again, as their tongues deeply entwined together, she seemed to be getting used to those deep kisses. He sincerely thought about only wanting to continue these kisses that were more pleasurable than he had imagined it would be. But just kissing all night long would be wasteful since he knew that what came after that was much more exciting.

Watching her one more time, he noticed that her face was completely red, being at the mercy of such an intense first kissing experience. Her moist eyes, hot cheeks, and the wet lips glistening with the saliva of both of them looked very seductive. The gap between the usually serene appearance of Priscilla further stimulated Cleatt's lust. It was ridiculous to even think she was "unattractive". In regards to this kind of stuff, if he was to think of himself as a decent man, now that he had Priscilla, he must never let her go.

Cleatt once again thanked the heavens for the fact that she has never been in the hands of anyone else. It was just too fortunate.

"...Your eyes have a little sparkle on them."

He didn't even know that. When he looked straight into Priscilla's brown eyes, they appeared to have a mixture of gold instead of just being pure brown. Since her father and also her younger brother Peter had blonde hair, her features also seemed to have a bit of the same colour. Cleatt also has brown hair and eyes, but the shade was much deeper than Priscilla.

His eyes were full of interest and beamed towards her. Priscilla, really embarrassed, shifted her gaze away.

"Priscilla, can I go on?"

He whispered close to her ear, after kissing along her neck. Priscilla's body quivered again, and then she slowly nodded. Even though he laughed at himself for being spoiled by a woman 10 years younger than him, he didn't feel bad about it. He had never been cared for like that in his whole life, but for some reason, he could simply accept it when it came from Priscilla. He also understood that this kindhearted girl never seemed to refuse to coax him. Cleatt smiled again after concluding that he was really a bad adult.

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