In addition to experiencing the fearsome nightmare of being chased around by burly, muscular men both young and old, I was also scolded late into the night.

After that, despite feeling somewhat dejected, I was, at the same time, in rather high spirits.

What? I'm contradicting myself, you say?

I'm not.

I'm not.

Because... although something amazing happened to me, things are just gonna get worse from here on out.

Hence, my good yet bad mood.

As for what that amazing thing was...

I'm now officially recognised as Ursch-kun's "fiancée"!!

Even though I was told to wait for another 9 years!!

Apparently, when I was on the run, a certain rumour was spread: "That girl running around town is Lady Isabella, the third daughter of House Rottenstein, and I hear she's the fiancée of the Schneiver Company's second son, Young Master Ursch".

With that, our engagement was fully recognised by the populace.

On top of that, even the Imperial Knights, Knight Corps, and Adventurers acknowledged it, further spreading said rumour across the country.

And with an astonishing speed, to boot.

But thanks to that…

I received "Engagement wishes" from people across the land.

They came from everywhere: Nobles we had friendly relations with, the Head of the Order of Mages, the Head of the Order of Imperial Knights, and the Head of the Knight Corps.

Furthermore, news had travelled far out to even the Count in the borderlands, and from there...

Further... and even further than that... it had reached all the way to the neighbouring kingdom’s King and Queen, the crown prince and my dearest Elder Sister.

Even those affiliated with the Schneiver Company, people I've never met, nor heard of, had caught wind of our engagement and sent me gifts.

And finally, I was congratulated by people with seemingly zero relations to us—Who is this even—as news of our betrothal spread far and wide.

Last but not least, was my mother's elder brother.

In other words, the King of the Rosereale Kingdom had also sent his best wishes!!

With this, even Father would collapse from the pressure... well, strictly speaking, that's pretty much the norm at this point.

News of my betrothal had spread to a degree where it's practically undeniable now, especially with all these congratulatory gifts being sent our way.

Even my father would have no choice but to acknowledge it. And with that, the official documents for our engagement have been drawn up!!

Now, Ursch-kun and I are real, genuine, bona fide engagement partners!!

That's a good start!! Now to keep this up all the way to the finish line!!

I got my hands on some other useful skills, too!!

For starters, does everyone remember about our maid, Marie-chan?

Thing is.... both of her legs were broken because of me.

I'm sorry, Marie-chan......

As a consolation of sorts, Marie-chan was to hold no blame for the incident this time.

The reason being the commotion I raised was of such epic proportions, that Marie-chan's actions seemed almost cute in comparison.

Truth be told, I think the real reason this incident got so out of hand lies at the fault of my brother, Daemon.

Pray tell, why in the world did he gather that many knights to chase down a 6-year-old kid?

I honestly thought that I'd be killed if I were to get caught, and ran like my life depended on it!

Which is why, I'm definitely not in the wrong here!!

........When I claimed just that, Brother Daimon silently grabbed me by the face with one hand, and lifted me up off the ground.

I swear I won't say anything stupid like that again.

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

I must say however, that I don't really think that "Iron Claw Technique" is a good move to use on a 6-year-old girl like little ol' me.

But I digress, let's return to the main topic.

With both of Marie-chan's legs broken, wouldn't it be a hindrance to her everyday life? Thus, a Healer was called in.

That's right!! A Healer came!! A Healer!!

Those blessed with the Holy Attribute Magic, users of healing magic.

Besides them, the Holy Attribute Magic can be used by Priests as well.

Well, even if I say Priests, I don't mean the ones in the church, but the ones who can use purification magic to defeat undead and the like. Some even go dungeon diving with adventurers.

Even though they're "Priests", they aren't related to any religions. How mysterious. I wonder why?

Well, putting that aside, the time has finally come to try that which I couldn't before!!

That's right!! I'm talking about 《Invidia(Envy)》-san!!

Thing is, it seems that Holy Attribute Magic is classified as a Unique Skill rather than a normal Skill...

In other words, it should be possible to use "Imitation"!!

Since I didn't have a chance to see any unique skills until now, "Imitation" was being completely useless, but now it's finally your time to shine!!

...Which is why I was there to watch Marie's broken bones being treated.

As a result, my "Imitation", which possesses the ability to "copy any unique skill that I don’t own to its closest form", sure worked hard...

For not a copy, but the real "Holy Attribute Magic" was summoned.

...That's not an imitation.

It's just a guess, but maybe me already hitting the max level of my "Magician" profession, and maxing out my MP could be the reason.

In that case, may I take it that "It is simply impossible for me to not possess a unique skill of this caliber" is what you mean, "Envy"-san?

What a high level of pride.

As a result, my【Status】is now...


Name: Isabella Ali Rottenstein (6)

Race: Human
HP: 999/999
MP: 999/999


《Duke’s Daughter》Lv1  (-2)
《Magician》 Lv99
《Swordsman》 Lv99
《Assassin》 Lv99
《Hunter》Lv78 (+2)
《Healer》 Lv30  ←new
《Priest》Lv40 ←new

Special skills

《Superbia》 ▽

Unique skills

《Holy Attribute Magic》  ←new


《Null Status Ailments》
《All Elemental Resistance》
《Physical Attack Resistance》
《Body Enhancement》
《Magic Enhancement》
《Magic Manipulation》  ←new
《High Speed Recovery》
《Omnidirectional Movement》
《Presence Detection》
《Presence Obfuscation》
《Magic Detection》
《Alert》 ←new
《Enemy Detection》  ←new



Wait a minute!! Hold it!! Hold it riiiight there!!

Why in the world did my Duke's daughter level decrease?!

I wasn't told about any level dropping?!

Are you kidding me?!

Eh? Don't tell me... there's a chance for the other levels to drop too?!

Ah!! No, wait!! I got it!!

If I married into Ursch-kun's family, I wouldn't be of Ducal standing anymore!!

But there's no way to quit the other professions, so their level won't change.

...Well, in the first place, I don't remember ever getting the "Assassin" profession.

The "Duke's daughter" is the only profession that concerns my social status, so it's possible to change because of marriage or circumstances!!.

Oooh... the impact of my Duke's Daughter level decreasing was too much that the shock of my other newly acquired skills just seems lackluster.

I feel like it's pretty unfair to have my profession skills at Lvl 30 right after getting it, but well, with the amount of MP I have, I guess that's just how it is?

Also, I can't tell the difference between the "Special Skills" and the "Unique Skills"...

What the heck is this. I have no idea.

...And that was the reason I was in a good mood.

Now then, as for the reason to my melancholy..........

I've been summoned to the Royal Palace next week.

For the Queen's tea party.....

Although my mother often attends the Queen's tea party, I've never participated in it, not even once.

As for the reason why, in this country, children of the nobility are only allowed to attend tea parties after the age of 7.

That's right, seven.

Something about if they're too young, they would get restless, run around and disturb the other guests.

No matter how much education is given on what it means to be a noble, little kids won't care about those after all.

And FYI, I'm 6 years old.

I tried reasoning with my parents that I can't go because I'm still 6 years old, but an official invitation arrived to our manor addressed to me, so there's no way to refuse it.

Hey, are you sure you want to do this?

My running skills are to the point where you'd call the Imperial Knights for help, you know?

I'm sorry. Please forgive me, Brother.

I won't run. I definitely won't run around.

I won't run around, so please, stop it!!

Please stop grabbing me by my face!!

I'm still a girl, you know?!

※Skills: Skills that can be acquired by increasing your experience.

※Unique Skills: Skills that can be acquired with certain conditions. Conditions vary.

※Special Skills: Skills you originally have. Can't be earned.

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