I Am The Cheat Tea Specialist of the Chivalric Order!

6 - About the Shocking Truth and My Future

Upon learning that I had been saved, I remembered the important thing I must tell the person in front of me.

"Thank you very much for saving me."

The one who saved me just as I was about to be disposed of was this captain.
And yet, I ended up clapping my hands together and saying weird things. That was rude of me.
On the other hand, the captain looked at me with wide eyes. Immediately after, he broke into a smile.

"It's my duty to capture those who break the law."

I was captivated by that smiling face.
When an attractive person smiles, it really has a large impact. But, that was only for a moment. He quickly returned to his serious expression, so it felt like a loss.

"By the way, where is your hometown?"

The captain began to ask me about myself.

"Since everyone else died, we still can't determine the true identity of those who abducted you. But, the experiment conducted on you is taboo in every country. So, since they wanted to conceal their activities, they must have abducted you from quite a faraway nation. That's why, while I think it'll take a considerable amount of time for you to make your way back home, I would like you to tell me in case."

"Yes. It's a town called Cathles. It's north of Arendal."

"Domestic, huh."

The black-haired man behind the captain frowned. The group of men had suspicious looks on their faces.

"Eh? Is it…bad if it's domestic?"

"No, the other victims were all identified as being from foreign nations, so we think that this is strange."

Since I was an exception, it was natural that they found this strange…right?

"Um, can I…go home?"

In the first place, I didn't know how much time had passed since I was abducted.

"Also, you said that I was experimented on. Will I suffer from a strange disease later?"

In the first place, what kind of experiment was it?
When I tried asking them, the red-haired man answered.

"As far as we know, the ringleaders said that their experiments failed, so we don't think that any effects will appear for the time being, but…I think we should observe your symptoms for a while. After all, the experiment you were subjected to dealt with fusing you with a spirit."

"A spir…it…?"

Wa… Wait a minute. What did he mean? Was I fused with something inhuman?!
The meaning of the words "taboo arts" seeped deep into my head. Along with horror.

This was far more outrageous than possessing memories from my past life. Eh? What should I do?! Was my body truly okay?!
In response to my dumbfounded self, the captain and his men looked at me with pitiful eyes.

"They attempted to mix a person, you, with a spirit. Normally, the body would break. It wouldn't be strange if you went crazy."

The one who gave me an answer was the red-haired man.

"Why did they do such an experiment…?"

When I let these words slip from my mouth, the captain answered me.

"They said that they were making a witch. Although I don't know what they would do once they succeed."

I wanted to praise myself for not actually shouting. But, my eyes were wide open.
Making a witch?! Then, this world really was from the game!

Eh? Was I the last boss? But, that enemy group tried to dispose of me. So, did they fail?
This means that I shouldn't be the witch… Let's keep it this way. For the tranquility of my heart.

"…Is there anything that feels different from before?"

"Um, it looks like my eye color is redder than before."

The change that occurred in the current me was my eyes. As expected, I couldn't openly discuss my past life situation.
I was scared of them telling me lest they think I've gone crazy. As of now, I only recalled my memories.
I would hate it if this led to them suspecting me of being the witch.

"I see… There doesn't seem to be anything impeding your life as of now, but I would like you to stay with the knights for some time if possible. I recommend that you stay with a doctor who can use magic. We intend to hold full responsibility since we rescued you. And since forbidden magic had been used on you, we are required to observe your progress."

It took some time for me to fully comprehend what was being told to me. But, I understood that he was asking me to have the knights observe my condition through periodic examinations.

"I'm in…your care."

I knew that I was in a perilous situation since I was about to be turned into the witch.
As long as I can't do anything about this, I won't be able to live a peaceful life. I'll have to resolve this before I can even tackle how to deal with Grandma's store.
That was why it would save me the trouble if I was in place with a fully equipped doctor.

"Do you have someone you need to inform about your long absence? According to the criminals' memories and confession, it's been ten days since you were abducted."

"Ten days?"

Now then, what should I do about informing someone?

"My only family member, my grandmother, recently passed away, so there's the matter of house maintenance and my luggage… I'll need to go back and get my things."

Since the two of us got sick, we left the store closed to focus on nursing each other. As such, the food that I had bought recently should be rotten by now. I had locked the door when I left to visit the graveyard, and no customers should be coming by since the store hadn't been reopened.
Huh…? Did people think I had neglected the house and disappeared somewhere?

The most troublesome thing that could happen…would be if someone stole my family mementos. Also, I had left all the money in the house, although it wasn't much.
As I hung my head, deep in thought, the captain in front of me suddenly stood up. Then, he instructed the knights behind him.

"Bring out Virta. Frey, take three people from your team who said they wanted some flying training."

"Eh? Will you also be going, captain?"

The blond-haired man named Frey widened his eyes.

"When dealing with spirits, either Orve or I would be the best to deal with the issue if any problem arises. Besides, Virta is fast. I can go and come back in three hours."

"That is true…"

I wondered what conversation those two were having. I didn't really understand at first.
But, I finally understood these words the captain told me.

"We're going to your hometown. Bring all the items you deem necessary and ask any acquaintances to maintain your house."

They were going to take me to my home?!


I stood up and followed the captain.

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