I Am The Cheat Tea Specialist of the Chivalric Order!

2 - Has My Time Finally Come Now?

"Why are the Cigle Knights here?!"

"Isn't it because of the spirits?! The captain can…"

"Anyway, we have to escape!"

The men ran away while having this conversation, and one of them suddenly noticed me.

"Hey, we can do something with an underworld spell. Use that girl as a sacrifice! We've already confirmed that we could successfully create one anyway."

"That's a good idea."

They suddenly headed straight for me. Furthermore, they just said they would sacrifice me!
I wanted to run away, but all I could do was roll away. In an attempt, I tried to increase the speed of my rolls.
…I was immediately caught.

And although I was freed from being wrapped in the blanket, I was pushed face-down into the ground and had my legs pinned down.
My bashed back was in pain!

"OWWWW! So cruel! You demons!"

I screamed but was yelled at.

"Dammit, shut up, you failed creation! Hurry up!"

Together with the man's angry yell, everyone simultaneously began to chant something in a monotonous voice.
When they did, a pale purple light began to emit from the ground. It was only beneath those people and me.
There was no basis for this, but I felt that I would really be killed at this rate.
But, there was nothing more I could do.

"Someone… Save me."

This was the best that I could do.

—At that moment, the wind blew, and I felt that someone whispered, "It's fine."

I was utterly terrified, so I had thought that I was having an auditory hallucination.


People screamed and avoided me as they ran across. From my view of my surroundings on my side, I could see the people who surrounded me falling down to the ground.
Among them, a fountain of blood shot out from the neck of one of them.
I gasped.
Was he dead…? I couldn't believe what was happening. Lost in this thought, someone touched me.

"Are you alive?"

The person asked as he lifted my body up, allowing me to see his face.
He was a silver-haired man.
His hair extended down to the nape of his neck and swayed in the wind. For me to think that he was beautiful even in this situation was because his beauty was just that breathtaking.

His age was probably around his early twenties.
He was tall and had wide shoulders, but if a god of winter existed, he would look just like this man.
His slightly long hair obscured his eyes, but I could see that they were a lovely purple color like amethyst gems. His skin was lightly tanned, but his cheeks were still white, his face giving off even more of an impression of a sculpture.

The reason I thought that this was a game might have been because of his outfit. He was wearing an indigo coat with silver shoulder pads and a breastplate.

…This really wasn't a dream, was it? This was what I felt.
To be abducted, go through a terrible experience, and be rescued by a beauty exhausted me and made me think that I was dreaming of a game.
At this point, I began to consent that the dream I had of a game was absolutely from my memory.

"But, there's way too much realism. It'll drive me crazy."


The beauty made a perplexed face.
But, even that was beautiful. I probably wouldn't meet such a person a second time. Ah, could it be that heaven had come for me like all the stories say?
In that case, I clapped my hands together. I beg of you. Please let me go to paradise…

"Hey, why are you praying?"

"Praise be… But, I would like to be reborn as soon as possible, God. Please don't make me have this social anxiety next time. I would like to live an accident-free life, please."

"There's nothing I can do even if you pray to me. Besides, you're already safe?"

The perplexed beauty's words ran parallel to the conversation, causing a giant question mark to pop up in my head, "Huh?"
Safe… This meant that I was still alive. And this beauty was a living person.

Then, I was hit by a sense of unease.
I felt like I had seen this man's outfit somewhere before… No, even his face started to look familiar.
When I grumbled as I gazed at him, the man said.

"It appears that either your memories or thoughts are in chaos, but you seem unharmed. Besides, you don't seem to be an ally of theirs…?"

Ally. Could it be that he thought I was allied with those men wearing long, black clothes?!
I wanted to shake my head to deny the thought, but I suddenly had difficulty breathing.
Eh? What was happening?

For some reason, this happened to me often as of recently…
That was right. It happened in the graveyard.
Back when I visited my grandmother's grave, I couldn't breathe.
I guess I had a heart attack from all the stress or something and the heavens had come for me.

In addition, I felt that I had become like this for a reason, but I couldn't recall.


The beauty appeared to be surprised that I was in pain. But, I couldn't respond. My consciousness was fadin…

"Captain Lucien!"

I heard someone calling someone's name.
But, by then, I had already lost consciousness.

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