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SPMW 03 - To Take What I Deserved

03 To Take What I Deserved

He Changning’s shocking words threw everyone off guard.

The older and wiser Elder Yin was the first to respond. Witnessing He Changning’s abnormal behavior today, she was shocked, and then followed the realization that He Changning was a scheming person that concealed himself well until today. She did not expect that she would ended up unable to understand this person who had lived under her own eyes for ten odd years. Nevertheless, the issue today must be settled regardless of whether He Changning was willing or not.

Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself down. “Changning, regardless of how, the Yin family is still your home. It’s the place that your mother had lived for almost ten years. Do you really have no feelings for this home? Taking a step back, the Yin family has already raised you for so many years. Just take this opportunity to repay your father’s efforts for raising you up. If you feel wronged, then state a condition. If that satisfies you then I’ll make the decision to promise you.”

Such a dignified way of robbing a person’s morality, and the standard was quite high too. He Changning suddenly felt relieved. Oh well. After this incident, I will not have any connections with the Yin family anyway. “Fine, I’ll agree to it.”

Everyone started to look at each other in dismay; unsure on why He Changning would suddenly agree to the offer. But regardless of the reason, once he agreed then everything would be easier to deal with.

Seeing how everyone seemed to have the weight off their mind, He Changning truly felt aggrieved for his own mother. He thought to himself, Mom, I sincerely hope that you’ve reincarnated to the other world. At least that way, you won’t be able to see this entire family’s sanctimonious expression ever again. Don’t feel too sad, and don’t regret the choice that you’d made back then.

“I’ll agree, but I have a condition.”

Following He Changning words, everyone started tensing up again; no one knew what kind of condition he would make.

“I want ten percent of the funding that Shang Establishment Group is planning to inject into Yin Establishment as my dowry. No matter how much they give, I want ten percent of it.”

The first person to disagree was Congmin, who raised her voice with her tone gone awry, “You’re mad!! Do you know how much money that’ll be?!”

He Changning smirked. “Aunty, there’s no need to be so nervous. That’s like Yin Jun’s chips for a single gambling bet. You seriously don’t have to get so uptight.”

The retort made Congmin speechless as she stared wickedly at He Changning.

Yin Zhinian haven’t even overcome the shock from He Changning’s exorbitant request and now hearing the amount that Yin Jun used for gambling, he could feel his jaw opening wide as he was unable to hide the astonishment and disbelief in his eyes. Even his speaking voice started to tremble, “Yin Jun, what Changning said, is that really true?”

Yin Jun pulled his shoulders together, trying his best to hide behind his brother Yin Hao. He clenched his teeth as he glared at He Changning so hard that his eyeballs seemed to be popping out soon. He had no answers as he faced his father’s questioning. He thought that this incident was already settled by his mother and granny, hiding everything from his father and that this matter would fade away. Who would have expected He Changning to raise this topic out of the blue – if dad finds out that I’ve lost nearly three million in gambling, he would surely skin me alive.

Seeing how the matter was straying from the main topic, if Yin Zhinian continued questioning, He Changning’s issue will not be resolved and Yin Jun would be beaten to death by the angry Yin Zhinian. So Congmin interrupted quickly, “Enough, we’ll talk about Yin Jun’s issue later. Let’s settle Changning’s matter first; that’s an issue that concerns the entire Yin family’s life and death.”

Hearing Congmin’s words, Yin Zhinian finally calmed down. That’s right, Changning’s matter must be settled first; others can wait. “Changning, do you really have to do this?”

“That’s what I deserve, isn’t it? After all, as a man who had married to another man, if I get kicked out from that place then I’ll only have this bit of dowry to sustain the rest of my life, don’t you think so, father?!” He Changning did not hide the sarcasm and disdain in his words. Things had already come to this point, so there was really nothing much to hide anyway.  

Yin Zhinian lowered his head as he couldn’t find any courage to look at his son’s gaze again.

The atmosphere within the living room became even more suffocating.

“Changning, granny will make the decision to agree to your terms.” And finally, Elder Yin broke the silence.

In Congmin’s heart, she really couldn’t bring herself to agree to it, but the damage that Yin Jun created hadn’t been resolved, so she could only force herself to swallow the deal unwillingly. At least that way she could use He Changning’s exorbitant behavior and apply it onto Yin Jun’s matter. That’d give Yin Zhinian nothing else to say.

Knowing that they would agree, He Changning didn’t feel surprised at all. Yet the following words struck like a heavyweight bomb, throwing everyone’s mind off guard, “And the day I’m married off will be the day I sever ties with the Yin family.” He silently despised on the phrase ‘married off.’

Yin Zhinian raised his head instantly. “Changning, do you know what you’re saying?”

He Changning replied indifferently, “I’m twenty, of course I’d know what I’m saying.”

“I’m your father.”

“I’m aware. Otherwise did you think anybody could just sell me off like this?”

“Changning.” Yin Zhinian’s voice was filled with pain and helplessness. He could feel that he was losing his son. Even though the presence of that son was barely there, but he was still a person that had called him Dad for the past twenty years.

Elder Yin didn’t seem as shocked. The He Changning today had already given her so many ‘surprises’ that she started to feel immune to everything. “Changning, have you made up your mind?”

“Mum!!” Yin Zhinian was clearly surprised at Elder Yin’s tone of questioning. It was as if once his son nodded his head, Elder Yin would just agree to it. So, he wanted to stop it.

“Changning is an adult now, he can make his own decisions.” Her gaze turned back to He Changning. “Changning, have you really made up your mind?”

“Just as you’ve heard, those are my thoughts.” He paused, “I’ll get the lawyer to draft an official law-binding document for that. Until then, I would need Dad to just sign it.” Finishing his words, he stood up, “If there’s nothing else then I shall return to my room.”

Whatever needed to be earned and argued about had already concluded, there was no need to stay any longer. He turned and held onto Aunt Qin, who was too shocked to move, and slowly headed upstairs toward his little private escape.

Silence engulfed the living room for a short moment, then was followed by Yin Zhinian’s explosive voice as he questioned aloud, “Mom! How could you agree to let Changning sever ties! That’s my son!” the last sentence was almost screamed at the top of his voice.

Elder Yin’s face grew even darker as her ever-so-obedient son raised his voice at her – how could she possibility take it at ease? Elder Yin unwillingly shouted back in retort, “It’s your son that didn’t want you anymore, what has it got to do with me? Don’t forget, he didn’t want this granny either!”

Yin Zhinian sat back onto the couch in despair as he hugged his head with both his hands, pulling hard on his thin hair. His chest felt choked as if someone shoved a big pile of cotton in it, suffocating him to no end.

Congmin couldn’t stand Yin Zhinian’s useless behavior any longer, “It’s He Changning who decided to sever ties with us, it’s not like we’re the ones who’re kicking him out of the house. Why are you showing such a face like you’re going to die, huh?”

“How could you say that? He’s your husband, what kind of attitude is that?!” Elder Yin instantly felt displeased; she could scold him in any way she wanted because that was her son. Since when would Congmin be allowed to point fingers at her son in front of her?

Congmin was already upset over Elder Yin’s agreeing to give He Changning ten percent of the dowry, and now facing criticism from her again, the pampered Congmin, refused to stay silent, “Mom! What did I say? Did I say anything wrong? And Mom, why did you agree to give him that dowry? Did you not know that the establishment is already strapped for cash? If we don’t settle the insufficient funding issue, then we’ll all end up on the streets! Is that what Mom is hoping to see?”

Receiving such harsh words from her own daughter-in-law in front of her own son and grandsons, the sharp and unkind nature instantly got hooked, “Oh, so the establishment’s issue was my fault? If you people don’t have the ability to manage the operations, then let it go early! Don’t put the blame on me every time things go wrong. Also, why did I agree to give Changning that money? Wasn’t that because of the wonderful son that you’ve raised? If Yin Jun didn’t lose money on gambling, then He Changning wouldn’t even have had the chance to use it as a topic! You think I’m willingly giving this huge sum of money to an outsider?”

Seeing how her own son is despised by this grandmother, Congmin could feel the anger building up. She raised her high-pitched voice to the loudest volume, “Mom! What makes you think you can despise my son! Don’t forget he’s also your grandson!”

Elder Yin panted heavily in anger, “My grandson learned all these bad habits from a mother like you! And you still have the guts to raise your voice here?! Zhinian, are you deaf? Can’t you hear your wife raising her voice at your mother?!”

Yin Zhinian got up suddenly and used the loudest volume in his entire life and shouted, “ENOUGH. Isn’t it enough already?! Do you want to force me until I die before both of you finally stop, huh?!”

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