Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 266 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (5)

International Hotel, twelfth floor.

Su Wan’s news conference started at exactly nine. This time, she privately hosted the news conference so Wu Tong managed everything.

Yesterday, news of Su Wan wanting to shut out “Apple Daily Magazine” had spread on the internet yesterday. Even more, major magazines and media had also published this shocking news too. At this time, every famous journalist and reporter in China almost all came to the news conference. Of course, besides Apple Daily Newspaper.

A smile floated on Wu Tong’s face seeing the full house. Sister Wan was really Sister Wan for a reason! Everyone was shocked by her shutting out the Apple Daily Magazine high-profile. Who cared about questioning her and Ye Liu and Master Chen’s groundless accusations?

The flash bulbs shone every now and then as Su Wan appeared in everyone’s vision wearing a scarlet long dress.

Today, Su Wan had dressed up fancily. Not only did she look really spirited clad in scarlet, it also revealed her Entertainment Queen’s aura to a full extent.

“Good afternoon everyone.”

Before anyone could say anything after she sat down, Su Wan exclaimed in a slow tone with a faint smile on her face as she faced countless cameras, “I hosted this news conference under my name today. Before anyone asks a question, I want to announce something. I, Su Wan, am terminating the agreement with Xinyu Entertainment unilaterally.”



Reporters that were originally trying to get some gossip from Su Wan and Apple Daily Magazine were now in an uproar.

Nani? Thankfully, none of us has a heart disease. Empress Su, you’re trying to scare the heck out of us, aren’t you? You’re giving us hot news one after the other!

“Su Wan!”

“Su Wan!”

The reporters under the stage were causing a commotion. They all raised their hands in a hurry wanting to ask questions in advance. Seeing that everyone was high in spirits, Wu Tong stood up and raised his hands to indicate everyone to lower their voices. “Don’t rush, everyone. You’ll all get to ask questions. Sister Wu is really willing to cooperate with the media. I believe that everyone knows her personality. Of course, we won’t easily let people purposely pick faults or try to incite trouble.”

Wu Tong said this rightly but in reality, he was trying to hint at the reporters present. They want to ask questions? Sure, but don’t be too presumptuous. Otherwise, you’ll meet the same ending as Apple Daily Magazine.

Wu Tong smiled seeing the people quietening down. “Okay, you may ask questions now. Hm, this Xuri reporter, you may go first!”

Wu Tong chose the self-important Xuri Magazine. Their reporters were known for being difficult and troublesome.

The male reporter from Xuri was the same one that kept pestering Su Wan last night.

The male reporter held the mic and stood up seeing that he was called on. His sharp gaze was fixated on Su Wan.

Su Wan lifted her brows as the man provoked her. She shot him a charming smile. “Handsome guy, you can ask any question you want. “


The male reporter froze for a moment, shook by Su Wan’s smile. He then snapped out of his trance and said, “Su, Su Wan, from what I know, you still have three more years of contract with Xinyu Entertainment. Now that you announced the termination of the contract unilaterally, you will need to compensate a huge sum of penalty fee, don’t you? Have you found your next one? And is the other party going to pay the penalty fee for you?”

“This is a great question.”

Su Wan blinked her eyes at the man and exclaimed, “I was just about to talk to you guys about this. Of course, don’t misunderstand. I didn’t pay this handsome guy to help me put on a show. He’s the top reporter of Xuri, Li Weiyi. It’s not like I have the ability to invite him over.”

The reporters down the stage couldn’t help but laugh softly hearing Su Wan’s teasing words. As for Li Weiyi, his expression turned solemn and he looked at her a bit surprisingly.

Speaking of, Li Weiyi was considered a genius within the entertainment circle. He was the one that captured a picture of Su Wan and Lu Jun breaking up and fighting. This brazen and meticulous reporter had climbed several floors and took the picture through the window of a ward. One could see how devoted he was.

Li Weiyi was known as a brave man within the entertainment circle. Plus, he wasn’t afraid of offending people. He would publish any news that he got his hands on. He successfully took over the throne of the top reporter of Xuri with publishing exclusive and shocking news.

There was more to this man than meets the eyes.

The people under the stage laughed and they slowly relaxed. Su Wan then exclaimed calmly, “I terminated my contract with Xinyu Entertainment for personal reasons. As for the next company, I haven’t found one yet. I would need you guys to help me look around and hype myself! I don’t have a lot of requirements either. As long as any entertainment company appreciates me and is willing to give me a contract worth nine digits, then I’m willing to do anything for them!”

Nine digits!

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. What does a nine digit contract for an artist represent?

This was an incredibly expensive price!

“Su Wan, are you saying that Xinyu Entertainment isn’t paying you enough?”

Li Weiyi immediately followed Su Wan’s words and quickly asked the question.

“The salary that Xinyu is giving me is in the contract. It’s confidential so I can’t reveal the specifics.”

Su Wan smiled and stopped him when she heard his question. “Reporter Li, you can only ask one more question.”

Each person has a limit of three questions. This was the rule of her news conference.

Li Weiyi smiled and continued to ask, “Then here’s my last question. You said that you were going to shut out Apple Daily Magazine yesterday. From what I know, the owner of Apple Daily Magazine was good friends with Mr. Lu Jun. Does you shutting out the magazine have anything to do with Mr. Lu?”

Lu Jun?

Li Weiyi had beat around the bush and finally brought the topic back on to Lu Jun.

Su Wan kept a smile even after hearing his question. “I think that everyone in the world needs to have a grateful heart. I’ve been with Mr. Lu for five years and he had helped me a lot. I am really gratified. Now that we broke up and I heard that he started a new relationship, I sincerely want to bless him. Plus, you said that Apple Daily Magazine’s owner is friends with Mr. Lu. He’s not Mr. Lu himself. Therefore, everyone, let’s not implicate Mr. Lu Jun in this. He doesn’t belong in the entertainment circle so please don’t disturb him and his lover because of me. In short, I won’t make anymore comments about Apple Daily Magazine. Justice is in the will of people. Thank you.”

Li Weiyi’s gaze flickered hearing Su Wan’s words. In the end, he sat down, unaccepting to the words. Who doesn’t know about the relationship with Apple Daily Magazine and Su Wan?

A while ago, Apple Daily Magazine had destroyed the bridge after crossing the river. Everyone knew that it had chased after Su Wan endlessly but they kept quiet.

“Okay, the next person can ask!”

This time, Wu Tong stood up again and casually pointed at a female reporter sitting in the front row. She stood up, clearly excited. “Su Wan, have you considered the possibility that after terminating your contract with Xinyu and then listing a salary worth nine digits, many companies that originally planned on signing you would be scared off?”

“Since I listed this price, then that means I’m worth the price! As for whether or not someone’s going to sign me, let us see!”

The entire news conference went on for an hour and half. The reporters’ questions revolved around Su Wan terminating contract with Xinyu as well as the extremely expensive salary price. Everyone seemed to have forgotten their initial motive. After the press conference was over, Wu Tong brought all the reporters to a five-star hotel and ate at their buffet. Before leaving, Su Wan even took a picture with the reporters to keep as a souvenir.

The last one to leave was Li Weiyi from Xuri.

“Do you want to take a picture with me?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but lift her brows seeing his cold face.

“I’ll take a picture with you alone.”

Li Weiyi picked up his camera and then snapped a picture with Su Wan.

“Hey, I’ll be mad if the picture doesn’t look good.”

Su Wan couldn’t help but tease him seeing that Li Weiyi snapped the picture half-heartedly. Xuri Entertainment was known for its ugly pictures. There were many beautiful celebrity pictures that end up looking greasy and ugly like strangers on the streets when published in the newspaper.

“You’re beautiful no matter what.”

Li Weiyi couldn’t resist the urge to let Su Wan see the picture he snapped. Seeing that she looked really natural and beautiful in the picture, Su Wan nodded in satisfaction. “You’re much better than the photographers.”

Li Weiyi shrugged his shoulders and laughed. “He purposely snaps pictures of people at an ugly angle. Sister Wan, you naturally know about this.”

“Oh, really?”

Su Wan’s gaze flickered when she heard Li Weiyi changing the way he addressed her. “Do you have something to tell me? Is that why you left last?”

“Sister Wan, you’re smart.”

:Li Weiyi smiled and waved his camera. “There are lots of good pictures in this camera but it’s nothing compared to your extremely expensive contract. After I leave, I’ll make sure to write up a good draft of today’s events. If Sister Wan thinks that I’ve done a good job, then please take good care of me in the future. When you sign a contract with your new company, give me an exclusive interview, okay?”

“You’re sure that I’ll be able to sign such an expensive contract?”

Su Wan retorted questioningly.

Li Weiyi smiled. “Sister Wan, didn’t you say you’re worth the price? Since you are, there’s definitely going to be an intelligent person who will come to sign you. I believe in you!”

“Okay, leave your phone number with Wu Tong. I’ll contact you within a week!”

A week...

Li Weiyi immediately gave his personal number to Wu Tong after getting an affirmation from Su Wan. Then he left.

Wu Tong couldn’t help but exclaim in Su Wan’s ears softly, “Sister Wan, this Li Weiyi is known for being a thankless wretch. Be careful that he might end up going against you.”

“Going against me?”

Su Wan laughed. If he wasn’t afraid of losing, then sure~

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