Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 775: Saving a life with the power of electricity

While Shouzou struggled with his own thoughts, Sugou tried to find a way to bust Wu Yan's lie.

Sugou's not shaken by his words, he's absolutely panicking...

He knows what he did.

He locked Asuna up in a virtual world, he also turned 300 players into guinea pigs for his human emotion and memory manipulation experiments.

If Wu Yan revealed his deeds, he would lose his standing. He would also become an irredeemable villain in the eyes of the populace just like Kayaba Akihiko.

Sugou is a prudent man. That's the reason why he set up his laboratory in the virtual world, if anything goes south, he can use his administrator privilege to quickly get rid of all the compromising evidence.

If Asuna woke up, she would become a key witness for the 300 players who were imprisoned. It won't take long for the authorities to catch up to him.

Sugou must stop this from going any further!

He does not know how Wu Yan intends to save Asuna, but, he couldn't risk it!

"Wu Yan-san, right?"

Sugou stepped out. He used a friendly smile with Wu Yan.

"Your suggestion is very nice. But, I am sorry I don't think you can do something about Asuna's situation when other doctors and experts failed. Your dubious origin also unfortunately placed you in a very doubtful place to extend a help to us. We just can't risk it, please forgive us for denying your offer!"

Sugou phrased it as nicely as he could. He basically said Wu Yan is untrustworthy.

Shouzou steadied his mind and he sighed.

"Sorry, please leave..."

Shouzou words irked Wu Yan, he felt helpless.

He was being considerate since Shouzou is Asuna's dad. He would like nothing more than to put them down for a dirt nap. Helping Asuna is the main reason he came here.

Wu Yan grabbed Asuna's hand as he looked at her pale but pretty countenance.

Sugou and Shouzou tensed up. They were angry that Wu Yan ignored them. Wu Yan spoke up first.

"Shouzou-san, you don't know about Asuna's experience while she's trapped in the game, right?"

Wu Yan continued dropping verbal bombs on them.

"I married Asuna in that world."

Wu Yan said nonchalantly.

"We lived together for a year..."

Wu Yan's red eyes dimmed down. He spoke with a pair of sad eyes.

"Yuuki-san, if it's your wife on the bed, rendered immobile while her consciousness is trapped somewhere in the virtual realm. You have the solution in your hands..."

Moved, Shouzou looked at Wu Yan.

"What would you do?..."


Shouzou saw Wu Yan's eyes, he was silenced by Wu Yan's stern gaze.

He can hear the honesty in his words. His ability to judge characters were flawed, his doubt got the better to him.

Sugou changed his expression, he looked malicious and jealous.

Asuna spent a year in that crappy game sharing the same bed with this person?

No wonder that woman refused to budge.

Sugou felt extremely annoyed. He wanted to shed this man into a million pieces. But, he hid his thought well and he revealed a slightly crooked smile.

"Wu Yan-san, your actions are very problematic for me..."

Sugou grinned at him.

"Don't you know? Asuna's father just gave me permission to marry Asuna-san, yes, I am her fiancee!"

Sugou looked at Wu Yan, he wanted to see shock and anger on Wu Yan's face.

"Even if you say you lived for an entire year with Asuna, anything that happens in the virtual world has no bearing on real life. Your relationship with Asuna-san isn't legitimate!"

The room turned silent when Sugou was done. The temperature steadily decreased. So cold was the room that Sugou and Shouzou shivered subconsciously.

Sugou's words were enough to trigger Wu Yan. He turned his head towards the clown asking for a beatdown. His eyes weren't filled with anger or shock. His hostile intention manifested in the form of a calm and cold look that shook Sugou's core.

"You said Shouzou agreed to your marriage?..."

Wu Yan sneered while tilting his head.

"But, I think I objected, right?"

"Wu Yan-san, I know must be upset..."

Sugou lowered his head with a devious grin.

"Asuna's father made the decision, I hope you can understand..."

"Take a hike..."

Wu Yan stopped Sugou by waving his hand.

"Don't use sugary words with me, I hate fake formalities!"

Sugou had a flash of hostility in his eyes. Wu Yan looked at Shouzou.

"We will talk again when Asuna wakes up..."

Shouzou knitted his brows. He doesn't trust Wu Yan, but, he wants to believe his words badly. Wu Yan sighed with helplessness when he saw Shouzou's hesitation. He closed the partition, hiding the bed and him from view.

"Stand right there, it will be done in a jiffy..."

Wu Yan said nothing, he meant his words. If they interfered one more time, they will get knocked out so Wu Yan can work out Asuna's problem in peace.

After confirming Shouzou and Sugou weren't going to barge in, Wu Yan nodded with a satisfied look. He ruffled Asuna's hair while giggling.

"For you, I almost did something unforgivable to father-in-law..."

Wu Yan mumbled in a voice only Asuna and him can hear. He placed his hand on Asuna's Nervegear. He also observed the movements of the two men standing beyond the partition.

Crackle crackle

He emitted bluish-white electricity that entered the Nervegear, he started using his computational powers to manipulate the signals between the Nervegear and Asuna's brain.

Man, this isn't as easy as I thought...

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