Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 998: Exhibition, statues, stories...

Itogami Island, Keystone Gate...

As the tallest building on Itogami Island, Keystone Gate is one of the most magnificent buildings on Itogami Island.

Standing on the top floor of this building gave the visitor a view of the entire island. Meanwhile, the underground floors are foundations for keeping the island together. There are various facilities built in this building. High-class boutique stores, history museums, and various other types of establishments can be found here.

There are also exhibits and displays set up specifically for visitors and tourists. This place is the first place to visit for most tours centered around Itogami Island.

It's not only a critical place for Itogami Island, Keystone Gate is also a tourist hotspot, a must-visit for any tourist.

Naturally, Wu Yan and Nagisa came here for their date too.

Standing near the main entrance, Wu Yan reckons the building is as tall as Silvaria's Arena Tower.

He came here numerous times before, two times to be exact. He didn't come here for tourism in the past.

The first time, he was solving the Angel Faux incident. Natsuki brought him here and he saw a dying fake angel that became the key to completing mission 2. It's also the mission that brought Kanon into his life.

The second time he came here, it was to save Natsuki who was in a contract with the devil. He stood here and he used his black dragon, Lei Xian to find the Prison Barrier, thereby busting her out of that place.

Fortunately, the third time he came to the Keystone Gate, he came because he is on a date with his girlfriend. Otherwise, Wu Yan would have called his affinity with this building into question.

"Sensei! Sensei!"

Wu Yan felt someone pushing his shoulder and he looked back to see Nagisa pouting.

"Mou, what are you thinking about? I called you so many times..."

Puffing her cheeks into two tiny buns, she complained. She didn't notice her cuteness and the mental damage she dealt to a certain lewd wolf.

"Are you thinking about Kotori-chan or Kanon-chan? Or maybe, you're thinking about Natsuki-sensei?!"

Natsuki pursed her lips and she turned her head to the side.

"You're here to play with me. Jeez, Sensei you're the worst."

"No, I swear I wasn't!"

Wu Yan grabbed her hand.

"I am just thinking about the things that happened these few days. Today's all yours, Nagisa, chill..."


Nagisa sneaked a glance.

"No lying, okay?"

"I am not!"

Wu Yan chortled.

This girl is very innocent. Kotori was fooling around when she brought Nagisa closer to him. She didn't get angry over his relationship with Kotori. She also didn't mind his relationship with Natsuki. She probably felt like her feelings were stronger than anyone else so she's cool as a cucumber, right?

She's a cute girl and it's hard for anyone to hate her. Nobody can ignore her when she's in a room.

Nagisa regained her smile and the two entered the Keystone Gate. They looked around until they stumbled on an entrance to an exhibit.

This is one of Wu Yan's planned destinations.


Nagisa started jumping in joy.

The wall is glistening with golden light while historical pieces of art that looked new were hung on the walls here. The large hanging lamp is the source of the golden light. It's day so it wasn't lit, but the reflected light is too intense for anyone to look straight at it.

There were glass cabinets and display cases everywhere. There are ancient relics that were brought here, Itogami Island's 3D display, famous celebrity memorabilia, fur and skin of demons, even ancient fossils were on display.

For Nagisa who is curious by nature, these displays were very exciting. Wu Yan brought her here because he knew she would enjoy them.

Granted, this is just one of his objectives.

"Uwa~ This looks fun..."

She placed her hands against a glass window, she was peering into a display case with an ornate stone in it. She almost plastered her face against the glass window.

"This place is so fun. There are interesting exhibits all over the place. There are also pretty gems here. This beats the museum near our place. I went there so many times but I never found the chance to come here. I didn't think this place was so fun. Why didn't I come here before? What a shame..."

Nagisa continued firing off comments after comments. She didn't even stop to breathe which amazed Wu Yan.

"This is frustrating..."

Nagisa tilted her head.

"I have been living here for 4 years, I am here longer than Sensei but Sensei discovered this place first. I just feel a bit sad."

"First time coming here?"

Wu Yan giggled when he saw her cute reaction. Nagisa curled her lips.

"Yes, Nagisa never came here before..."

"Then I am sure you don't know about this..."

Wu Yan continued while hyping her.

"There's something very very special here, you should totally see it..."

"Something worth seeing?..."

Nagisa immediately fell for it.

"What's that?..."

Wu Yan chuckled. He grabbed his hand and they went around the corner. Nagisa saw a very special exhibit.

It's a set involving statutes and a well...

The statue is a young guy holding an elderly woman...

"What's this?"

Nagisa tilted her head in confusion.

Compared to the other exhibits here, the statue seemed lackluster.

"Is that the thing you told me about?"

Wu Yan laughed, he pointed at the statue and he asked her a question.

"Nagisa, do you know the relationship of the young guy and the elderly woman?"

"The relationship?"

She thought about it, she tried to come up with an intuitive answer after examining the young guy and the elderly woman

"Mother and son?"

Wu Yan shook his head. He said something that astonished Nagisa.

"Nope, they are couples!"

"A couple?!"

Nagisa jumped back in shock. She shook her head.

"No way! That guy is so young and she's a grandma..."


Wu Yan grabbed her hand.

"It might look like that but that young guy is actually older than the elderly woman, you know..."


Nagisa flinched.

"How come?"

A young man who looked like he is in his twenties and an elderly woman who looked like she is in her seventies, those two are a couple?


Wu Yan started explaining.

"That guy is a vampire and the elderly woman is just a normal human..."

Nagisa finally understood and Wu Yan gave her a warm smile.

"Do you want to hear the story behind this statue?"

"The story"

Nagisa's intrigued.

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