Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 996: Physical contract and mind unison

Itogami Island, Southern float, residential area, apartment unit 703...

Wu Yan and Kotori sat on the same couch. Natsuki and Kanon sat on the opposite couch. The two had thoughtful looks. Wu Yan and Kotori exchanged a look. They waited for the women to digest what they just told them...

The mood in the living room turned heavy. Natsuki is the first one to lift her head.

"So, you two are actually from another world. You guys came here from another world through the special System you guys have?"

"More or less. It's hard to explain it to you girls before you're summoned. In any case, that's about it..."

Kotori answered. This is one of those rare moments where she's actually serious.

"We are definitely not natives of this world."

"You guys aren't from this world..."

Kanon continued with an uneasy expression.

"Then Sensei and Kotori-chan, are you two going to leave someday?"

The room turned silent for three seconds.

Natsuki used her sapphire eyes on the two otherworlders.

"You guys chose to reveal this so that means you guys are leaving soon, right?"

Kanon's heart throbbed. Kotori bitterly laughed while Wu Yan shook his head in a hurry.

"Yes, that's true but we are taking you two with us since you're all my familiars..."

Kanon lit up, she beamed radiantly at Wu Yan and even Natsuki looked way better than before.

Kanon and Natsuki aren't particularly attached to Itogami Island. As a witch engineered by the Management Corp, why would she have a good opinion about the island?

Natsuki only cared about her students. After all, she went up against Aya 10 years ago because she wanted to protect her students.

She has been protecting Itogami Island all thise while because she cared about the individuals on this island, not the island itself.

Wu Yan also explained how this universe will enter a time stasis when Wu Yan's gone. Natsuki didn't think something so unbelievable can happen but she's going with Wu Yan anyway.

She doesn't want to abandon her students, she also didn't want to quit her teaching career.

As for Kanon, she's fine as long as she's with Wu Yan & co.

When Wu Yan brought her into this family, she already made up her mind to go wherever they go.

"Becoming your familiar is very troublesome as expected..."

Natsuki pointed her fan at his nose.

"Well, that's all for our side. Don't you have a certain middle school girlfriend? What about her?"


Wu Yan and Kotori frowned.

"Aren't you two going to explain yourselves to her?"

Natsuki nonchalantly said while Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Let's put that aside for now. It's only going to make her worry and troubled if we tell her our origins. Since the world will enter a state of stasis, there's no difference..."

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

Natsuki, Kanon, and even Kotori stared at Wu Yan with serious looks.

"You better think carefully!"

Natsuki warned him.

"Yeah, don't do this half-heartedly..."

Kotori gave him a word of advice.

"A girl's heart can be complicated at times..."

"What the heck..."

Wu Yan wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Kanon also spoke up.

"Sensei, if Nagisa found out about this, about how you kept something so important from her, I am sure she would be very sad..."


Wu Yan flinched.

With Nagisa's personality, that seemed very likely...

Wu Yan felt conflicted.

"You girls have any suggestions? If I told her then she's going to insist we take her with us..."

Nagisa is a very simplistic girl. She always followed the voice of her heart. Unlike Natsuki, she doesn't need to think about other students, her job, or even her brother. When she makes up her mind, she's going to follow that idea to the end.

If she found out about Wu Yan & co's departure, the time stasis concept probably wouldn't affect her mindset. She's going to be hung up on Wu Yan's departure.

It's not hard to see why she would beg them to take her with them.

However, Nagisa is just a normal girl with a pure soul. can she really survive the adventures in Silvaria?

Wu Yan is hesitant on explaining things to Nagisa because of this...

It seems keeping her out of the loop is also not an option.

They exchanged helpless glances.

Natsuki slapped her fan against her palm.

"You can turn people into your familiar, just turn her into your familiar and take her with you, problem solved..."

"It's not that easy..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"I already told you girls that the transformation process requires syncing up your body and mind. Your nature must also satisfy the Monster Tattoo's requirement."

"Body and mind sync, nature-requirement fit, those are vague words, how do we initiate that process?!"

"A new set of problems, huh..."

Kotori crunched the candy in her mouth.

"If we keep going down this route, is there even a conclusion in sight?"

Natsuki thought about the options. Suddenly, she turned towards Kanon.

"Kanase Kanon, you can stay in this realm despite ascending into an angelic form. That's because Yan modified your Angel Circuits and supplied you with magic, right?"

Kanon flinched in shock but she nodded anyway. Natsuki continued down her train of logic.

"For me, Yan destroyed the contract between the devil and I. He supplied me with his magic power and that's why I can still use my witch powers. Maybe that's the key behind body sync?"

Their eyes lit up.

"Oh, that's possible!"

Kotori took out the candy in her mouth.

"That's the common point between you two, I think we are onto something here!"

"What about the mind aspect?"

Wu Yan asked.

"What were you two thinking at the time?!"

Kanon blinked in surprise. Wu Yan looked very hopeful so she slowly explained with a red face while averting her gaze.

"I...I am not sure. When I was ascending to the higher plane, I felt Sensei's magic power and I-I missed Sensei a-a lot..."

"Missing me?"

Wu Yan and Kotori exchanged bewildered looks. Then, they looked at Natsuki.

"How about you?"

Wu Yan and Kotori can see the panic in her eyes. She turned her head the other way and she said nothing.

Kotori started giggling with her palms against her cheeks.

"This mind aspect, I think I have an idea. Rather than the specific feeling of longing, it's because your feelings for Onii-san reached a high level and that prompted a change in said emotions, right?"


Wu Yan's jaw dropped.

"No way..."

He got a cheeky look, a flustered look, and a leer from the girls around him.

If Wu Yan didn't understand what this meant then he should really be kicked to death by a horse. He chuckled awkwardly.

Perhaps turning Nagisa into a familiar might be possible...

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