Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 995: Curtain dropped, it's time.

Itogami Island, Saikai Academy...

Standing on the edge of the rooftop, Wu Yan watched as students went about their daily routines. He turned around.

"You really did me a solid this time..."

"I am glad I can help..."

The girl with a book said. Her glasses and her braided hair gave her identity away, she's one of the three saints overseeing the Lion King Organization, Shizuka Koyomi.

Koyomi looked at Wu Yan who is smiling brightly.

"Looks like you got to do whatever you wanted to do."

"In a way..."

Koyomi's ambiguous wording elicited a curt response from Wu Yan.

He isn't letting his guard down, she's one of the three saints, with her young age, her achievement must have been epic to grant her such a high position at such a young age. She must have got there through her wits and ploys. Getting dragged into a prolonged conversation with her will not yield him any benefits.

Koyomi read Wu Yan's mind and she opened her mouth.

"The evacuated citizens are more or less back. Only a select few know about the destruction of the Prison Barrier. The other forces investigating Itogami Island will probably give up soon enough..."

Wu Yan examined Koyomi.

Natsuki was in her enchanted sleep as part of her bargain with the devil, she borrowed power so she has to stay there to pay the price.

Why would anyone trade power for total restriction of freedom?

Did she let the power blind her judgment? Did she think the risk-reward was worth it?

Nope. She became a witch when she was born.

How can someone become a witch and sign a deal with the devil when she is just an infant?

The Management Corp designed her as a tool that facilitated the Prison Barrier.

Her soul was offered up as a witch, she didn't choose her fate.

It was chosen for her.

Koyomi's trying to tell Wu Yan that the ones who designed the Prison Barrier System isn't cognizant of Natsuki's salvation yet.

If they found out Natsuki got saved and the Prison Barrier's gone then even if they aren't afraid of Wu Yan, they would still cause problems for him.

If they have the resource and power to create the Prison Barrier, the powers that be surely will find out the truth in due time.

Koyomi also said only a few knows about Natsuki's condition. The others are still investigating.

Someone obfuscated the truth to interfere with the Management Corp's investigation.

After listening to Koyomi, who else had the power and capability to get in the Management Corp's way?

Moreover, she's also implying it was her, someone of high status who pulled strings to make the authorities lose track of Wu Yan's deeds.

Koyomi is doing this in good faith.

But, why?

Because he's a primogenitor?

Wu Yan paused and he looked at Koyomi again.

"I will remember this..."

Wu Yan raised his foot. He went past Koyomi and he wanted to open the rooftop door when...

"Lastly, may I ask one more question?"

Koyomi's cool tone echoed on the rooftop.

"What do you think of the current status?"

Wu Yan sneered. He opened the door while giving Koyomi the answer.

"I don't know. Anyway, I don't like ruling a vampire country or rule the vampires, I have no interest in anything for now..."

Wu Yan's footsteps faded into the distance.

Koyomi looked down at the students giggling and walking down there. She sighed after a while.

"Seriously, what a sly primogenitor..."

A notification rang in Wu Yan's mind.

Mission 3 completed, obtained Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points & Summoning Points x 30,000

Quest: Salvation

Mission 1: Become an assault mage on Itogami Island (completed)

Mission reward: Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points x 5,000

Mission 2: Stop the Heaven Ascension rites and save the artificial angel, Kanase Kanon (completed)

Mission reward: Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points x 10,000

Mission 3: Investigate the mystery behind Natsuki's existence and solve it. (completed)

Mission reward: Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points x 30,000

Unit: Wu Yan

Equipment Points: 47,170

Item Points: 1,305,000

Ability Points: 46,000

Summoning Points: 47,300

Level: 80

Finally, I finished the third mission.

Wu Yan sighed.

He came into this world to summon his familiars, he didn't want the bloodline ability he got to go to waste.

He didn't think staying one month in this world would come with so many encounters.

Only Kotori was by his side when he descended into this world. Now, he's got two very powerful familiars and two beautiful women he transformed into his familiars.

I wonder how are Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the sisters doing?

He started missing them.

Maybe it's time for me to go back?

A petite figure appeared on the path he's walking on.

"You're a teacher from the middle school division, what were you doing on the high school division's rooftop?"

The sudden noise shook Wu Yan back into reality. He looked at the source of the sound to see a doll-like beauty staring back at him.


Wu Yan shook his head.

"Stop appearing out of nowhere, you're gonna give me a heart attack one of these days..."

"I was standing here since the start, you just stumbled across me while you're deep in your own thoughts."

Natsuki said with arms akimbo. She gave him a very unfriendly smile.

"Something amusing must have happened there, you got tired of middle school students so now you're after high school students?!"

"What are you talking about?..."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"I am not thinking about high school girls, I am focused on other stuff."

"Other stuff?"

He nodded. Wu Yan hesitated for a second before grabbing Natsuki's hand.

"Since you're here, there's something I need to tell you..."


Natsuki glanced at him. She knows Wu Yan is about to say something important so she didn't flip out. But, she continued.

"Firstly, let go of me!"

"Ha? Don't tell me you're embarrassed?"

"....I don't care, just let go!"

"What was that brief pause? I was right, yeah? Hmmmm?!"


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