Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 993: Burning time, using the familiar with the white flames


Everyone can hear his voice. His summon echoed throughout the area. The white flames raged even harder as if somebody threw fuel on it.

Throb throb

The white flames started throbbing, it felt like there's a volcano underneath them waiting to explode. After an explosion, the sea of flames expanded to engulf everything.

They can only see white flames.

"White... flames?..."

Aya created a spatial barrier that separated her body from the white flames. The flames had sentience, it stayed there without attacking Aya.

"Those flames!"

Kojou recalled the first time he met Wu Yan.

His vassal beast was about to rampage and he fell into despair because he thought he's going to destroy Itogami Island. However, the white flames reduced Regulus Aurum to nothing.

The owner of the flames descended again.

Kojou and Yukina were staring at the white flames with wide eyes. Although the flame's brilliance hurt their eyes, they didn't shift their gaze.

Vatler's also mesmerized...

"That familiar!"

His eyes shone with excitement, bloodlust started creeping up his face.

When he first came to Itogami Island, he was defeated by the white flame familiar.

Natsuki and Kotori also watched the center of the ball of flames without saying anything.

Natsuki looked forward to it...

She's waiting for Wu Yan to turn the tide and save her.

Kotori's just happy. She felt joy when Wu Yan started using flames. She's a flame spirit and she likes seeing Wu Yan use flame-related abilities.

The white flames-clad Wu Yan emerged with his dark and veiny arms. His roiling magic power assaulted everything nearby while creating bloody mist.

"Come forth, White Dragon Zhuo Yan (Luminous Flame)!"

Then, earth stood still...

The white flames contracted and they condensed around Wu Yan. The white flames merged with the bloody mist Wu Yan's giving off and a figure slowly materialized.

It's a giant dragon that stood on its hind legs.

It's wearing its white flames like an expensive coat, its whole body's pure white. Its whiskers were whiskers of flames that fluttered despite the influence of wind and gravity. Its arms had white webbings that were spread wide. It also had draconic claws.

Its long tail is on fire too, every swing of its tail created ripples in space. White flames also spewed forth when it lightly wagged its tail. It also had a white flame aura that climbed up the dragon, ending near its head where its sapphire-blue eyes were located.

It's a completely different familiar compared to the black dragon, Lei Xian (Falling lightning).

If the black dragon is a tyrant that ruled hell, this white dragon is the god that looked down from its heavenly throne.

It had an aura of absolute authority.

The others were also enchanted by this majestic dragon. Vatler saw it once and he's still stunned by its appearance.


Yukina couldn't find another word to describe the creature.

"That's the familiar controlling the white flames?"

Natsuki and Kotori focused.

"Finally, it's here again!"

Vatler endured the urge to fight Zhuo Yan, he clenched his fists so hard he started bleeding from his palms.

"Don't joke around..."

Kojou had a bitter look. He's trembling because he's trying to keep his familiars from rampaging out of control.

"Don't tell me you guys want to come bursting out each time that vampire-sensei summons his familiar?!"

Kojou scolded his familiars. Aya also clenched her teeth as she gazed upon the white dragon.

Aya felt threatened by the dragon.

"Who is that?! Why is he with a familiar of that order?! This power..."

Aya's mind told her to stop whatever Wu Yan's about to do.

However, the white flames surrounding Aya forced her into a passive stance. She can only stand there while waiting for her chance.

Aya planned her escape from Prison Barrier, she planned to trap Natsuki and she planned to take Natsuki's memories after escaping. She set up her plans perfectly.

Yet, she's foiled by Wu Yan at every turn.

He set a barrier that trapped all the inmates on Itogami Island. He also put a stop to her plans to steal Natsuki's memories. This male, how can he possibly be a mere mortal?

She was too careless.

Because of this oversight, she's probably going to be defeated.


The white dragon bellowed at the sky.

As if responding to the dragon emperor's call, the ground crumbled while white flame pillars shot up from the cracks.


White flame pillars surrounded them. Then, the flames exploded outwards, covering all the runes with white flames.

The runes were on fire.


Aya couldn't believe her eyes.

"That's not possible! I engraved space with the runes, how can they be set ablaze?!"

"Can that flame burn even space itself?!"

"Nope, you're wrong..."

Wu Yan answered from deep within his ball of white flames.

"Zhuo Yan burns time, not space."

The white flames can't things other than time.

When the time of the runes got burned to nothing, it naturally got deleted from existence.

The white dragon burns time and the black dragon destroys space.

The twin dragons were entities that had power over time and space.

With her judgment set, the white flames started assaulting Aya's space barrier, it didn't take long for her barrier to be engulfed in a ball of white flames.


The barrier shattered and the white flames went for Aya.

Aya watched in horror as the flames came for her. Then, the flames mysteriously stopped in midair. Next, she saw a hand-blade that landed a solid strike on her neck.

Groaning once, Aya felt her consciousness leaving her mind

She's still holding her grimoire.

She struggled to keep her eyes open, her heart is filled with frustration.

Is this the end?

She closed her eyes as her consciousness faded.


The white flames receded after the dragon dispelled them. Soon, the elegant white dragon also faded from view.

Natsuki picked up the grimoire Aya dropped.


Minamiya Natsuki's abnormal status cleared. Monster Tattoo activated, transforming...

The Witch of the Void became a familiar.

Natsuki felt her body change much to her surprise. Natsuki turned into dots of black light before seeping into Wu Yan.

Wu Yan smiled when another familiar presence started existing within him.

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