Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 991: Taking enemies down one by one, abnormality?


Yukina pressed on her assault, Gigliola couldn't catch a breath even when she jumped to another building. The sharp spear came for her once more.

Gigliola's eyes were flashing with grimness.

Her familiar and Vatler's familiar got dispelled the moment she touched the familiars with her spear. Gigliola isn't smug enough to try getting hit by that magical spear even if she's technically an immortal vampire.

Gigliola stomped and she jumped back. She evaded Yukina's Sekkarou but she didn't stop there, Yukina continued pouncing on her, chasing down Gigliola until they were far away from the original battlefield.

"That idiot! What is she doing?!"

Shutora D roared. He raised his hand and whirlwinds started circling his arm.

"You assholes! Are you going to ignore me like this?! Damn you all!"

Shutora cursed while hurling a tornado at Yukina who is some distance away.

"Come, Regulus Aurum!"

A golden lightning storm descended in a flurry of lightning bolts. It's a giant lion with golden armor.


The lightning lion charged at the tornado.

Snap crackle snap

Everywhere the lion went, the tornado got smashed apart. It didn't take long for Shutora's wind attack to get cancelled out. The lion also exposed Shutora D.


Shutora knew how scary the lion is when it tore his attack apart. He assumed he's just a normal primogenitor, he realized how sorely mistaken he was. He dodged by jumping backward.


The lion pounced on his original spot, if he didn't dodge, this half-awakened primogenitor would have electrocuted Shutora D. The impact area had lightning arcing around and the air even got ionized.


Shutora had a cruel smile on his face. A drop of cold sweat flowed down the side of his head.

"Not bad, you asshole..."


Kojou said in a tired voice. He's still clad in lightning.

"I will be troubled if you mess with Himeragi..."

"Ha?! So you're here to die for her sake?! You dummy!"

Shutora still cursed the guy despite his shaking heart.

"Look, I would if I can die..."

Kojou's red eyes flashed and the lightning around him surged forth, forming the golden lion again.

"Alas, my cursed body won't allow me to rest in peace."

"Go! Regulus Aurum!"



Shutora cursed while channeling his psychic energy.

Four translucent burly arms appeared near Shutora. The arms were psychic arms of pure energy.

"Oi oi oi..."

Kojou gasped.

"Don't tell me those arms can fire cyclones too?!"

"You got that right, you bitch!"

Shutora raised all six arms and tornadoes wrapped those arms.

"Since you're smart enough to know that, lie down and die you asshole!"

He sent the tornadoes to tear everything in front of him to pieces. The tornadoes also collided with Regulus Aurum.


The lion pushed up against the tornadoes while the dark clouds looming over them slowly scattered.


Seeing Regulus Aurum struggling against his attack gave Shutora his confidence back. It's like he needed to pat his weak ego, he laughed out loud.

"So what if you're a primogenitor! In front of my Storm Breaker Axe, even a primogenitor is nothing but a bug!"

"Oh, yeah?"

A tired voice came from beyond the tornadoes. Then, he heard something behind him. He could see lightning and gold light when he looked back.

Shutora's smile was petrified and a chill went up his spine.

Kojou raised his right fist. He bellowed.

"Why don't you try a primogenitor knuckle sandwich?!"

His golden lightning-clad fist smashed into Shutora's back.

"It's over! Shutora!"


Shutora felt a sharp pain from his back. Then, the lightning coursed throughout his mortal body.

His spine bent at an impossible angle when he got sent flying into a concrete wall nearby. He got engraved in that structure and he never got up after that...


He looked at the human-shaped hole in the wall and he sighed.


Yukina returned with an unconscious woman on her shoulder. She knocked Gigliola out.

"Oh, you done with your side too? Himeragi..."


Yukina threw Gigliola down like a sack of potatoes.

Her whip familiar is only useful against foes she can manipulate. When faced with Sekkarou that can dispel her familiar, she quickly fell into a disadvantaged position. Her other familiar, the Aguijon is basically just a swarm of magic bees. Against a sword shaman trained in blitz attacks, the bees couldn't even shine.

With her familiars thwarted, Gigliola never stood a chance against Yukina.

Her defeat was inevitable...



Two pillars of flame lit up the rooftop of a building nearby. The flames were so intense they lit up the dark clouds above them. When the flames settled, they saw it...

Vatler and Kotori stood there together. Kotori had her feathery robe, her Astral Dress turned on. Meanwhile, Vatler had a draconic familiar wrapping around him. The two stood there as they basked in what remained of the flames before.

In front of those two, they could see a charred Kiliga and Broodt who got wrecked so hard his armor were in pieces.

Kotori and Vatler also finished their duels.

All except for Aya were defeated.

Aya watched her comrades go down with a cold smile. She stood there when she saw an expressionless girl in Hafuku.

"You're the only one left, Aya..."

Natsuki showed her a pitiful look.

"Give up, Aya, you will never succeed..."


Aya didn't spare another look for her fallen comrades. She also had a confident smile despite the strong foes around her.

Natsuki suddenly had a bad feeling when she saw Aya's cocksure grin.

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