Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 990: A chaotic fight, an all-out fight


Kanon is surprised someone called her so suddenly. Wu Yan pushed the asleep Nagisa into her care.

"Look after Nagisa!"


Kanon was taken aback.


Kanon's panicky look amused Wu Yan, he rubbed her head.

"Believe in yourself, you can do it, I know you can..."

Kanon's eyes shone brightly and she nodded resolutely.


"Very good!"

Wu Yan gave her a satisfied smile. His main arm started turning black with red magical lines running on it.

"Descend! Divine Angel!"

A wave of magic power started seeping into Kanon. After receiving this infusion of magical essence, Kanon's body started lighting up with a divine sheen.

Three pairs of wings spread out behind Kanon as feathers rained down. A halo appeared above her head. She transformed into a pure angel that illuminated the dark sky.

Kanon's empowered state boosted her confidence. She flapped her wings and she ferried Nagisa away from the battlefield.

"A familiar? Natsuki is a vassal beast?!"

This came as a surprise to Natsuki who wasn't told about Kanon's identity. She looked at the divine angel with an astonished look.

"What's going on here?!"

"Don't ask me, I don't know."

Kojou shook his head bitterly. Yukina also looked away from Kanon.

"Sensei said she transformed from a human to a familiar. As for how, sensei didn't tell us..."

Natsuki raised an eyebrow. She had an idea but an explosion disrupted her thoughts.


The blue sea serpent spat out another magic wind bomb. It was aimed at the five Prison Barrier prisoners who were standing on top of the building near their apartment.

The building got blasted to smithereens. The whole thing got reduced to rubble in an instant.

"Aiming the five of us at the same time..."

Gigliola giggled.

"Dimitrie Vatler, are you planning on fighting all of us?!"

"Sounds great to me!"

Vatler guffawed.

"That sounds fun!"


His sea serpent familiar hissed, it charged at the prisoners with the might of a speeding train.

"That asshole! He's so cocky!"

Shutora D complained.

"My god..."

Broodt looked at the serpent with cold eyes. Then, he unsheathed the sword strapped to his back. He got into a batting stance.

"So defenseless!!!"

Broodt's greatsword chopped the serpent's neck easily.

Other vampires would laugh at this scene.

Familiars are magic composite, they are just magic power given form.

To stop one, a fighter needs to use a magic attack equal or greater than the familiar.

Broodt chopped the familiar with his sword.

This is basically like trying to cut an erupting volcano in half. The swordsman will just get incinerated and carbonized.

However, what happened next is shocked the fighters.

The armored guy cut the serpent in twain with his shining sword. The powerful slash didn't even give the serpent a chance to hiss.


Kojou and Yukina were baffled by that display.

Vatler flinched but he quickly grinned like his familiar didn't just get negated.

"Right, you're part of the dragon slayer clan..."

Vatler's serpent is draconic in nature, that's why they are so strong. When Vatler combines his familiars, the snakes appear to gain draconic features.

For the dragon slayers, there is no better match-up than Vatler. In his eyes, Vatler is just as easy to slay as a newly minted vampire.

Vatler's naturally happy to find the guy's extra attribute damage against his serpent.

"Great! That's fantastic!"

Vatler used more magic power, lighting himself up through a pillar of magic power that transformed into a dark serpent.


The snake hissed, its noise had offensive properties. It didn't take for space beams to appear, cutting everything caught up in it.

Bam bam bam

Vatler didn't use his fusion skill, he chose to use his strongest unfused familiar. This was an AOE attack that assaulted everything nearby.

The dark space beams disintegrated everything it touched. Stones were also flying all over the place so the prisoners had to dodge once more.

Angered by Vatler's action, a certain vampire roared.

"Don't overestimate yourself! Snake bastard!"

Gigliola's whip lit up with a magical red hue.

It's a familiar in the form of a weapon. Only female vampires of the Chaos Bride lineage can use this type of familiar.

She cracked her whip and the whip tangled Vatler's serpent.


The snake roared again, this time, the snake sounded like it's hurt.

The serpent then betrayed its master by attacking Wu Yan & co.


Vatler frowned when the vassal beast left his control. Then, he grinned with satisfaction.

"Hmm? You can control familiars? As expected of the Chaos Bride's progeny..."

"It's not the time for you to joke around!"

Kojou roared from the back. He raised his hand after steeling himself up.


Yukina is the first one to counter.

Her silver spear pierced the serpent and the serpent disappeared along with the whip familiar.

"What the?!"

Gigliola gasped.

Yukina stood in front of Gigliola with her spear ready to attack.

"Sensei! I will handle her!"

Wu Yan nodded.

Sekkarou is Gigliola's bane.


Kojou scratched his head and he looked at Shutora.

"Looks like I can't stand here without doing anything..."

Kotori nodded and she set her eyes on the fake Dalai Lama Kiliga. She snickered.

"I guess I can play for a while..."

"Flame spirit user..."

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