Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 989: The five prisoners from the Prison Barrier


The delinquent-looking inmate cried out.

"He just..."

The arrogant young man couldn't believe what he just saw. His powerful attack just got thwarted like it was nothing. To the delinquent, it's a massive critical hit on his fragile ego.

"Those flames..."

The old man in Lama clothes frowned, he had a grim look as he gave his opinion on the flames.

"Those aren't normal flames!"

"Who is he?"

The slutty-looking woman asked while the muscled man continued staring at Wu Yan. The two appeared to be as cool as cucumber, however, their apprehensive tone gave them away.

After such a long time in the Prison Barrier, they know how strong the punk can be in a fight. His full-power attack failed to do anything against the youth with a flaming sword. They raised their guards up.

Even Aya narrowed her eyes when she saw the flames.

When Aya was freed, she tried to sneak attack Natsuki to get her memories. She did escape with Natsuki's power but she didn't get the most important thing she wanted.

It was all because Wu Yan put a stop to her curse by stabbing Natsuki with the Rule Breaker. Her curse couldn't completely activate.

Although she did steal Natsuki's powers, her real objective: the Dark Oath Grimoire eluded her. In the end, she had to run away without achieving anything.

Now, this man stood between Aya and her ambitions once more.

"It seems this guy's the barrier master..."

Aya mumbled with a frosty voice. The other convicts turned their attention towards Wu Yan.

"It's him?!"

They started emitting violent auras.

The savage auras they gave off can only come from people who have killed or harmed many.

"Yan! (Sensei!)"

Kotori, Natsuki, Kanon, Nagisa, Yukina, and Kojou bust open the rooftop door and they saw Wu Yan facing off against the prisoners.

Natsuki growled when she saw the prisoners.

"You guys, again?!"

"You're the witch of Void?"

The vampiress was shocked to see Natsuki in her new form. She almost couldn't recognize her.

"Ahahaha! What is up with that?! Yo, Witch of the Void! Why do you look like that?! Ah!!!"

The delinquent started laughing out loud, he couldn't handle her pathetic look.

"Suits you right, you bitch!"

Wu Yan slowly descended next to Natsuki.

"These prisoners are working with Aya? They don't look like pushovers..."

Natsuki nodded. She roamed her eyes over the delinquent.

"Shutora D, a descendant of the Tenbu lineage, he can use telekinesis, he must be the one who attacked us just now!"

She looked at the slut standing next to Shutora D and she identified her.

"That's Gigliola Ghirardi, a descendant vampire of the third primogenitor, Chaos Bride. She's a pure-blooded vampire specializing in mind control, her familiar affects people mentally, she's a very dangerous individual."

Natsuki looked at the muscled man.

"That's Broodt Dumblegraff, an ex-mercenary who was once employed by the West European Church, he is also a descendant of a dragon slayer clan. His trained physique and his sword are very dangerous, you should be careful when he swings his blade."

Natsuki looked at the old man in Dalai Lama clothes.

"That guy's Kiliga Gilika, he's a monster who surgically implanted a flame spirit into himself, he's a spirit summoner."

"A flame spirit user?"

Kotori showed a look of amusement and intrigue. She wasn't paying attention to Natsuki's introduction until she mentioned the old man's power.

"Finally, Aya who can use spatial spells just like you. I see..."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"So they are all very powerful?"


Kojou clenched his fists, he certainly felt the oppressive auras the five prisoners were emitting and he growled.

"Aren't we in a terrible situation here?"

"Yukina-chan... Kanon-chan..."

Nagisa grabbed Yukina's arm while hugging Kanon's other arm. She's scared.

"It's okay, Nagisa-chan..."

Yukina assured her.

"Wu Yan-sensei and Minamiya-sensei's here, it will be fine..."

Nagisa glanced at Yukina and she sighed in relief. She didn't see Yukina's hidden hesitation and worry.

Natsuki's power is still far from recovered. Kojou, Kanon, and Yukina also had to keep their covers up since Nagisa's here. They can only rely on Wu Yan and Kotori to take the enemies down. Yukina isn't entirely sure both of them can take down these five veteran prisoners.

Yukina doesn't know Wu Yan and Kotori's true power so she couldn't make a fair assessment.

The five prisoners were all tier 8 prisoners, exceptionally strong even among tier 8 cultivators.

However, Wu Yan and Kotori are on tier 9.

They can take down all five with just one of them.

Plus, it's not only Kotori and Wu Yan at this party...

"Oh, my... Seems like something fun's happening right here..."

Vatler appeared from his golden mist. He stood there with his hands in his pockets. He continued with an excited look.

"That's not very nice, you guys didn't invite me to an interesting event like this..."


"Dimitrie Vatler!"

He started chuckling when the others recognized him.

He stood against the prisoners while standing with Wu Yan & co. Vatler looked at the enemy line-up with glee written all over his face.

"The Witch of Notaria... Tenbu descendant... Dragon Slayer clan descendant, a progeny of the Chaos Bride... A flame spirit user..."

"Haha... HAHAHA!"

Vatler tried his best to suppress the excitement in his heart.

"Yes! Yesss!!! Now, this is what I call fun!"

Vatler started laughing out loud like a predator that found its prey. Aya and the other prisoners got angry with him.

"What an asshole! He's just a vampire noble!"

Shutora D's veins bulged near his temples. Influenced by his wrath, he sent wind blades to whip Vatler!

"Don't get cocky with me! You bastard!"


Vatler's eyes turned deep red and a pale-blue sea serpent emerged from behind him, the magic snake shot out air bullets to intercept the wind blades.

The wind blades and wind bullets collided in the sky.


The ensuing collision created a wind blast that assaulted everything around the center of the area of effect. It felt like somebody just created an F10 wind blast that swept everything away.


Yukina, Kanon, and Nagisa tried to block the incoming wind blast.

Nagisa who is petite in stature had trouble standing up.

Wu Yan teleported behind them and he helped Nagisa up while covering Kanon. He protected the two girls by bringing them closer to his chest.

Wu Yan looked at the prisoners floating in the sky and he inhaled deeply. He told Nagisa something in a soft voice.

"Sorry, Nagisa, I am going to put you to sleep for a short while..."

Nagisa heard that and her consciousness got drowned out by an overwhelming sense of drowsiness.

A fight's going to break out soon.

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