Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 987: Abnormal status? Failed transformation?


Natsuki thought she heard wrong.


Nagisa stuttered with a face that's as red as an apple. Kanon also used a disbelieving gaze on Wu Yan. She didn't think Wu Yan would say something like that. Meanwhile, Kotori bitterly laughed.

Yes, Wu Yan went there.


Wu Yan crossed his arms, it's like he's just inviting someone for a cup of Joe or something.

"You were asleep in the Prison Barrier for a decade, right? That means you haven't taken a bath in 10 years, yeah?"

Natsuki almost blew her tops off. She leered at him with killing intent.

"Don't slander me like that! I am not that dirty!"

"It's the truth."

Wu Yan pursed his lips, he asked Kanon and Nagisa.

"Nagisa, and Kanon, weigh in on this. This girl hasn't hit the shower for 10 whole years..."

Nagisa and Kanon exchanged a look.

Technically, Natsuki did sleep in Prison Barrier for 10 years, it's also true that she hadn't bathed during that enchanted sleep.

Nagisa and Kanon started giving Natsuki weird looks. It's like they were looking at a refugee. Natsuki's veins started bulging near her temples.

Wu Yan's comment is harsh and certainly not fair. Prison Barrier is Natsuki's realized dreamscape, hygiene is not a concept that applied to her while she's there. However, Natsuki's feminine heart couldn't tolerate being treated like a savage who doesn't know how to take a bath.

She suppressed the burning flames within her heart and she gave Wu Yan a very unfriendly look.

"Even if that's the case, I can take a bath myself, why do I have to join you?!"

Wu Yan replied with a brilliant smile.

"What's the big deal..."

"You don't look like you're a day over 10 years old, taking a bath with me should be fine, no?"

"How is that fine?!"

Natsuki raised her voice. She huffed.

"Don't treat me like a kid, you think I need help taking a shower?"


Wu Yan shrugged while Natsuki snorted. Nagisa, Kotori, and Kanon bitterly laughed at the same time.

When they thought Wu Yan is just joking around, the guy suddenly picked Natsuki up.

"What are you doing?!"

Natsuki gasped.


Wu Yan grinned.

"Come, Natsuki-chan, let's go take a bath!"

"Don't call me Natsuki-chan!"

Natsuki started squirming.

"Let me go!"

Wu Yan ignored her feeble resistance. He entered the bathroom with Natsuki who still threw a tantrum despite being utterly powerless.


Kanon and Nagisa watched as Natsuki got dragged into the bathroom. They were stunned.

"Oh? He's at it again, huh?"

Kotori sneered.

"Not bad..."

Nagisa and Kanon started panicking.


Nagisa screamed at Kotori.

"Aren't you going to do something about sensei? H-he's.."

"Yeah, I know, he's taking a bath with another girl."

Kotori munched her candy. She crossed her legs.

"It's not the first time he did something like this..."


"You girls, take it from me, don't let it get to you..."

Kotori sighed after seeing the two who were baffled by Wu Yan's attitude.

"Otherwise, you girls are going to have a bad time down the road..."

Kotori stood up. She went to her room, leaving the two cute girls with their own thoughts, their eyes are still wide with astonishment. Soon, the living room became silent.

"What are you doing? Stop that."

"Stop moving! You're making it very hard for me to take your clothes off!"

"Who said you can do that?!"

"You wanna jump in the tub with your clothes on?!"

"I said I can do it on my own!"

"We are already here. Fine, if you want to be like that..."

"Ah! Stop!"

"Right, this needs to go off too..."

"No... Ah!"

Wu Yan laughed like a villain while Natsuki kept roaring like a miniature angel of wrath. Nagisa and Kanon listened with red faces.

Nagisa pouted with a flushed expression. Meanwhile, Kanon kept sneaking glances at the bathroom, her eyes are saying she wanted to join the two inside.

She wants to take a bath with Wu Yan too...


Natsuki got dunked into the tub of water. Luckily, Wu Yan grabbed her or she might have drunk a few gulps of bathwater.

"You jerk!"

Natsuki covered her swimsuit area while glaring at Wu Yan sat opposite to her. If she still had power, she would have used her Prison Chain to hang Wu Yan in the air.

Wu Yan treated her leer with a cheeky smile. Then, he showed her a rather serious smile.

He dragged her over and placed her in front of his chest with her back facing his chest. Natsuki yelped before a warm hand caressed her long hair.

"Soft, your hair is still as soft as your substitute body..."

Natsuki was getting ready to unleash an elbow slam when she stopped. She leaned back against him.

"Of course..."

Natsuki also played with her own hair.

"My substitute body was made in the image of my original body. There are little to no differences compared with my real body..."


Wu Yan chuckled, he used his chin to rub her head.

"I noticed a huge difference though.."

The arms he wrapped around her waist tightened to bring her closer to him. He whispered into her ear.

"Your real body feels warmer than your substitute body..."


Natsuki moved her head away, her eyes wavered while her heart throbbed. She casually scolded her to shift her focus.

"You turned Itogami Island on its head to get to this warmth, what a fool..."

Wu Yan shook his head, he started washing her.

"If that's foolish then I would rather be a fool my entire life."

Natsuki silently listened to him. Then she mumbled in a small voice.


Wu Yan heard her unusual tone and he floated a smile.

Natsuki leaned back against Wu Yan, she closed her eyes and her heart entered a state of tranquility.

Minamiya Natsuki is syncing up with the user's body and mind. Monster Tattoo requirement fulfilled, Tattoo activated. Transforming Minamiya Natsuki into a familiar...

Minamiya Natsuki is in an abnormal state, familiar transformation failed. Please restore Minamiya Natsuki to normal for further action...

"What the..."

Wu Yan cried out, Natsuki looked up in confusion.


"I-it's nothing..."

He casually lied to her. Although Natsuki's still doubtful, Wu Yan just continued washing her while he waxed thoughtful with his gleaming deep red eyes...

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