Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 982: Aya? The prisoners escaped!

"Natsuki-chan! (Minamiya-sensei)!"

The lady in fancy clothes emitted a brilliant light from her thick book.



The radiant light enveloped everyone including the lady. It didn't take long for the entire island to be covered in a layer of light. not unlike those of a light tower. Its light told everyone that it's claiming something back.

In the light, a scuffle broke out. There's a shocked yelp and the sound of something getting smacked away. Next, the fancy clothes lady flew out from within the mass of light.

She looked as the light dimmed down. When the shrouded figures were exposed, the lady looked at her grimoire. Her face darkened when she sensed something amiss.

"It failed?"

When the light dissipated, Kojou and Yukina were still baffled while Kotori blocked the light with her hands. Vatler smiled like the light had nothing to do with him.

Natsuki looked like she's still spooked, Wu Yan already stabbed his Rule Breaker into her shoulder.

The lady in fancy clothes knew why she failed, it probably had something to do with that male vampire with a dagger.

"Natsuki-chan (Minamiya-sensei)!"

Kojou and Yukina hurried to Natsuki's side.

"You okay?!"

Natsuki shook her head, Wu Yan retrieved his dagger. She stared at the lady standing at the top of the castle rubble.

"It's you, huh? Aya..."

"Long time no see, Natsuki..."

Aya smiled cordially. No matter how one sliced it, her smile looked very cold to Yukina and Kojou.

"I didn't think the Prison Barrier would collapse in such a scenario. It's quite unexpected if I do say so myself..."

Natsuki inhaled deeply. She stepped forward.

"It looks like you're not shocked to find your early freedom. I know you've been planning a jailbreak for some time now..."


Aya admitted without a hint of omission.

"I had a plan in mind, but now..."

She looked around, taking in the sight of the crumbled castle.

"I don't think I am going to need that plan anymore..."

Natsuki clicked her tongue. She looked at the book in Aya's hand.

"Is that a grimoire?"

"Oh, you noticed?"

Aya looked like she's ticked off. She's frustrated that the move she used got thwarted.

Natsuki examined her grimoire and she understood Aya's plan.

"NO.14, the personal History Manipulation Grimoire? Did you just try to rob my time and memories away from me?"

Robbing someone's time?

The others looked at Aya and her grimoire. Vatler started snickering.

"That grimoire can take the target's time, experience, and knowledge, empowering herself in the process..."

Vatler watched with amusement.

"Thanks to you, her plan got foiled..."

The others finally caught up.

When the Prison Barrier collapsed, Aya tried to use a sneak attack on Natsuki, she wanted to use the Grimoire to get Natsuki's memories and abilities. She wanted to make Natsuki as feeble as an infant.

Like Vatler said, it was a splendid plan.

However, Wu Yan stopped that plan with his dagger, he nullified the grimoire's ability when it took place.

While the others aren't sure about the full extent of the dagger's powers, they were pretty accurate in their assessments.

The Rule Breaker can break contracts and it's also useful against other magic spells.

Aya closed her eyes, she continued with a nonchalant tone.

"I am just trying to reclaim what was once mine..."

Natsuki's eyelids twitched, she appears to understand what Aya referred to.

"A duke from the Lost Warlord Empire?"

Aya turned towards Vatler.

"Are you on their side?"

"For now, anyway..."

Vatler gave her a cruel smile. He looked at the scene behind Aya.

"I am more interested in brawling to the death with Prison Barrier inmates like you guys..."

The others also saw it.

There were figures standing on top of the castle ruins.

There were at least a hundred such prisoners standing there.

"I am free! We are finally free!"

"Hahaha! Fuck that prison, I am out baby!"

"Freedom! Freeeedddooommm!"

"Fuck yeah! I am free!"

"Free at last!!!"

The prisoners were over the moon. They also had powerful auras. Their cackles were thunderous and annoying.

The Prisoners of the Prison Barrier.

These prisoners are supervillains imprisoned here over a period of 10 years since the construction of the Prison Barrier.

Natsuki looked grim when she saw all the convicts that escaped.

"This is truly the worst situation..."

Vatler's shivering, unlike Natsuki, he's ecstatic that he can hunt all these powerful criminals down.

"Great... This is just awesome..."

Vatler thought about the slaughter he's about to unleash on these prisoners and he started smirking with thinly-veiled excitement. An intoxicating euphoria hit his senses and magic power stormed around him.

The prisoners who were busy breathing in the air of freedom finally noticed their situation, the strong magic power shocked them.

"The Duke of Ardeal!"

One of the inmates identified Vatler. They also saw a figure they will never forget standing near him.

"The Witch of Void's here!!!"


These prisoners were rounded up by Natsuki, they knew just how scary Natsuki can be.

The 100+ prisoners escaped in all directions. They escaped to Itogami Island.

Natsuki's expression changed. She wanted to do something but Wu Yan stopped her.


Wu Yan ignored the prisoners. He looked at the sky above the castle ruins.

"Those people can never escape Itogami Island."

Natsuki nodded, she can see he's very confident.

Aya watched this scene with composure.

"I hope you will take care of my items, I will be coming back to get them sooner or later..."

Aya used teleportation and she disappeared from the spot.

Wu Yan & co were left behind...

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