Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 975: A request and an invitation

Itogami Island, Saikai Academy, High school division...

Arriving at the end of the staircase, Wu Yan opened the rooftop door.

For students, the school rooftop is a special place.

This is a spot for clandestine rendezvous between student couples. It is also a good place to feed each other lunchboxes, if you have a significant other anyway. Generally speaking, only couples or couples-to-be hang out here.

Saikai Academy is the same. There is only one rooftop for the high school division but it's huge so couples can easily find a spot to sit down and enjoy a meal or chat the time away. As for the transition period between classes, it's too short for anyone to hang out on the rooftop.

When Wu Yan got here, there was already another figure waiting for him.

They might be mistaken for a couple due to how they seemingly agreed to meet up here. However, that's far from the truth, the topic they will be talking about is heavier than what students usually talk about.

That's because he's meeting up with Shizuka Koyomi.

She's also holding a book. This suit her literature-girl archetype, for others, she looked like the textbook example of a girl who likes book and quiet. Ask anyone and you're bound to get "Oh, she's a hardworking student", "Her grades are very good", "Disciplinary committee member", or the likes. Only those who know her true identity will know how scary she can get.

As one of three saints of the Lion King Organization, her position came with immense responsibilities. The Lion King Organization is in charge of maintaining the equilibrium among magicians and magic forces. Their methods can get drastic and desperate at times but they are motivated by something greater than themselves.

She became a saint while she's still attending high school, that says a lot about Koyomi's abilities.

This is also why Wu Yan sought her out.

He stopped three meters away from Koyomi. He greeted her casually.

"Sorry, I made you wait..."

"It's an honor of mine to wait for the arrival of a majestic being like you."

Koyomi replied in a formal tone.

"In any case, you're the regal fifth primogenitor, an existence standing at the top of the world..."

"I mean, if a saint from the Lion King Organization praises me like this, it's hard for me to not get shocked..."

Wu Yan said with a nonchalant look. He swept his gaze over to Koyomi.

"Let's stop the pleasantries there. I am guessing your big brain already figured out why I asked you to come here."

"The Witch of the Void?"

Koyomi raised her head, her calm tone had a faint ripple in it.

"You want to save her from the Prison Barrier?"

Wu Yan gave her another glance and he voiced his thought.

"Lend me the Itogami Island for three days."

"What did you say?!"

Koyomi couldn't believe her ears. She also forgot her polite manner of speech as she shrieked in shock. Wu Yan just said something earth-shaking.

"I said to borrow the Itogami Island to me for three days."

Wu Yan pressed on with his demands.

"With your ability as the Lion King Organization's three saints, you can do something like that, no?"

"You overestimated me..."

Koyomi bitterly laughed.

"Even with all three saints here, it would still be nigh impossible to fulfill your request. Forget the Management Corporation for now, there are other powerful magicians and entities here, if we can order them to do as we wished, we could have prevented a ton of tragedies..."

"Ignore what they have to say!"

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"I just want the civilians including non-essential demons gone for three days. Tell me, can you do it or not?"

Koyomi turned silent.

Wu Yan gave her time to think. He patiently waited for Koyomi to answer him, the air remained still.

"One week."

Koyomi said.

"Because there is an abnormal fluctuation in the dragon's vein beneath Itogami Island, the Lion King Organization will investigate the entire Itogami Island. To prevent unwanted casualties, we will ask the Management Corporation to evacuate the civilians and registered demons after one week."

"Is that satisfactory to you?"

"That will do..."

Wu Yan's expression loosened, he turned around and went for the door.

"I owe you one!"

Koyomi's expression crumbled.

A favor from a primogenitor, that is truly a useful gift.

Itogami Island, bay area...

Oceanus Grave II, main deck swimming pool...

There is a parasol and a beach chair here.

Vatler wore sunglasses and he had swimming trunks on. Currently, he is about to rest after a good swim.

He was about to doze off when an aura suddenly appeared close to him. The presence woke him up, a smile spread across his face.

"As usual, you really like barging in..."

He stood up from the chair and he shrugged before turning around.

"If you can board my ship properly and go through proper procedures, that would be great. I will still welcome you though..."

Wu Yan ignored Vatler's tone and attitude. He said something that froze Vatler's smile.

"Bored out of your mind? Vatler..."

He raised an eyebrow and he lowered his arms.

"A little, what? You want to defeat me one more time?"

"I don't have so much time to play with you."

He shot him down coldly. Then, he sneered.

"If you want to kill some time, I have a very nice suggestion..."


Intrigued, Vatler looked at him.

He understands Wu Yan didn't like him and his annoying habit to start events because he's bored certainly didn't help him. If he didn't get outright whooped by Wu Yan, getting verbally lashed every time they met is a sure thing.

He thought Wu Yan is here to beat him up again. It seems like he is here with a very interesting proposal.

Although Wu Yan didn't know Vatler long enough, he can see the guy's definitely tempted. His grin grew wider.

"The Prison Barrier, you've heard of it, I am sure?"

His red eyes flashed.

"In a week, I am going to destroy that thing."

"Destroying the Prison Barrier?!"

Vatler gasped.

"Why? I thought you liked the island?"

"Don't mind the reason."

Wu Yan said.

"When the Prison Barrier is broken, tons of prisoners from within will escape, I am going to ask you one time, Vatler..."

"Do you want to hunt the Prison Barrier prisoners with me?"


Vatler saw Wu Yan's honest expression and he chortled.


Vatler started laughing out loud while holding his head.

Fighting, that's what he will never turn down!

And, he's going up against the supervillains sealed within the Prison Barrier!

Vatler can't resist the temptation! He's practically pissing his pants in excitement!

"An invitation from the grand and mighty fifth primogenitor, I would be a fool to turn this offer down!"

Vatler pressed his hand against his chest and he gave Wu Yan a noble's salutation.

"With the title of Duke of Ardeal Principality, I will gladly oblige!"

Wu Yan looked up at the sky, his eyes flashed with various intent...

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