Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 968: The two corners in the cafe...

Itogami Island, the commercial district adjacent to Saikai Academy, there's a cafe here.

It's not big but the decoration is on point. The wall's painted with a starlight gold luster, there were lacey drapes all over the place. Chandeliers that looked like they belonged to a ballroom lit up each table in a soft and gentle glow even if the sun hadn't set yet.

Natsuki sat in one corner, she sat near the window. The steaming hot tea gave off a tantalizing aroma and color. There are only two cups of tea on top of the table but this didn't bother the two diners.

Natsuki came here for the black tea, the other items on the menu might as well be non-existent to her.

As for Wu Yan, he had another agenda, drinking tea is only an excuse. As long as Natsuki's here, he couldn't care less about the setting or food.

One of them looked at the cup of tea while the other sneaked glances at Natsuki. A weird scene occurred between the two.

"This is the tea with the rave reviews?"

Natsuki snfifed the tea and she tried a tiny sip. She frowned.

The black tea was brewed with quality in mind, for certain tea enthusiasts, this is already good tea.

However, Natsuki's different.

She's very picky with her tea. Although the black tea tasted good, it wasn't anywhere near the passing mark in her mind. Secondly, the black tea isn't brewed using the brand of tea leaves she liked. Thirdly, while this tea might be on par with the type of tea she typically preferred, it isn't comparable to Wu Yan's personal brew.


Compared to Wu Yan's, this tea just tastes bad.

Natsuki concluded. This showed how picky she is with her tea and how much she liked Wu Yan's tea.

"Indeed, the tea is hyped beyond its potential..."

Wu Yan the master chef gave his comment. However, he was smiling.

"But, we came here to try out a different type of black tea. With this experience, I am sure I can emulate the unique taste of tea while making it taste better!"

Natsuki's eyes lit up, she looked at Wu Yan.

"You can do that?"

"Of course."

Wu Yan replied smugly.

"The tea you are used to is a product of multiple iterations from various experiments. Other than that, depending on the leaves used, I can brew more than seven types of black tea variants. Soon, I can create the eighth variant..."

"I see..."

Natsuki gave him a menacing grin.

"You sure hid all the good stuff..."

"A chef who can only make a single dish is only subpar no matter how far he can perfect said dish."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Similarly, if one can only brew a certain black tea blend, that isn't a skillful feat."

"What's this? Your culinary philosophy?"

Natsuki waved her fan, she giggled, finally breaking that emotionless doll face.

"For now, I am looking forward to your other 6 blends of black tea..."

"You want some?"

Wu Yan looked like a wolf who just encountered a rabbit. The dirty businessman found an easy target and he started snickering.

"I can brew some for you, but, what can you do for me in return?"


Natsuki laughed ambiguously.

"I do recall selflessly submitting an assault mage application for a certain someone..."

Wu Yan's smile froze.

"Now, you dare ask for favors in return for a pot of black tea?"

Natsuki closed her eyes, her smile is far from innocuous.

"You can try, I don't mind..."


Wu Yan backed off.

"You already put it like this, I wouldn't dare."

Natsuki pursed her lips, she sipped tea again. Although this tea isn't up to her standard, it's still tolerable. It would be a waste if she came here and went back without finishing her cup of tea.

She finished her black tea and she pressed the button on the table, the waiter came and refilled her cup.

Wu Yan shook his head, he also drank one more cup of tea. The waiter went away with a smile, the two coincidentally finished a pot of tea.

"Now's our chance!"

Kotori saw the waiter approaching Wu Yan & Natsuki's table with a freshly brewed pot of tea, she turned towards Kojou.

"Akatsuki! When I give you the cue, you are going to..."


Kojou yelped after listening to Kotori. She instantly smashed down on his head.

"Pipe down!"

"Are we seriously going to do that?"

Kojou held his head while voicing his doubt.

"Just do as I say!"

Kotori's commander mode is unleashed. She used her aura to coerce Kojou who only lasted a second under her intense gaze. He nodded like a servant.

Kotori turned towards Yukina after recalling something.

"Yukina, ready your magic-dispelling Sekkarou, wait for my cue!"


Yukina didn't think her identity was already compromised. After cooperating with Kotori in one of her "assistive experiment", she knew better than to delay. She took out her silver spear.

Mechanical Demon-Purging Assault Spear Mark Seven

The spear's other name is Sekkarou.

It's a weapon designed specifically to fight demons. Its spearhead is designed like the latest fighter jet model's shape. Its modern design is why it has another title, the Mechanical Spear.

According to legends, there are only three such spears in the world. It's one of the strongest close-quarter weapons in existence.

It's said to possess the ability to kill a primogenitor.

It is an untested rumor, there are only four primogenitors in the world and so far none have fallen to the Anti-demon spears.

It is, however, proven that the spears can kill immortal vampires.

Sekkarou had Divine Oscillation Effect installed in the spear. It can tear through magic and magical entities. Any demons proficient in magic feared this spear, a jab from this can be fatal for beings relying on magic.

Vampires looked immortal when they can be killed, only primogenitors are immortal in this world.

Kotori saw Yukina taking out Sekkarou like she had been told. When the waiter got into position...

"Now! Akatsuki!"

Kojou gnashed his teeth, he sent out a small burst of golden lightning to attack the waiter's leg.


The waiter's leg went numb for a second, the sudden electrical attack disrupted his motor control, the cup of tea flew out of his hands due to this sudden interruption. The black tea spilled out.

There's a figure in the path of the black tea spillage.



Natsuki detected something wrong, she looked at her side and she saw the black tea threatening to rain down on her, she furrowed her brows.

Without intending to dodge, she tapped her finge on the table and a wave of magic power went for the black tea.


Nobody saw the tiny magical oscillation effect, including Natsuki!

Her wave of magic got negated.

Before she can gasp, the black tea rained down on her.

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