Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 964: Shuraba? It's a shuraba, right? It's Shuraba.

"I already heard about your personality before I arrived on Itogami Island..."

La Folia approached Kanon and she gave her a big hug.

"Meeting you for real? I like you even more now! What an obedient child!"

Kanon fidgeted in a shy manner. La Folia's hug felt comfortable so she didn't struggle to free herself.

La Folia is very pleased with Kanon's reaction. Suddenly, she invited her.

"Kanon, come back to the Aldegyr Kingdom with me!"

The air froze.

Kanon hadn't recovered from her astonishment yet. She didn't notice the others focusing on her.


Nagisa wanted to say something but Kotori grabbed her, she shook her head and Nagisa fell silent.

Everyone held their breath.

"My father looks forward to meeting you. Grandfather, rather, your father is also missing you. He's not back yet but if you return, I am sure he would crawl back sooner or later."

La Folia chuckled as if she didn't notice the tense mood.

"Grandmother also wanted to meet you. She's very angry with grandfather over what he did but she's worried about you just like the other members of the royal household..."

Kanon fell silent.

She looked around, she roamed her gaze over Kotori, Nagisa, Yukina, and Kojou. Her gaze stopped on Wu Yan.

Kanon panicked over La Folia's invitation.

Kanon's very glad to hear she has so many relatives around. Moreover, they were just as excited as her to meet Kanon.

But, she can't leave behind her partner. He's someone she can't leave behind.

As Wu Yan's familiar, she can feel Wu Yan's emotions too.

Reluctance, pity, and hesitation. She can those emotions in his eyes too.

However, overwhelmingly, Wu Yan supported and understood her thoughts.

If Kanon chose to return to her family, Wu Yan will stand behind her and give her the push she needs.

It would be a laughing stock if word got out that his familiar left him. For Wu Yan, it didn't matter, he never regarded Kanon as his familiar. He treated her like a human being.

She was originally walking around before his monster tattoo activated and turned her into his familiar.

Wu Yan will never restrict her freedom, she can decide her path on her own.

Even if this cute and lovely girl already grew on him, he would support her decision.

Wu Yan assumed Kanon would agree. Kanon gave La folia a shocking answer.


Her small voice had a resolute tone in it. Everyone could hear it.

Kanon looked into La Folia's eyes.

"I... will stay..."


La Folia looked like she saw this coming. She asked her in a disappointed manner. She's truly curious why Kanon turned her down.

Kanon said nothing, she looked at Wu Yan. She smiled radiantly as if she gave her answer.

"I have a family here as well..."

Wu Yan laughed, Kotori laughed, Nagisa & co giggled.

Kanon then said something that froze everyone's smile.

She shifted her gaze away bashfully. She played with her fingers as she continued to say something nobody can ignore.

"Plus, I already belong to sensei..."

Yeah, that's right that's technically true, she belonged with Wu Yan.

More accurately speaking, she's Wu Yan's familiar.

As a vassal beast that nested within a vampire's blood, unless their host died, familiars will never die. They would also be under their host's control. When their hosts died, the familiars will also die. Familiars can never betray their masters.

Betraying in this case is more than just rebelling like Kojou's familiars.

Take Kojou's case as an example, his familiars won't listen to him but they still laid dormant within him, protecting him should the need arises. Although the familiars tended to shield Kojou in an overly violent and brutal manner, the familiars always held the host's welfare as the prime directive. The familiars never left the host's body and obtain independence.

This host-familiar relationship is unbreakable in a way.

Kanon is right when she said she belonged to Wu Yan, as a familiar.

However, it sounds different when someone didn't know about the true relationship between Wu Yan and Kanon.

"Belongs to sensei... I..."

La Folia's smile froze. She recovered soon but her smile is definitely forced at this point.

La Folia started examining a petrified Wu Yan with intrigue.

"From my intel, you only knew Kanon for a little more than a week, right?"

She started scrutinizing Wu Yan with a piercing gaze. La Folia started grinning like a cheeky brat.

"I didn't think you would move so quickly. Looks like I underestimated you..."

"Wait, hold up..."


Wu Yan wanted to explain himself. However, Nagisa who is left out of the loop started yelling at him like a girl who got cheated on, she had tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Y-you even... Kanon-chan..."

"No, it's not like that..."


La Folia interrupted Wu Yan. She gasped with a look of disbelief.

"Oh dear, it seems like this cute girl is also in your harem?"


Wu Yan started sweating heavily. Kanon's misunderstanding can be cleared up but Nagisa's situation couldn't be explained so readily, she's in his harem but that's not public knowledge yet.

Wu Yan's reaction told everyone what they needed to know.

"N-no way..."

Kojou looked like he had been struck by a lightning bolt. He shuddered, his heart also wavered...

"My, you're quite the lady-killer aren't you?..."

La Folia chuckled. La Folia brought her face close to Wu Yan's face, she giggled.

"Looks interesting, where do I sign up?"


Wu Yan couldn't believe his ears.


Nagisa jumped out and she hugged Wu Yan's arm. She roared at La Folia.

"Kanon-chan's in the clear but you're definitely denied entry!"


Kojou flipped out.

"What are you doing?! Let go of him!"


Nagisa who is busy defending her turf shot Kojou's fragile heart with verbal spears.

"Shut it!"


Kojou's body trembled. He lost control of himself and he pounced on Wu Yan.

"Let go, you bastard!"

"Gagh! No! Let go!"

"Mmm, looks fun, let me join too!"

"No way! Unhand sensei! Kanon-chan, give me a hand here!"


"I told you to let go, didn't I?!"

La Folia and Kanon hugged Wu Yan's other arm, latching on like gators. Nagisa tugged on Wu Yan's arm like she's in a tug-of-war. Meanwhile, with Kojou doing a choke-hold on him, Wu Yan's eyes started rolling over. Kotori, Yukina, and Natsuki turned around like the matter isn't relevant to them.




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