Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 961: If not me then who?

No clouds for miles around, the rolling waves, and the unbridled sunlight raining down on the artificial island. The heat and humidity are enough to make one feel dizzy.

It's been a day since the scuffle at the mall.

Faux Angel incident also ended.

It's weird how cops always arrive after the dust settled. They were just there to take notes and clean up the mess. It ended like that yesterday too. Only when the special defense police detected abnormal magical fluctuations did they send personnel to the mall. By the time they got there, the fight already ended half an hour ago.

BB and Kensei who instigated the disturbances got apprehended by the authorities. The law on this island differed from the laws outside. There are people who can manipulate minds and use special abilities, the criminals are not always obvious and punishment might not be as severe as one might think.

However, Kensei and BB are looking at a serious time. There is hardly any wiggle room here as they did the criminal activities in an organized manner.

BB the ugly vampire will probably end up in jail for a long time. She's a vampire so decades of jail time is only appropriate for someone like her. As for Kensei, he got a different treatment.

After the case settled, Wu Yan found out Kensei isn't just a professor or a doctor. He might look unassuming but he's actually a court magic technician for the Aldegyr Kingdom. He served the Kingdom with his advanced understanding of the arcane arts.

The Aldegyr airship went missing and part of the blame falls on Kensei.

As a court magic technician from Aldegyr, Kensei's magecraft needed strong spiritual mediums to work, especially royalty close to the king. Kensei needed royalty's blood to continue their experiments who just so happens to be very viable subjects with strong spiritual potential.

When Kensei and Magus Craft heard about an airship arriving on Itogami Island from Aldegyr Kingdom carrying a certain princess, evil thoughts emerged.

Magus Craft also coveted the blood of the royalty. They wanted to use cloning technologies to create an army of super-powered bioweapons to sell. For these two reasons, Magus Craft attacked Aldegyr Kingdom's airship.

The princess got away in time or she would have ended up in a fate worse than Kanon's. Becoming Kensei's lab rat is almost a certainty.

Kensei is a court magician with extensive knowledge of magecraft. That's how he made artificial angels with Angel Circuits. The management of Itogami Island noted his exceptional ability so he's probably going to be in a bonded working relationship with Itogami Island.

When Kensei left, he told Wu Yan.

"Maybe I am not worthy as Kanon's father. I failed her and lost all qualifications doing so. Hence, please give her a happy life..."

Kensei actually cared for his adopted daughter, Wu Yan accepted his request without hesitation.

Kanon is already his familiar, they are going to spend an eternity together. Even if she didn't transform into his familiar, he would have treated her like family anyway. Nobody can dream about harming a single hair on her.

He promised to do the same for the girls that joined his journey after all.

He's not going to let the girls around him get hurt!

He never strayed from this objective from the start.

Granted, Kensei might have cared about Kanon, that doesn't downplay his cruel treatment of Kanon, he treated her like an experimental subject, that's unforgivable in Wu Yan's book.

Kanon already closed this chapter of her life.

Perhaps it's because she removed her Artificial angel status, or maybe because she became Wu Yan's familiar, either way, she started opening up and she laughed more often than before. Her pure and angelic smile caused Wu Yan and Kojou to gawk at her, they were stunned by her vibes.

Kanon talked with Wu Yan to obtain a chance to meet Kensei.

Kanon and Kensei talked for more than an hour. Wu Yan didn't know what they talked about during that encounter but she returned with a bright smile on her face.

After that, Kanon didn't tell Wu Yan what they talked about. Instead, Wu Yan found out a shocking truth.

Kanon's mother was Kensei's sister.

Although she's not Kensei's biological daughter, it's undeniable that they shared blood relations, Kensei is Kanon's uncle.

Kanon probably felt very happy because she found out there are still relatives in this world.

She's just so... adorable. Nobody can stay mad at this cute and pitiful girl.

In any case, everything ended on a positive note.

Except for a few bad actors...

Itogami Island, southern residential region, inside room 704...

Chopping sounds came from the kitchen. Judging by the chaotic rhythm, it appears the owner is very upset. The strong chopping noise made one wonder if the chopping board might get chopped in half.

Listening to the chopping sounds that grew in volume, Wu Yan, Kotori, Kanon, Yukina, and Kojou exchanged bitter smiles with each other.


Kojou yelled out with a biting headache.

"You're going to destroy the kitchen if you keep it up like that!"

"I don't care!"

Nagisa didn't turn around, she continued chopping furiously while wearing an apron.

"Leaving me behind like that, didn't even allow me to participate. I hate you guys for hiding it from me, each and every one of you!"

Nagisa is a chatterbox. She continued grumbling while chopping. It's like she's a sinister figure in a horror movie.

Wu Yan rubbed his temples. He looked around and he saw the helpless looks of his friends. He sighed and he entered the kitchen.

He's secretly dating Nagisa so if he didn't pacify her now, who's going to do it for him?

"Shush, Nagisa..."

He rubbed Nagisa's head with a bitter smile.

"I know you want to help Kanon very much. But, you know how it is, if you were there we won't be able to relax..."

"Nagisa is still frustrated."

Nagisa pouted with tears in the corners of her mouth. She looked like she would cry any moment now.

"Kotori-chan & Yukina-chan got to help Kanon-chan. I heard even Kojou-kun pitched in. Only Nagisa didn't contribute to anything. It's making Nagisa very sad and frustrated."

"It's okay..."

Kanon who just entered tried to persuade her.

She grabbed Nagisa's hand. Kanon beamed brightly at her, she used her soothing blue eyes on Nagisa.

"I already know Nagisa's sincerity and it makes me very happy..."


Nagisa puffed her cheeks.

"You don't think Nagisa's useless or anything like that?"

"Of course not!"

Kanon instantly denied it.

"Nagisa's amazing!"


Like a child being praised, light returned to Nagisa's eyes. Wu Yan wasn't sure whether he should laugh or cry.

As expected, she's still a kid deep inside.

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