Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 960: Summoning and descent...

Kanase Kanon turned into an angel, she obtained Angel's Divinity.

Kanase Kanon merged with the user. Her existence fulfilled the activation requirements of the Monster Tattoo. Monster Tattoo activated, Kanase Kanon turned into a familiar.

Divine Angel vassal beast obtained.


Wu Yan is surprised by the message he just got from System.

Kanon turned into his familiar?

What's going on?!

"What's going on?!"

Shouted BB, he is just as confused as BB in this regard.

"What did you do?!"

BB didn't care about Kanon's survival, she just finds it unacceptable that the strongest weapon in her arsenal disappeared like that. Yeah, she's got a few screws loose in her vampiric mind.

Kotori returned to reality and she looked at Wu Yan with puzzlement.

"What just happened?"


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

How would he know?

She was walking around just fine a few minutes ago. Then, she turned into his familiar and now exists within him.

This is even more unthinkable than when the fates and lives of his summons are tied to his life.

Wu Yan can sense Kanon within him. It's like she's asleep. Her state of being is like the two summons he had before this, they laid dormant in his blood.

Unlike his other summons which was pure magical power given form, Kanon can be physically summoned. She has a physical body upon summoning.

Wu Yan learned about Kanon's state because each familiar is within his full control and understanding. He's sure he can recite Kanon's three sizes if need be.

This is why he knows Kanon can physically appear before he summons her.

Unlike the other familiars, he needs to constantly supply Kanon with magic power to keep her manifested. Kanon also obtained immortality by being separated from the mortal coil.

As long as the host does not die, the familiars will not be subject to death. He can summon her again by spending magic power.

That's Kanon's current state.

Other than her existence, Kanon is pretty much like a familiar in form and substance.

Wu Yan felt a bit weird that a person is currently sleeping within him.

Sighing, Wu Yan suppressed his thoughts and he answered Kotori.

"I am not sure, anyway, we will talk about this another time..."


Kojou and Yukina returned to Wu Yan and Kotori. They stared at BB.

They were filled with questions, they wanted to know what just happened and where did Kanon go.

However, now's not the time...

"You assholes..."

BB is fuming with rage. She stomped the control that once controlled Kanon into pieces and she took up her other remote.

"Screw it, I have more weapons like that!"

The three cloned fake angels activated and they descended upon Wu Yan & co.

Wu Yan touched his chest while keeping an eye on the clones.

"I don't know what happened but it seems we are now truly of one body..."

He silently talked to himself while the cloned angels got ready to attack.

"I know you can hear me, Kanon. Return to my side once again, I summon you..."

Wu Yan opened his eyes as a storm of divine aura surged forth.

With the warm aura's appearance, his hand rapidly darkened and red magical lines appeared on his arm.

Bloody mist rose up from his dark fist.

"Descend, Divine Angel!"

The red mist turned into a golden orb.

From within that orb, an angelic figure emerged, her silver hair fluttered when there's no wind nearby. Her pure white avian wings rained down beautiful feathers. What's an angel without a halo to finish it off. She opened her sky blue eyes.


Kojou, Yukina, and Kotori cried out. They didn't think Wu Yan's familiar would turn out to be Kanon in her angelic form.

"No way..."

BB was stupefied.

Kanon spread her arms wide and her wings flapped.

The divine smile she had never disappeared, she closed her eyes and a holy vibration rocked space around her, magical fluctuations reverberated. Her divine light lit up the area.

They all had to close their eyes to protect themselves from the blinding light. The light felt warm to them, it was like the soft sunlight of the winter's sun. They couldn't help but bask in the cozy feeling.

The three cloned angels were reacting differently.


The cloned angels fell to the ground in agony. They rolled around as dark jets of smoke came off them. It was like they were being cleansed of miasma. After the smoke stopped, their wings disappeared and their masks shattered.

They were returned to their original human selves, they are no longer artificial angels.

This is Kanon's power, it's the power of Wu Yan's Divine Angel familiar.

The power to cleanse filth and heal injuries.

Kanon lost all offensive abilities, instead, she got the power of healing and cleansing.

Indeed, this power fit her better than her previous skillsets.


BB backed away in horror.

The trump cards she wanted to revive Magus Craft with, the cloned angels she worked so hard for, they were all defeated in an instant!

Magus Craft is now doomed! All their funds were tied up in those angels.

It's over? Just like this...?


BB raised her head, she threw the angel a hateful look and she roared in berserk.

"I want you dead!"

Her spear familiar whipped at Kanon, however, the Divine Angel's cleansing power made the spear familiar screech in anguish, then she purified it.


BB staggered when a petite figure crept up on her in an instant.

With a sneer, Kotori swung her arm and a flame wave assaulted BB, hitting her square in the chest.


The flames burned away her clothes. She fainted in a plume of smoke, her eyes rolled over and she twitched like a pig who got thrown into a pot of hot water.


Kojou and Yukina sighed in relief. They started smiling.

Wu Yan looked at BB and then Kensei. He also looked at three fainted clones who got their humanity back. His heart is calm without any disturbance.


He looked up as golden light descended. Kanon landed next to him with a bright and gentle smile. He subconsciously gave the angel a hug. She enjoyed the warmth with closed eyes.

Wu Yan also chortled.

The two kept hugging each other for quite some time...

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