Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 956: Attacked? Here for Kanon!

Itogami Island is a sanctuary for demons, it's also a research base for the study of demons.

There are research centers built all over the island. The living amenities for researchers were the next biggest establishments. Residential areas and shopping districts were set up to complement the researchers and their families so the research bases still outnumbered other establishments.

The artificial island had limited space, they have to efficiently use the limited space otherwise they would run out of development options. It's also the main reason why new artificial islands are built around Itogami Island. They wanted to make places to dispose of garbage and to expand due to Itogami Island's growth.

In consideration of this, the malls on this island were built with scale in mind. Anything anyone would need can be found here: clothes, food, entertainment, basically anything a mall has, and more.

Wu Yan & co arrived at the center of the mall. They came here for retail therapy and they wanted to buy daily necessities for Kanon.

Wu Yan adopted her but Kanon had nothing to her name. She also lost her previous possession after entering Wu Yan's home. Kanon would have worn her uniform if she still had them instead of wearing casual clothes.

They bought a bunch of stuff for her, clothes, bed, dental hygiene, bedsheets and etc...

Nagisa heard about Kanon's plight so she volunteered to bring her on a shopping trip along with Yukina and Kojou. On papers, she wanted to help Kanon, really though, she just wanted to tag along this shopping trip.

Furthermore, after one hour of shopping, Nagisa still hadn't had her fill with retail therapy. Excluding Kanon's items, she also bought snacks, she never stopped smacking her lips during this entire trip.

It's not just Nagisa. Kotori, Yukina, and Kanon also fervently shopped around the various outlets in the mall, they never stopped for a breath or called for a break.

Wu Yan started wondering if these petite ladies ran on infinite batteries, he had heard about women seemingly having unlimited stamina when shopping, now he has seen it.

Especially Nagisa, she's supposed to be prone to disease. Sport and physically intensive activities should be draining for her. Lo and behold, she's still so energetic after an entire hour of walking around. Kojou also started sweating cold bullets when he saw her behavior.

The four ladies continued giggling while shopping around, Wu Yan sighed as he carried a bunch of bags with him. He asked Kojou who got saddled with luggage too.

"Hey, are we the immortal vampires or are these girls the true vampires? I mean, look at them, we are totally tuckered out and they are still running around like they have the energy to spare..."

"I-I don't know..."

Kojou wheezed with twitching eyes.

"I have been searching for that answer since the first time I took Nagisa shopping..."

Wu Yan felt speechless.

"Do all girls have this ability? Infinite stamina while shopping."


Kojou laughed.

"If they have such an ability, I want one as well. For me, I want the ability to be full of energy during mornings..."

Evidently, Kojou hated his primogenitor trait of sleeping in. Wu Yan started judging him.

"You don't understand the beauty of sleeping in..."

"Hey, is that something a teacher should say?"

Kojou retorted.

"You should be saying stuff like how the early bird gets the worm..."


Wu Yan chortled.

"I might be a teacher but I teach middle school students, not kindergarten students. Am I a kiddie teacher in your mind?"

"Hmm, I don't know about that..."

Kojou started grumbling.

"I don't care what type of student you teach, in any case, I don't hold a teacher who targets his student in high regard."

Wu Yan's lip started twitching.

Fortunately, the siscon is unaware that Wu Yan already got to second base with Nagisa. Otherwise...

He can see a future where Kojou starts throwing Regulus Aurum around after finding out somebody bagged his sister. Actually, for an unknown reason, Wu Yan is looking forward to his reaction.

He wanted to see how Kojou would react to...

"Hey! Come over here!"

The two primogenitors were interrupted by Nagisa who excitedly waved at them. Her bubbly smile and fluttering ponytail looked like a happy pup welcoming her master home, super cute.

The perverted vampire teacher who bagged his student and the siscon primogenitor started lumbering towards her.


The two suddenly detected an ominous vibe. The two stopped and they looked around.

"This feeling..."

Kojou frowned, his nose twitched.

"The smell of blood!"

Wu Yan's eyes had a bright glimmer. Yukina ran over with a stern look.

"Sensei, senpai, something..."

She also detected something off.

Wu Yan waved his hand. He signaled for Yukina to calm down. he passed his shopping bags to her.

"Go shop around this vicinity, I will go check the situation!"

"Are they here for Kanon?"

Yukina received the bags with a grim look.

"I don't know."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Other than that, I don't know why others would target us."

"Seriously? They are still gunning for Kanase?"

Kojou clenched his fists. He turned towards Wu Yan.

"I am coming with you! Nagisa and the others will suspect something if only you're gone."

Wu Yan nodded while Yukina tried to speak.

"I am..."

"Himeragi, stay."

Wu Yan stopped her.

"If we all rush there, it's going to spook them."


Yukina panicked.

"If Senpai went on a rampage..."

The fourth primogenitor is still incomplete.

That's precisely why it's dangerous to let him run loose, his familiars can sink the entire island if not given due consideration.


Wu Yan beamed at Yukina.

"I have got my eyes on him."

"That's why I am worried!"

Yukina puffed her cheeks.

"Sensei, don't forget you're also a walking calamity, you pose the same threat if not higher than senpai!"

"Don't lump me in with Kojou!"

Wu Yan replied.

"I have more tricks up my sleeve than familiar summoning. Plus, do I look like someone who unleashes his vassal beasts whenever he feels like it?"

True, he only used his beast two times, once when he summoned Alrescha and once when he used his own familiar on Vatler.

Familiars are his trump cards, he wouldn't take out such important skills when the situation doesn't call for it.


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"You need to protect them..."


Yukina hesitated.

"It's okay."

Wu Yan patted her shoulder.

"We won't be gone for long, I trust you handle things on this side."

Wu Yan then ignored Yukina. Nagisa looked at him with puzzlement while Kanon looked on with anxiety. Kotori gave him the nod so he grinned and ran away with Kojou.

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