Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 949: "Do you want to come with me?"

Blood splattered all over the floor of the operation room.

The two clones had two nasty holes in their stomach. Blood continued spilling down to the floor. The two clones were already at death's door.

Even when they saw the dying miens of the clone angels, neither Kensei, BB, or the male guy from Magus Craft felt sympathy for the dying girls. They allowed death to claim the clones. Kensei turned his attention towards Kanon.

Kanon already returned to her bed, the circuits flashing on her were brimming with an unknown power. She looked like she never left her bed. She stared at the ceiling with empty eyes.

If one can ignore the blood near the corner of her lips...

"No more issues, right?!"

BB waved her hand in annoyance.

"Those clones were costly to manufacture, if we still can't proceed even with that then consider the Heaven Ascension ritual abandoned."

"No problem."

Kanase replied with poise.

"XDA-7 stabilized the 6 external cores she devoured. After integration, it would take one more ritual to evolve her."


BB sighed in relief.

"Good, if we fail this time, that monster will have no further use to us. Okay, what do we do now?"


Kensei's glasses glimmered. Nobody can see the emotions within his eyes.

"XDA-7 needs to involve itself in another large-scale fight to complete the core integration process. Then, XDA-7 will enter the final stages of her evolution."

"The Faux Angel produce will also be the strongest!"

"A fight, huh?"

BB mumbled to herself before an evil grin spread across her face.

" Find the one who beat up that monster. Since that bastard heavily injured this monster, the bastard should suffice as a ritual target, right?"

Kensei said nothing. He lifted his head.

"Okay, we will do that..."


BB's eyes turned deep red as fangs poked out of her mouth. She's a vampire.


BB licked her lips.

"Carry this monster to the company."

"That's so annoying, we haven't found the bastard yet, why do we have to rush things..."

Lo grumbled while moving towards Kanon. He reached out for Kanon's neck.

It looks like he's planning to carry Kanon to the company like a chicken to the slaughterhouse.

Too bad, this guy will not get off so easily...


A shockwave slammed his hand away. Before he can groan, something smashed him into the wall behind BB and Kensei.


The wall collapsed from the intense impact. Lo flew all the way out into the sea, crashing in a giant splash. The guy swam with the fishes...


Kensei and BB were taken by surprise. They froze up on the spot because they just didn't know what had hit them. Drops of cold sweat flowed down their chins.


A gust blew past them. When they recovered, a figure was already standing by Kanon's bed.

Kensei and BB turned grave. Kanon saw the intruder and her blank eyes glimmered for a second.

The intruder used his deep red eyes on Kensei and BB. He looked around and he saw the blood on the floor and walls, the blood near Kanon's mouth. He scanned around and he saw the two clones who died. His deep red eyes trembled when he connected the dots. Then, the room turned chilly.

He slowly turned around. His cold eyes already reflected his stance before he spoke out in a frosty tone.

"You, Kanase Kensei, I presume?"

Kensei replied in a low growl.

"Who are you?..."


Wu Yan wavered, he shook his head.

"Just a terrible teacher who can't even save a student..."

"A teacher?..."

Kensei flinched while BB chimed in.

"How did you find this place?!"

Rather than Wu Yan's identity, BB wanted to know how the intruder discovered this secret base.

Everything they did on the boat violated dozens of laws, with their location compromised, who wouldn't lose their marbles?

"I read Kanase's bio and found out about Kensei, after digging around his work and other job data, a few calls here and there, I found this place..."

Wu Yan grinned.

"No, that's impossible!"

BB was incensed.

"This is the freaking ocean, it shouldn't be so easy to find us!"

"You think you're safe just because you're anchored somewhere in the ocean?"

Wu Yan chuckled.

"You guys stirred up so much trouble yesterday night, your company is also registered on Itogami Island. So what if you moved your boat some distance away? I only had to search around a bit..."

Wu Yan glanced at BB.

"Next time you want to do something illegal, I suggest moving your boat further away. This location is only 10 kilometers away from the nearest shore. You can fool others but not a magician versed in spatial spells, you can still be located after a few teleportation spells..."


BB cursed as her deep red eyes turned darker.

"If that's the case, don't even think about leaving!"

Wu Yan ignored BB. He turned towards Kensei and his eyes flashed with an abnormal glint.

"Just in case, I am going to ask..."

Wu Yan nonchalantly said.

"You're the one who created the fake angels?"

Kensei pushed his glasses up and he nodded. He was about to say something when...


Wu Yan immediately appeared in front of Kensei, he gave the guy a mighty punch, shattering his glasses and instantly knocking the old man to the ground. He bled profusely from his face as he yelped.


Before BB can react, an intense magic shockwave blew her away.

Kensei struggled to get up from the ground with a hand supporting his bruised face. Wu Yan turned around, he approached Kanon.

Wu Yan sighed when he saw her spaced-out look. He beamed at her.

He reached out to her with a warm voice.

"Do you want to come with me?"

Her blank eyes wavered, intelligent light returned to her eyes as she stared dumbfoundedly at Wu Yan who still gave her a radiant smile. Consciously or subconsciously, she grabbed Wu Yan's hand.

Then, she lost consciousness. Her eyes closed as tears rolled down her cheeks, these tears weren't tears of sadness...

Wu Yan sighed, he gave her a princess hug and he picked her up.

He looked behind him. Excluding the dead clones, Kensei and BB were gone.

With a frown, Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"I forgot that woman was a vampire..."

Wu Yan caressed Kanon's hair before disappearing in a flash.

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