Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 946: Touching a great secret, a temporary move

The moon and the stars appeared in the sky.

Shining down their weak luster, the island lit up as the stars and the moon did their thing. They tried their best to dispel the darkness of the night, selflessly tiring themselves just to give the world a bit of light.

The waves massaged the coastal area, they looked like untiring troops who wanted to invade Itogami Island. Alas, each time, they returned to the sea without anything to report. The island stood quietly at the center of the sea.

Nagisa slowly stirred into consciousness. She opened her eyes with due effort, rays of light pierced her eyes.

"She's awake!"

A familiar voice entered her ears when she did this. Wu Yan, Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou entered her vision. They were glad she's awake.

They brightened up when she woke up.

"Sensei... Kotori-chan.. Yukina-chan... Kojou-kun..."

Nagisa looked around in a dazed manner. When she fully awakened, she hurriedly sat up, bumping into Yukina who was closest to her.


"That hurts..."

Nagisa and Yukina rubbed their foreheads with tears at the corners of their eyes. Meanwhile, the others laughed.

"Given how energetic you are, I would say you're fine."

Kotori chomped down on her candy. She sounded like she's not concerned with Nagisa's welfare, however, Wu Yan can tell this is just her way of showing how much she cared.


Nagisa tilted her head in puzzlement, she's still rubbing her aching forehead.

"Why is everyone here?"

"Did you forget? Nagisa..."

Kojou stuck his hands into the pockets of his hoodie, he glanced at wu y.

"You went to the festival with this vampire sensei and you didn't even tell us about it..."

Nagisa recalled what happened and she started freaking out.

"Sensei! Are you okay?!"

Nagisa touched Wu Yan's chest while leaning forward, she examined him thoroughly.

"I saw the Masked Parasites piercing sensei's chest, what happened after that? Are you okay?! Did you go see a doctor? Don't you like an IV drip or something? Can an IV drip even cure you?! Nagisa remembers seeing documentaries on resuscitation through electric shock, we don't have that equipment in our home, uwawa!!! What do we do?!"

Nagisa started panicking up a storm. She went on a rant. Wu Yan, Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou were too dumbfounded to react to her shoddy science knowledge. Wu Yan is the first one to bitterly laugh.

"Look, I am fine..."

Wu Yan pressed Nagisa's head against his chest, letting her hear his heartbeat.

"Did you forget? I am an immortal vampire, an injury like that would just take me seconds to heal up."

Nagisa didn't say anything. Instead, Yukina chuckled.

A vampire might appear to be immortal, that's under the presumption that they can defend their brain and heart from extensive damage, even a normal vampire would die if one or both of these organs were compromised. Except for primogenitors, not a single vampire could live after getting their hearts crushed.

If Wu Yan's heart had been pierced and he still lived, that proved he's truly a primogenitor.

At least, that's according to the setting in the original Strike the Blood.

The guy admitted his injury and he even talked about it like it's only a minor scratch.

Yukina wasn't sure what she should say at this point.

Nagisa believed Wu Yan, she didn't know vampires enough to know any better. She sighed in relief with a bit of worry still remaining in her eyes.

"If you're really okay then that's great..."

Wu Yan nodded with a smile. Nagisa also beamed back at him, she looked so cute but Kojou wasn't amused.

Wu Yan held her tiny hand on his chest obviously Kojou wasn't a happy camper when he saw this, he forced a smile onto his face.

"When are you going to stop holding hands like that?"

Nagisa coughed slightly and she pulled away while blushing. She giggled in a bashful manner.

She already went beyond the boundaries of friendship with Wu Yan, however, she couldn't go around announcing it to the whole world. Wu Yan is still her teacher and she is his student. More importantly, sensei already has a sister and she's Wu Yan's lover...

If she got into the picture...

It would just complicate things, if other people got wind of this then she would probably be judged. Kojou would probably suffer a mental breakdown...

Wu Yan, Kotori, and Kojou judged Kojou.

"What a total siscon!"

Wu Yan said...

"Maa, being a siscon isn't the end of the world, don't worry, I won't tell."

Kotori said...

"Senpai, so lewd..."

Yukina said...

"I-it's not like that!"

Kojou screamed back at them.

"I just don't want Nagisa to get molested by that vampiric sensei!"

Alas, nobody cared for his explanation.


Wu Yan stared into her eyes with a serious look. She started turning red when Wu Yan stared intently at her like this.

"Did you? Did you forget what happened?"


Nagisa tilted her head in puzzlement.

"Forgot about what?..."

Wu Yan stopped for a moment, he scrutinized her facial and vocal gestures before laughing out loud.

"Nah, it's nothing."

He turned towards Kotori.

"Kotori, take Nagisa to the bath..."

Kotori knew what Wu Yan wanted to do, she led Nagisa away. Nagisa also felt sticky all over so she was glad to accept Kotori's offer.

When both of them disappeared from the room, Yukina asked Wu Yan.

"What's wrong? Sensei..."

Wu Yan looked at Kojou and Yukina in turn.

"Kojou, Himeragi, does the name Avrora ring any bell?..."


Kojou and Yukina exchanged a look and they both nodded.

"Sensei don't know who is Avrora?..."

Yukina seemed a bit puzzled.

"She's the previous Fourth primogenitor!"


Wu Yan gasped.

"You're telling me Avrora is the previous Fourth?!"


Yukina nodded, she glanced at Kojou.

"Senpai was turned into the current Fourth by Avrora, she did so through Cannibalization."


Wu Yan went silent.

Vatler said the Alrescha familiar belonged to Avrora, she's Avora's twelfth Familiar.

Avrora is the previous Fourth Primogenitor.

If that's the case, Alrescha Glacies is Kojou's familiar?

Why was it inside Nagisa's body then?

And, the entity sealed within Nagisa's psyche, was that Avrora?

If that's the case, there must be some truth or secret behind how Avrora turned Kojou into the current fourth primogenitor. He peered slightly into this intricate plot.

Without special abilities, it would be nigh impossible for a lower-grade vampire to cannibalize a higher-grade vampire. Forget about cannibalizing a primogenitor while still being a human as with the case of Akatsuki Kojou.

Wu Yan approached the window much to Kojou and Yukina's confusion. He sighed slowly.

Let's settle Kanase Kanon's issue first...

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