Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 945: Avrora?

On the luxurious liner, Oceanus Grave II, the boat sailed along the coast of the island while shining brightly with magical lights.

Wearing his white evening suit, Vatler stood on top of the deck with one hand in his pocket. He savored the wine in his other hand like a classy noble. However, the guy appeared to be distracted, he couldn't enjoy the fine wine in his hand.

Swirling the red liquid around, his sapphire eyes stared at a certain direction of Itogami Island. When two meteors streaked across the sky, he sneered.

"Like Gu poison, they forced the fake angels to fight, devour, and strengthen themselves through constant conflict. Storing the acquired circuits, even a mortal can evolve to the point where they can accept divinity from a higher realm. Eventually, even a mortal can turn into an angel through continuous improvement and upgrades."

Vatler thought about something and he grinned widely.

"Indeed, this turned out to be more interesting..."

Vatler's smile turned vicious. He looked like he wanted to join the fight too. He isn't afraid of the angels he mentioned.

A fight to the death with real angels!


Vatler laughed while placing a palm to his face. Suppressing his battle urge, he calmed down.

"Well, it's too early to get excited..."

He inhaled deeply, like an intoxicated man, he continued.

"The Angel is still incomplete, the spiritual cores are not fully consolidated. No, that's not a real angel. Plus, it's not good to go against an angel. She's created for that purpose, after all..."

Vatler talked to himself when something stopped him. He looked at the sky and he gasped.

"This magic... Wu Yan? Wait, no, Kojou?"

Vatler continued guessing.

"No! Wu Yan and Kojou's magic power didn't feel like this."

"But, if it's not them, then who? Who had this kind of magic power in them?"

Vatler started turning grim. Another surge of magical power assaulted him all the way from the island.

"That's... Wu Yan!"

Vatler knew this magic power, it belonged to that freak.

"What's going on? Two primogenitors and one of them isn't Kojou..."

His handsome face distorted with confusion. His eyes wavered, tempted by curiosity, he decided to go check it out.

"I should check it out..."

Vatler couldn't move in time, the surge of magical power subsided. He stopped when this happened.

Vatler looked in the direction of that magical storm. His serious look was gone, replaced with a smile.

"Itogami island, never a dull moment. Coming here was a brilliant move..."

Vatler chortled. He turned around and he looked at the empty deck behind him.

"Wouldn't you say so? Fifth Primogenitor-dono..."

A gust blew past the deck, when it settled, a figure was standing there.

His black clothes fluttered with the wind. His bangs danced along to the wind swirling around him. His deep red eyes were trained on Vatler, he didn't say anything.

A petite figure was sleeping in his arms. She looked like a baby with how she peacefully slept without a care in the world. Nobody would believe Wu Yan if he told the world she's the one who froze several hectares island land.

"Mmm, what a nostalgic scene..."

Vatler mused to himself.

"I remember when we first met, it was like this, except, that girl wasn't around..."

Wu Yan turned towards Nagisa, Vatler immediately knew what went down.

"So, was she the one who released that magical power?"

Wu Yan said nothing, he let his ginormous magic power speak for him. The sheer power cracked the deck.

Vatler gasped.

He didn't think a casual greeting would elicit such a strong response.

Then, something out of his expectation occurred. It's a scene he didn't think was possible.


A faint blue glow coated the ship and the air around it.

With Wu Yan, no, Nagisa as the center, the deck suddenly froze.

Nagisa's blue aura expanded as an entity emerged from the faint glow.

It's an existence that astounded Vatler.

It looked like a mix of mermaid and winged female humanoid.

Like a graceful mermaid that swam the rivers, like a sovereign of the frosty world.

It's the ice familiar living in Nagisa.

It's manifestation didn't come at Nagisa's expense, instead, Wu Yan gave it the vitality and magic power required to materialize in this world.

This is what the entity meant by acknowledging Wu Yan.

It's the right to summon the ice entity.


Vatler looked on in astonishment as the ice entity loomed over him, he groaned.

"Alrescha Glacies!"

Wu Yan lifted his head.

"It seems you know this familiar."

He reckoned Vatler knew her the moment the entity referred to Vatler as the snake guy.

"Tell me, Vatler."

Wu Yan asked him.

"Who is the owner of this familiar..."

"You don't know?"

Vatler looked at Wu Yan with astonishment.

"She's Avrora's 12th Kaleid familiar."


That sounds like the entity talking through Alrescha in Nagisa, Wu Yan frowned.

"Who is Avorara?"

"You don't even know who is that?..."

Vatler is astounded by Wu Yan's ignorance. He chuckled when Wu Yan frowned.

"I am surprised you don't know Avrora and her familiar, Alrescha Glacies,  are you sure you're a primogenitor? You aren't acting the part..."

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow, his steely gaze told Vatler to answer him now.

"Fine, I guess it's more interesting this way. My ignorant fifth primogenitor, this has been an eye-opening day for..."


Vatler got slapped by an icy fin.


Devastated by this sudden attack, Vatler fell into the sea, dying it red with his blood.


Wu Yan clicked his tongue, he didn't even check to see if Vatler was alright.

He already knew Vatler would diss him, he just wasn't in the mood for it.

Cutting off his magic supply to Alrescha, the entity went back into Nagisa and he disappeared from the deck with Nagisa in tow.

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