Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 943: Intrusion, an unthinkable scene


Kanon pulled out her arm from Wu Yan's chest with a bone-chilling sound, dark red blood dyed her pearly hands in a deep shade of red.


Blood started gushing out the hole in his chest, raining down on the ground, forming a small puddle of blood that gradually expanded in the area.

Wu Yan endured the urge to groan, he didn't release his hold on the black-haired fake angel, he released Kanon and he instinctively punched Kanon.


He only hit her barrier, Kanon seized the chance to fly away.


Wu Yan held his chest while heaving. His heart calmed down as the bloody hole in his chest closed up in record time. His heart also regenerated in no time at all, his recovery and regeneration speed far exceeded the primogenitors of this world, his vitality is also superior without a doubt.

If Kojou got his heart ripped out, it would take him at least an hour to recover from this kind of wound.

Unlike Wu Yan who is closer to spirits in existence, the vampires of this world, including the primogenitors are cursed existence. Products of abnormal circumstances, these vampires couldn't compete with Wu Yan who is more intimate with nature when talking about recovery speed.

"That mask..."

He allowed his wound to recover on its own. He stared at the mask on Kanon's face. His eyes shone brightly.

"That mask, it must be controlling her. If I break it, I wonder if she will return to her senses?"

Wu Yan immediately moved. Someone called out to him, freezing him in place.


Wu Yan turned around in panic, his air of composure dissipated.

Nagisa ran over in her fancy Yukata and clunky Geta.


Wu Yan shouted at her.

"Don't come here!"

Nagisa is already panicking so she forgot about Wu Yan's immortality, she continued running even when she lost her Geta in her flustered panic.

"You idiot!"

Wu Yan heard someone growling.


Kanon flapped her wings and destructive laser bolts shot out, one of the bolts was aimed at Nagisa.

Nagisa looked up when she saw lights and aura above her. She saw a bright light filling up her field of vision.


Wu Yan installed the Moving Church on her Yukata, but, this wasn't reason enough for him to sit idly by as she got struck by a laser attack.

He channeled his magic. He wanted to teleport to her side but something out of his expectation happened.


A thunderous boom rang along with a sudden explosion.


An intense surge of magic power erupted from the ground, shockwaves reverberated as the surrounding air got smashed apart. Thick layers of ice started developing from the eruption.

The laser got stopped and it got frozen in place. Like a useless icicle, the bolt felt and crashed to the floor.

It took only a second for a few hundred meters of solid ground to freeze up. A very scary frost assaulted the area, freezing everything it touched.


Wu Yan was stunned by this sudden development. His thoughts were muddled.

Nagisa stopped, the ice had erupted with her as the center, nobody could see her face because she lowered her head.

Her ponytail was gone, her silky-black hair followed the rules of gravity, running down her smooth back. She was coated in a blue sheen of light.

No, this isn't just frost, it's magic power on par with Wu Yan's magic power.

It was Nagisa who froze the surrounding area.

It's also her who emitted magic power on the level of primogenitors.

She raised her head, her eyes lost their energetic luster, it's like she's half-awake, no emotions could be seen within her eyes.


Nagisa's magic power expanded again, this time, a gigantic image appeared behind her.

It's a beautiful feminine image over 5 meters tall.

It looked like a mix of a siren and mermaid with avian features in it as well. Its upper torso was armored just like its upper arms, it was wearing a golden mask that masked everything above her nose from view. The mask appeared to merge with its golden crown, there's a bright ruby in its crown. Its lower torso resembled a fish's tail and it was covered with scales that glowed blue.

It had a pair of wings behind it, its arms were humanoid although it had sharp talons for fingers, its wrists were protected by bracelets. It looked very intimidating.

Its floral crown expanded with its mask as the center. The bluish-black hair wavered with its own frosty aura. Its red gleaming eyes were both enchanting and chill-inducing.

The figure stood behind Nagisa like an ice river.


Wu Yan couldn't hide his astonishment. That magic power is on par with him, that alone is shocking enough.

"A vassal beast!"

That thing is a familiar!

Something only a vampire should be able to command.

"Wh-why can Nagisa use a vassal beast?..."

Actually, vassal beasts aren't limited to vampires, anyone can summon them, they would just die an early death because the vassal beast consumed the lifeforce of their masters, anyone aside from nigh-immortal vampires would be foolish to host a vassal beast in them.

If this vassal beast continued staying in Nagisa, her life would soon be forfeit.

But, it appears she's not affected by this parasitic magic lifeform.

She looked at Kanon with a stern look that ran contrary to her personality.


The familiar behind her flailed its tail, the enlarged tail whipped up waves of ice, frost aura as it smacked Kanon squarely.


Failed to defend in time, Kanon got sent flying into the distance.

Leaving a trail of blood, Kanon crashed somewhere far into the night like a kite with a broken string.

She disappeared from view.

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