Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 942: Summon, failed? In action


The angels bellowed like creatures of the abyss. Their bodies trembled under the immense force of the cascading iron sand waves. Wu Yan returned to his senses when he felt something amiss within his Iron Sand, it felt like something slipped through.


The two masked angels gave off a brilliant light, they used their deflector shields and they broke the bondage of the iron sand Wu Yan sent crashing down on them. They flew up with the flap of their wings.

The Iron Sand went through them like they were ghosts. Then, the angels who had phased through his attacks came for Wu Yan.


The fake angels attacked at the same time, in two trails of light, the two angels, including Kanon went straight for Wu Yan.

Slightly frowning, he can see the two angels weren't pulling their punches, Kanon also looked like she didn't recognize Wu Yan's identity.


A surge of magic power exploded with Wu Yan as the center, the magic shockwave greeted the angels first.


As if they just got smite by giant hammers, the two fake angels got sent flying. Wu Yan grabbed Kanon's arm.

"Stop! Kanase!"

Wu Yan clenched down on the arm of the silver-haired angel.

He recalled her innocent, pure, and angelic mien when they first met. Right now, she's emitting an ominous vibe, her mask also made her look like a zombie with an angelic shell. Wu Yan didn't believe she could become something like this.

It seems like his voice reached her, Kanon stopped for a moment. Her eyes wavered for a brief moment before they turned distant once more. She raised her free arm and an orb of light appeared above her palm.

Kanase smashed the light orb against Wu Yan's chest, however, she missed.

Wu Yan blinked a short distance away, he furrowed his brows.

He didn't think she turned into this form of her own volition, the angelic girl wouldn't do something like hurting another soul. His magical insight immediately identified her abnormal status.

"She lost control of herself, huh?"

Wu Yan suppressed the restless voice within his heart, he sucked in a cold breath of air.

He glanced at the other fake angel who came swiping at him once more. Narrowing his eyes, he took action.

"Okay, I will capture her first..."

Wu Yan teleported again, this time, he appeared behind the black-haired faux angel.

With a palm slap to the angel's back, magic swirled around him, manifesting in three circlets of darkness.


The bands of darkness descended on the fake angel, binding it like tight ropes.


The black-haired angel knew danger when it sensed it, struggling, the bands of darkness drained the angel of her powers, sapping it, rendering the angel without even the strength to scream. The angel groaned one  last time before slumping down lifelessly.


He heard the sound of something zipping through the air behind him, he used his free arm to grab the attacker.


Kanon struggled like mad. She tried to escape Wu Yan's iron grip, her eyes also flashed with hesitation, it shifted between conscious pain and unconscious sadness. It made her look like a pathetic creature.

"Kanase, stop..."

He couldn't bear to knock her out in one blow, he revealed the weakness in his heart. The angel's hesitation and pain didn't escape his astute eyes.

"I don't want to hurt you..."

Modified into an artificial angel, Kanase lost control of her body, somebody's manipulating her. To think a pure girl like her would become something like this, Wu Yan just couldn't bring himself to use heavy blows on her.

Kanon's eyes wavered even more. The flickers of pain and consciousness intensified much to Wu Yan's glee.

It seems she still retained a bit of her consciousness...

Maybe, just maybe, he can call her back to reality


Wu Yan gently called out to her. When Wu Yan wanted to appeal to her conscious mind, the mask on Kanon's face emitted a shrill noise.

It was like the sound of metal grinding against metal, an ear-piercing noise. It extinguished Kanon's resistance and conscious light, her eyes turned malevolent before Wu Yan can successfully retrieve her.


Wu Yan's face froze up when the sound of a knife piercing meat came. Blood leaked out from Wu Yan's mouth.

Kanon's arm turned into sharp cat-like talons, she stabbed it into Wu Yan's heart before he can react, she pierced through his flesh and punctured his heart.

He saw the empty look in her eyes and he felt the agonizing pain from his chest, forcing a smile onto his face, he groaned.

"It won't be that easy, huh?..."

Some distance away, in the commercial district hosting the festival...

Nagisa stood quietly in place, she watched the fireworks with unease and tension. She stayed like this ever since Wu Yan left to intercept the fake angels.

To others, it looked like she's engrossed with the fireworks show, however, she's actually watching the battle taking place beyond the fireworks.

She saw one of the angels lunging her arm into Wu Yan's chest.


Her face went pale. When she saw the damage inflicted on Wu Yan, she can almost feel the same pain coursing through her. She saw the angel skewering Wu Yan's heart with her arm.

Without losing a beat, she started running towards Wu Yan.

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