Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 941: Kanon Kanase, the Faux Angel

The two meteors in the sky were young girls of similar height. One of them had raven-black hair and the other had silverish-white hair.

They were wearing something like a combination of a fursuit and a white latex suit, their arms, thighs, abs, and shoulders can be seen along with their porcelain white skin. There were weird circuits that glimmered in a frosty light, their faces were covered by masks and they had weird-looking wings behind them.

Ignoring the masks, they looked like angels who had fallen down to earth. Tainted by the masks they wore, they looked like monsters rather than angels.

Also, they weren't lost or anything...

The two mimic angels fought each other in violent clashes. They created sonic booms whenever they crashed, giving others an indication of the intensity of this brawl.

They expanded their wings in the sky, turning their wings into laser cannons, trying to blast each other out of the sky. In defense, they used steam-like barriers that had a weird glow to it, deflecting the laser bolts.

The barriers were deflector shields, the deflected lasers went everywhere, including the ground.

The ground got scorched by the rampant lasers they threw at each other. It didn't take the two fake angels long to wreck the place they were fighting in.

Fortunately, the citizens nearby were already evacuated or there would be casualties by now.

As the two angels escalated their fight, the damage grew in radius as well. Soon, the festival would be swept up in it.


Due to the fireworks and festivities here, almost nobody noticed the fight except for Wu Yan and Nagisa who are with him. Nagisa started inching closer to Wu Yan anxiously when she saw the fake angels.

Wu Yan patted her on her shoulders.

"Nagisa, stay here, I will be going over there..."

"Are you going to be okay?..."

Nagisa dropped her bashful look, she grabbed his arm with a worried look.

"Those Masked Parasites, they look powerful..."


Wu Yan assured her.

"I am also quite powerful, those two Masked Parasites or whatever they are called, they are nothing!"

Nagisa's worries faded a bit when she heard Wu Yan's cocksure words. Her red eyes fixated on Wu Yan.

"Be careful!"


Wu Yan beamed widely at her. Then, in a flash, he disappeared.

Nagisa looked in the direction of the fake angels and she clasped her hands, praying for the safety of her man...

In the sky, the two fake angels continued wrestling for supremacy.

They fired laser bolts from their wings at each other while deflecting laser bolts with their protective shields.

It would take quite some time before this fight ends, without any notion to conserve power, the two faux angels continued shooting laser beams and looking for a chance to pounce at the enemy.

Suddenly, one of the masked angels messed up, there's a chink in her defense.

Although they were evenly matched, the silver-haired angel is slightly stronger. Her attack frequency is higher than the black-haired angel.

When the two angels were about to clash once more, a figure slid in between them. The intruder appeared at their flanks and with ripple red portals, waves of iron sand poured forth.

The tsunami of iron sand came crashing down upon the two masked angels.



Like a cascading waterfall, the iron sand waves pounded the angels into the ground.


It's like someone sent down an entire mountain range on the angels, they were smashed into craters ten meters deep. The masked angels were practically buried in those craters.

Before they can get up, another wave of iron sand assaulted them, like animals caught in high tide, they flailed while shrieking and groaning like beasts.

Flashing with the light of EM manipulation, Wu Yan scanned the two angels who were tied down by his iron sand.

Masked Parasites: Level 70

Tier 8 power? They are just modified humans with mysterious spell circuits installed on them!

What is up with the circuits? How did it create beings like these angels?

Wu Yan gasped, if he can get his hands on the spelltech used to make these circuits, he too, can make these fake angels, creating an army of tier 8 individuals.

But, he dispelled the thought.

If it were that easy to create an entire army of tier 8 fighters, why are they killing each other? Why are there always only two whenever they fought?

There must be a constraint to this process, limiting mass production.

With 103,000 grimoires, Wu Yan couldn't see the essence of the circuits, however, he deduced from what he has seen so far that it's not possible to mass-produce these angels. The production process must come with highly stringent requirements.

If the conditions are not stringent then it must take a long and exhaustive process to create them.

This limiting factor must be the reason why these angels are killing each other.

If Wu Yan is just slightly surprised someone created an artificial angel using spelltech, then he's utterly shocked when he scanned the silver-haired masked parasite.

He's not shocked by her powers. No, he assumed he would be greeted by the same "Masked Parasite" moniker as the other one. However, he saw something he didn't expect.

Kanase Kanon: Level 75

"Kanase Kanon?!"

Wu Yan gasped in astonishment as the person herself struggled against the endless tide of iron sand.

"Kanase's one of them?"

Wu Yan recalled his second mission.

Save the Artificial Angel, Kanase Kanon!

The Masked Parasites were actually the Artificial Angels mentioned in the quests?

"Artificial Angel..."

Wu Yan looked bitter.

These Masked Parasites' tier 8 powers suddenly made sense to him.

Since their powers are tied to angels, it would be strange if they were any weaker than this.

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