Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 940: The festival, the date between the student and the teacher

Fancy stalls were lined to either side of the pathway, the commercial street was filled with stalls like these. The stall owner sat in their respective stalls, they were in uniforms as they promoted their products, making the whole place very rowdy.

The pedestrians continued walking by as they giggled and talked. They also visited the stalls to check out the goods. Dressed in Yukatas, the noises they made blended in with the other noises at this festival. Suffice to say, it was very loud and festive.

Wu Yan wasn't in traditional clothes, he's wearing a simple black shirt with black trousers. Casually dressed, however, didn't fit well with his expression. He looked very bitter.

The reason? A girl in front of him.

Nagisa didn't look the same as usual.

She lost her Saikai Academy and got herself a nice Yukata.

It wasn't just a simple Yukata. It's white with gold embroidery. The design looked like its artist was trying to capture mysticism in its element. She also had lacey satin near her sleeves, making her look like an imperial princess out on new year's eve.

Nagisa's all smiley right now, in fancy dress and surrounded by stalls, she's a happy camper judging by her giggles.

Like a dainty butterfly, she zipped through the crowd. Her exquisite Yukata, her appearance and her laughter attracted the attention of nearby pedestrians. Some of the stall owners even gave her free fruit when she visited, naturally, she's very ecstatic with the treatment she's getting.

This bubbly princess became a sight to see in the commercial district.

Wu Yan's bitter look collapsed when he saw the bright smile she had. He felt like it was worth it to join her in this festival's participation.

Yes, they are currently at the festival site.

Some distance away, two faux masked angels are about to duke it out.

In truth, Wu Yan isn't too hot on the idea of bringing Nagisa to this place. He's got a job to do so it is not time to play around. He also couldn't properly assess the power of the masked fake angels. Inferring from the substantial structural damage they inflicted, it's fair to say the masked parasite angels can use destructive powers on par with vassal beasts.

In a fight between two such beings, bringing Nagisa here is playing with fire.

Now that he got to second base with her, it would make him look like a jerk if he blew her off after she invited him to this festival.

However, he needs to consider her safety.

So, Wu Yan decided to escort Nagisa here. He couldn't bear to see her sad expression.

Wu Yan isn't going to let harm fall upon Nagisa. He made her wear that fancy Yukata because it's a custom-made clothes with Moving Church spell installed in it, he spent a ton of mana on constructing it.

As long as the masked fake angels aren't demigod level foes, Nagisa will be fine no matter what happens.

That Yukata was made with chanting, no formations or rituals were performed to enhance its effects. Once the magic power he infused in it dries up, the Yukata will be dispelled. However, this was the optimal choice as he had little time to prepare. If he wanted to follow proper procedures, it would have taken him two days at least.

For now, this was all he could do.

Wu Yan made sure to put enough magic power in the Moving Church so it's going to stay like that until tomorrow.

When Nagisa heard that this beautiful dress can only last a day, she expressed her disappointment. She wanted to keep this fancy Yukata.

Now, he's waiting for the fake angels to appear.

"Sensei! Come here!"

Wu Yan raised his head and he saw Nagisa waving at him, he dashed over.

"What's wrong? Got tired of playing around?"


She stuck her tongue out at him.

"We are here, liven up a little, why are you mopping around like that?"

"It's not that, I am just thinking about some stuff..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I told you already, we can't play to our heart's content because I still have my job..."

"They aren't here yet, right?"

Nagisa tilted her head, she thought about what Wu Yan told her.

"The Masked Parasites or something..."

He knocked her head while nodding.

"Is it okay for you to come here though? You are afraid of demons are you not?"

"Sensei said they aren't technically demons, they are modified humans, right?"

Nagisa cheekily chuckled.

"If they aren't demons then I am not afraid."

"That's dangerous!"

"I thought you gave me this Yukata to get around that..."

Nagisa twirled once, showing off her new favorite dress. It appears she likes it very much.

"With this, I should be fine, no?"

"I did say that..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Anyway, we can play around now but when I tell you to evacuate you're going to move your butt pronto, got it? Just like what we agreed on earlier."


Nagisa pulled Wu Yan along as they ran forward.

"Before that, you need to play with me, as we agreed, remember?"

"Okay, jeez..."

Wu Yan replied helplessly.

Then, the two completely immersed themselves in the festival.

Nagisa led Wu Yan through the commercial district as they participated in all kinds of stalls: Goldfish scooping, snacks, stall games, buying each other gifts, they pretty much toured the whole place. After they filled up their stomach, they looked at their hands which were filled with shopping bags packed to the brim with gifts.

Some of it, Nagisa bought for herself, the others they got from stall games. They also bought a bunch of crap they didn't need. They decided to give Kotori, Kojou, and Yukina some of the gifts they bought. They sank a lot of dough into this endevour.

Luckily, Wu Yan's paid very handsomely for his job as an assault mage and a teacher. He's pretty much in the top percentile of the wage spectrum. Even without his deep pocket in this world, he carried over a ton of gold coins from Silvaria, if converted, he can probably buy the whole island, if they are willing to sell anyway.

Nagisa knew about this so she didn't hold back, she accepted the womanly instinct within herself and she purchased all the stuff that fancied her.


Boom boom boom

Fireworks appeared in the sky, littering the dark landscape with iridescent colors.

Wu Yan looked at the sky with a serious look.

There weren't supposed to be festivals going on this time of the year, it was all a distraction to protect the citizens.

A battle between fake angels, the noise and calamity they bring should be covered up by the noise and sight of fireworks.

Also, this is a cue set by the Management Corporation.

It's a cue that will go off when the fake angels appear.

Sure enough, his superhuman eyes spotted two comet trails in the sky.

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