Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 939: Congratulations, you got me.

She wanted to cry tears of blood when she recalled how Kotori stripped her down to her birthday suit and made her wear only an apron.

How did she meet this "BFF" of hers?

When Wu Yan saw Nagisa's bashful look, he came back to reality as dizziness lingered in his overworked mind.

Clearly, she wasn't the one who planned this. If she planned for this, she wouldn't behave like this.

"Kotori, right?!"

Wu Yan immediately identified the main culprit.

"She told you to feed me lunch last time, I am guessing this time..."

He examined Nagisa's flushed skin and he shook his head. Nagisa almost exploded in embarrassment.


Nagisa started whimpering.

"Please don't stare so much, okay?..."


Wu Yan amused himself with her antics.

"You're dressed like this because you want me to see, right?"

"N-no, you're right but you aren't..."

Nagisa panicked. She fidgeted but her actions only caused the apron to flutter when it's not covering much in the first place. The hidden garden behind her apron revealed itself to Wu Yan's eyes.

His eyeballs shifted towards the exposed nubile flesh. He silently praised her.

Despite her young age, she's already developing well in all the right places. With her curves, it makes one wonder how far she would develop in the future. Her white skin tinged with the passionate red of youth tempted one to bite her playfully.

Her petite stature failed to hide this emerging feminine charm. Her demure and innocent air also had its own alluring features. Add that to her cute face, it won't take long for her to grow into someone who can compete with Shokuhou Misaki, Kurumi, and the other foxy ladies in his harem. Her cheerful, outgoing, and energetic personality also served to further enhance her foundation as a superstar in the making.

If he had to critique her, it would be her lackluster mammary gland developments. That's the only imperfection in her perfect appearance.

That's not a problem for Wu Yan.

After all, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the others are flatter than Nagisa.

As he wandered into his own thoughts, he didn't notice his gaze was still on Nagisa's body. From her point of view, it looked like he succumbed to the pleasant scenery in front of him. Tears started appearing in the corners of her eyes.

Nagisa did her best to hide what little she could behind her apron. Her heart went numb with shame, she lowered her red face as she endured Wu Yan's scrutinizing gaze.

Slowly, time drifted into a tense and awkward mood. It felt like things could go to another place if it continued like this.

Wu Yan finally returned to his senses after a while, he looked at Nagisa one more time, she looks like she could faint any second now and he bitterly laughed.

Nagisa's heart started racing when Wu Yan made his way over to her.

Nagisa isn't sure how she feels towards Wu Yan. She did what Kotori said because she knew no better than that. However, it's true that her emotions changed according to Wu Yan's speech and behavior.

Nagisa stepped back when Wu Yan got closer. At this point, he's right in front of her. When he saw her meek demeanor, he felt something burning up within him.

He placed a hand on her smooth exposed shoulder.


Nagisa moaned as she trembled. Her neck, earlobes, and skin were all flushed deep red.

She had an urge to run. However, Wu Yan had a firm grip on her shoulder, running away would also reveal her backside to Wu Yan, the very same backside that the apron wasn't designed to hide.

If she ran now, she would only give the enemy a front-row seat to her pure back and the divine heaven below.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, she flustered while rooted in one place. Wu Yan's throat felt dry under the intense temptation threatening to overwhelm his rational mind. Next, the hand on her shoulder slowly slid down her back and he embraced her tightly.


Nagisa couldn't react in time. Wu Yan's voice entered her ears.

"Congratulations, you got me..."

Wu Yan lifted her chin and he smooched her.


Nagisa was stunned. She felt something warm entering her oral cavity. Her mind went blank as Wu Yan lowered his head, like a chicken pecking on the grains of rice on the ground, he made her lips move in turn with his. He did so in a very gentle manner.


Nagisa allowed Wu Yan to guide her through this kissing session. She emitted soft groaning noises, her eyes were closed as she intimately felt the masculine warmth assaulting her lips. Every time a wave of warm signal got transmitted from her receptors, she moaned as she lowered her defense. Her defenseless look made her look like a cute kitty that's currently feeding.

He probed her with a few light kisses, however, Nagisa didn't push him away. It appears she didn't reject his advances, he let down the worry in his heart.

He thought Kotori was pranking Nagisa, he assumed she's just following what Kotori told her without conscious thought.

Wu Yan started amping up the difficulty, he firmly grasped her tender body and he forgot about light pecks and kisses. Instead, he bit her lips and shoved his tongue into her mouth, he made sure her tiny tongue knew who is in charge as the two tongues of different size intertwined. Slowly but surely, he inculcated it in her.

A battle of pursuit happened inside her oral cavity.

The hands on her waist also broke protocol. One moved downwards while the other navigated to her body's anterior side, it encroached upon the hills there...


After an indeterminate duration, they parted lips. They heaved as they recovered their breaths from the intense french kiss they just shared.

"Hah... Hah..."

Nagisa panted while resting her head against Wu Yan's chest, she furiously blushed when she realized what just happened. She buried her head in Wu Yan's chest, unwilling to show her bashful mien to him.

Wu Yan shook his head with a grin, he patted her tiny head.

"What's the matter? Don't tell me you're embarrassed over a kiss when you're wearing something like this? It's not like it was your first kiss..."

Nagisa stayed mum. A while later, a tiny voice could be heard from her.

"It's different, this time..."


Wu Yan flinched before huffing in annoyance.

"Right, it was an emergency last time. This time, Kotori instigated this!"

"Kotori only told me to wear this and wait for your return!"

Nagisa covered her best friend, then she turned red as a tomato.

"She didn't tell me... to... with sensei..."

"Ah, I see..."

He listened to her mumblings while caressing her smooth back.

"What else did she tell you to do?"

Nagisa blinked and she answered him.

"Invite sensei to the festival..."

"A festival?"

Wu Yan panicked.

"Wait, don't tell me that festival's going down tonight?"

Nagisa nodded and Wu Yan felt troubled.

He's in the loop. That festival is only a diversion so the authorities can handle the Masked Parasites fight tonight.

He needs to do his job...

"What's wrong?..."

Nagisa saw the look on Wu Yan's face and she asked with a slightly disappointed look.

"You can't go?..."

Suddenly, Wu Yan felt very guilty...

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